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  1. BirdyBee54

    Urgent Budgie with severe foot issue, possibly dead foot.

    I have such a heartbreak posting this. I have 7 budgies, and one quaker. August 5th 2023, my quaker was able to unlatch her cage and got ahold of a budgie, Kiwi, right foot. I feel horrible for the accident, both cages were locked but that was the day i learned my quaker was able to open cages...
  2. G

    My budgie broke her leg!

    My budgie broke or sprained her leg I can't tell. But her leg got stuck on her cage bar when she was climbing to the stop (she's not clipped, she can fly she just chooses to climb for some reason) and I helped her out and I got her to where she wanted to be and I put her down on her playset. And...
  3. H

    My budgie is sick and I’ve given it Guardian Angel Supplements. How often should I change it?

    My vet friend recommmeded me guardian Angel supplements. It’s got a bunch of vitamins and antibiotics. I put it in my budgies water and food. How often should I change the water in a day since it has antibiotic diluted in it now? I usually change the water daily, but unsure now.
  4. Rio&Friend

    My budgie is flying over the ceiling fan!

    Hi guys… Whenever I bring my bird yellow colour out he would be a good boy when the fan is off but when the fan is on he would be flying over the fan! I dont know how to control his flight. Please help me! :budgie8:
  5. Bunchobird

    Bunch O' Budgies Official Flock Thread

    Hello All! Welcome to my flock, where we enjoy treats and conversations ALL day long! Let's Meet The Flock! Bluberry - A female Budgie Found Outside mid-2021 Mr. Squiggles - a Male budgie surrendered at the local pet shop, July 2022 Yes, They live in a formerly Ferret Cage, but it's...
  6. Bunchobird

    How to raise a hand-fed budgie RIGHT.

    Hello, I found this little breeder that hand-feeds his birds and sells them for only $15. Wasn't rlly looking for another budgie but somehow i keep getting budgies. God works in his ways lol. The baby won't be ready for another 5-6 weeks he said or until the baby decides to wean ( he lets them...
  7. berrynkiwi

    Pictures New green feathers? (Is my budgie sick?)

    I recently noticed that my female budgie has some new neon green feathers around her beak, which weren't there yesterday, and has the same colour now on her cere as well. (something looks off about her cere..) I'm not quite sure what it is but I've observed her sometimes biting off the paint...
  8. bug_inarug

    Opinion on rehoming via kijiji?

    I’ve been looking for a bird and my friend suggested I check kijiji for any rehomings, thoughts?
  9. Flurryfthr

    Something's on her foot

    Hello, I'm a new budgie owner! I have one budgie, as some of you may know. Around three days ago, I was changing her food when I noticed a speck of red on her foot. I assumed it was nothing, and I ignored it. Yesterday, I noticed it got a bit bigger. It's red and sort of like a mixture of a...
  10. Bunchobird

    My Flock Thread!

    Let me introduce you to my flock Bluberry : Female, currenly not tame, Love her to death (she is my first baby) ,had her for a little over a year. BTW - this photo was when she had gotten a bad wing clipping (very visible) since then I do not clip my birds (unless boarding my bird while on...
  11. E

    Weird Small Spherical Objects

    Hi all, i am newly registered and currently have a female and i think (cere changes colour as his younger) male. i feed them a variety of foods, such as lettuce, banana, millet, and a honey seed stick mixed with fruit. today i uncovered them and this was in their water bowl/giver. they are both...
  12. E

    injured bird

    Hello! me and my girlfriend just got this little budgie from the pet store she works at, we have other budgies and she got this one because he is injured.. i don’t know what’s wrong with her but she will not put pressure on one of her legs, she’s hobbling around and cant correctly sit on...
  13. F

    Urgent Pink little (?) Bump above budgies nose. Please help!!

    Hi, I have a 4/5 year old male budgie, I have had him since he was a few months old and was ready to leave his breeder. Over the past 4 ish days a round pink bump has developed on top of his nose, it doesn't seem to be bothering him as he is being his usual chirpy and chatty self. I have no idea...
  14. F

    Video Do u think i should take my budgie to veterinarian

    This is my budgie that I got from nearest pet store before 2 months. I'm really close to teach him the step up thing, but yesterday just when I finished teaching session with him I saw on my hand little white dot insect on my hand. I don't know what is it neither if I got it from my budgie but...
  15. Bbybleu

    Budgie gently nibbling and going crazy?

    So my budgie does this thing once and a while where he goes on my shoulder and goes crazy. And my crazy I mean he moves his head around under my face and back up to my cheek and gently nibbles my lip. He goes on my collar bone too, and does this. I’m not sure how to explain it well but he just...
  16. Bbybleu


    HELP (Update): bleu (my older budgie I’ve had for a year now) is obsessed with the new young bird I bought. They are both males although I’m not sure the young one is 100% a male. The new young one does not like bleu because bleu is bothering him. Bleu keeps putting his foot on him and giving...
  17. Bbybleu


    I need help! So I bought my old budgie (who had now been with me for 1 year) a new budgie and he is being aggressive towards me. He is NEVER like this. Me and him have such a strong bond and he never acts like this. Now it’s attacking me and biting me when I come near his new friend. Anyone know...
  18. alyssanor

    why wont they talk

    no matter what i do my 2 male budgies wont talk . i have had them just a little over a month now and they are 4 months old , i try to teach them to talk but they wont?
  19. alyssanor

    is this normal? or no?

    my 2 male budgies HATE being in the cage , they scream and yell for me to take them out and they will try and bite and pull apart the cage on their own.
  20. alyssanor

    will my parakeet hate me if i do this

    i have 2 male budgies and a want to put them in flight suits (diapers) but im scared i will lose their trust. WHAT DO I DO???????????????