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  1. C

    Untamable budgie any suggestions?

    Hi I figured I would check with you guys, I have a male budgie (I’m guessing around 4 months) that I have had for 2 months, who seems happy enough until he sees my hands or I need to go in the cage, he’s terrified, despite all of my efforts to get him used to my hands. somebody must have...
  2. miya

    Head Feather Concern

    Hi everyone! A couple months ago my budgies had their first molt and lost just about all of their little forehead bars. I noticed this week they've been having some changes around the face, mainly the forehead and eye area. These are my first birds so I'm not sure if this is something I need to...
  3. miya

    Perch VS Toy Ratio in Cage?

    Hey everyone, just a question that I've been thinking about lately. Is there a ballpark estimate of how occupied a cage should be in terms of perches and toys? More perches than toys, vice versa, about the same ratio? I want them to have enough to do but I don't want to overstuff the cage...
  4. music2music

    There's something wrong with this parakeet

    *I embeded a link to the video, let me know if it doesn't work.* Warning: this may he disturbing/hard to watch. I'm posting this here for awareness and to see what may be wrong with this bird. I went to my local Pet Smart today and saw this. This little budgie was breathing heavily, had...
  5. A

    Budgie on seed-only diet, Please Help!

    My budgie is and has been on a seed only diet for 2 months now, I like my budgie and we get along she's adorable but we all know how dangerous it is when birds don't get the right diet, my budgie is from PetSmart so this is obviously expected, I've had her for 2 months and she's likely about 5-8...
  6. miya

    Terrified to Come Out of Cage

    Hi everyone! It's been a while. The good news is, since I last posted, my budgies came off of their meds for AGY and they appear to be doing much better. They're eating more, and are wayyy noisier, making tons of chatter and singing! Not that I'm complaining ;) My current dilemma is that I'm...
  7. miya


    Hi guys, so, I've begun working on a DIY project for my budgies! I'll post photos once I get further into it, as I'm just now beginning, but for now, I have a couple questions to make sure what I'm using is safe for my little guys :-) 1) Any recommendations for where I can get some budgie safe...
  8. kifird

    Newbie to birbs

    Hey folks, I just wanted to drop in and join this forum to ask for advice, and hopefully give some advice to and from other bird keepers. Right now, I have one budgie, and I have many questions to ask about this budgie. Here's a low res picture of my bird. (Nua is the birds name) Also...
  9. Dr. Budgie

    How much millet should you give a budgie?

    How much Millet should I give my budgie? I'v been feeding him off and on the same spray for a couple of hours, I just gave him a final piece. Also I wondered if I should give him it once a week or everyday?
  10. miya

    Korea Budgies!

    Hi guys! I was going through my files and found some budgie pictures from when I went to Korea in March and thought I'd share. Some of them had such cute color combinations! :fairy2: These were all taken at a place called Aqua Planet Ilsan (아쿠아 플라넷 일산)! Ilsan is in Goyang and is northwest of...
  11. miya

    Megabacteria :-(

    Hi everyone! Long time no see. My budgies went in today for their first avian vet visit. Their physical exam went really well and the vet estimated my boys are around 3-4 months old :) But after running the fecal gram stain test, she said the sample came back positive for megabacteria. I'm...
  12. miya

    New Budgie Owner

    Hello everyone! Advanced apologies for a long post ahead :p I'm brand new to this site and as of this week, I am also a new bird owner.. specifically, of two budgies! I love birds and have been wanting one for a long time, so I'm very happy to finally have my new little companions! I'm an...
  13. L

    What is this birds age? Google isn't helping..

    I got a few budgies just 6 days ago, in fact 9 budgies. :swoon: He was moving out of his home and was getting rid of all his birds, there was 20 he said. He didn't know their age or where they were from. He had bought them from a foreign guy who spoke our language (finnish) very little, and the...
  14. BirbFluff

    New budgie! Name suggestions?

    I got this cutie recently and could use some help thinking of unique names. It's hard to see in this picture but he has a yellowish head.
  15. LLaDySmokeEmz

    NEW- Birdie Mommy To-Be -HELP

    Hi Y'all! SUPER excited to be apart of this website!! I am about to be a New Bird-Mommy to-be! I NEED ADVICE!!! I have a very well-sized cage : maybe about 2.5ft H x 1.5ft W x 2ftL (est.) I have two perches somewhat lower to the cage- not at the bottom One perch dish for water (I plan on using...
  16. AmandaFitz

    Is this a good diet for budgies?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice regarding my budgies’ diets. I give them ZuPreem fruit blend pelleted food as a daily diet staple. Once or twice a week I will give them a commercial seed blend as a treat, as well as some spray millet. My real questions regard what I prepare for them...
  17. Zoepr143

    Pictures 3 new budgies

    I am still in a huge shock so sorry if my grammar is not on point for this one.:jawdrop1: For you to understand this i have to explain why I decided to get Kiwi (my female budgie). We went to a friends birthday and we bought a budgie for him since he said he has wanted budgies for a long time...
  18. Epsilon

    Boy or Girl?

    I'm talking about the Budgie in my profile picture and in this picture. I'm going to the store again soon to see them and will try to take a clearer picture then, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell through this? It look like a female cere.
  19. CharlieBirb

    Is my girl too small?

    So I am hoping to breed my Budgie girl, Mabel, with her partner Benji, but I am concerned about her size. She is very small for a budgie, but 100% healthy. She weighs about 33g, but is way smaller than Benji or Charlie, who both weigh 35g. I just worry that she may be too small to pass eggs.
  20. MAMAB11

    New to breeding and need some friendly advice!

    Hello! I have 9 baby budgies 3 of which are 3 months old today :) the other six were just born last month ( oldest is almost 4 weeks ) Anyway I am new the breeding aspect of this. I definitely did not know what I was getting myself in for LOL but I'm very happy I did! Do any of you know where a...