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  1. dbouch4009

    New Budgie Owner - Sharing Story and Seeking Advice

    Hey Gang, We've had a budgie for about six weeks. A relative had to get rid of a bird, and my wife grew up with Budgies and Cockatiels, so she offered to take him. They bought him new January 2018, so he's closing in on two years old. I have had practically no experience with birds until this...
  2. izzybpb

    Pictures Sick budgie

    Hi everyone. I am concerned about my 8 year old male budgie. Since this morning, he has been fluffed up and sleeping excessively (or at least trying to). He has also been quiet and strangely docile. I was able to pick him up without any resistance (usually he bites the hell out of my hand or...
  3. M

    Urgent Budgie baby become cold

    Hi, one of my budgie pair have babies. But they stop feeding baby. so, I started hand feeding to that baby since yesterday. Its age is 16-17 days. He became weak. He can't stand on his feet and his body temperature became lower. What Should I do now??? Thanks
  4. Kiwi & Co.

    Budgie Travel Help!

    I need some advice on traveling with a budgie, we have already purchased a bird carrier and I made sure that budgies were allowed in South Carolina. Do I need to talk to an avian vet before I leave? The ride is ussually between 15 and 13 hours long by car. We're not sure when we're leaving yet...
  5. M

    I want to know about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds

    Hi, I am a new lovebird breeder. I pet lovebirds. But what is the way to understand about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds?? How can I know them by physical appearance. Please anyone help me with details.. Thanks
  6. M

    Can i proviede cattle fish bone and mineral block both

    Hello Can i need my birds give mineral nlovk and cuttle fish bone both?can mineral block safe for birds ?
  7. M

    How much percentages seeds are used to ready seedmix.

    Hello I make seed mix for my budgie, cockatiel, lovebird.how much percentages i mix canary seeds ,millet, and other seeds? Thanks
  8. M

    Have a problem with quarantine place

    Hi, I bought new birds but I don't keep it into my birds room. But the problem is I don't have quarantine place in my house. In my birds room has a balcony I attached picture. Yellow colored arrow is my birds room door and red colored arrow is quarantine place where I want to do quarantine. If...
  9. M

    Sad matter happen to Birds

    Hello, Yesterday there was a sad matter happen to birds. I am very worried. My close friend give his budgies zinc supplement in drinking water. I also use it too. After, he gave it to birds they are died in few moments. From yesterday, I heard that same matter happen to many birds owner. I use...
  10. Tessa

    Cage recommendations for single budgie?

    Hi! This is my first post! I've been searching for a flight cage for my single budgie and it's been pretty overwhelming. I have a few cages that I've been looking at which I'll list below along with some of my concerns as well. Are HQ or A&E good brands? Please give your opinions on my finds...
  11. M

    Is NewCastle Disease affect parakeets??

    Hi, I want to know is Budiges, cockatiels and other parakeet birds effected by Newcastle Disease like poultry?? Is parakeet birds budgies, cockatiels and other parakeet birds need vaccine for Newcastle Disease like poultry?? I have 2 types of parakeets at this moment (budgies and cockatiels)...
  12. M

    Which season i put budgies in breeding??

    Hi, I live in Southeast asia. I want to know which month and season I should put budgies in breeding?? Someone tell me in june and july and some people says march to july stop the breeding and put them in breeding to august to may. please tell me which season is best for budgie's breeding and...
  13. Fawnia

    Budgies asleep during the day? Normal or Unique Personality?

    Hello, its been about 3 months now since I got my budgies. They are still young. However, I have noticed my budgies in general aren't as active/talkative as the ones I normally see at pet stores/ on videos. My budgies seem to like to sleep alot during the day, and rarely make any noise...
  14. M

    i want to know some information about bird management

    i have some budgies,cockataiels & want to know some information about them. 1.can i keep them darkness in night or put dim light on their room? which one is right? 2.i wake up lately on morning.sometimes(10am-12pm) so can i put their seedmix,and water all time in their cage 24hrs? but i change...
  15. M

    I have a problem in my new birds with quarantine session

    Hi, Few days ago I bought some Budgies and keep them in separate room and in separate cages from my aviary for 16 days. In this last 2 weeks I notice they are healthy. In this last 2 weeks I give them spray for mites, anti viral medicine spray and give them to natural remedies against virus...
  16. M

    Want to Know About French Molt (Polyoma Virus)

    Hi, Few days ago I notice That one of my budgie lost his feathers and its rough and also his tail is become smaller and less active. Today I caught him to give him suppliement but he bite me roughly and I get few drops of blood. So now, I want to know That if he have French Molt (Polyoma Virus)...
  17. M

    can mineral block actually safe gor birds

    hellow i heard minearel block and vitamin block actually not good for birds?because it contain plastar of paris,cement,zipsam etc. this element work like slow poison for birds.specially plastar of paris harm more for bird?is it true?if im not use minearel block only use eggshell...
  18. M

    Can Everybody Get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease?

    Hi, I bought 4 pair Budgies and 1 pair Cockatiels since 4 month. I keep them separate room in my house. Today I notice, The Bird owner get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease from these birds. After that now I am very afraid. But I also love birds. But I heard and I read that The Bird Fancier's Lung...
  19. NitroCola

    New Budgie Owner

    Hello all, first of I would like to say that this website has wonderfully organised resources that have helped me a lot. On the 29th of December, my parents surprised me and my little sister with budgies to take care of. So far, budgies have had a very positive impact on my life . They help with...
  20. M

    My Budgie's nasal discharge and breathing problem

    Hello, Past 2 week ago I notice that one of my budgie's nasal discharge and breathing problem. Then, I contact to local expert and they recommend doxycycline for 7 days. After that, slightly nasal discharge go away and breathing problem reduced. After That, again expert recommend...