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  1. S

    My Budgie is lethargic and can not longer use his feet properly (sad update #5)

    Until last night, everything seemed relatively OK, my Budgie does have a history of issues so this was not completely unexpected. He has an enlarged liver and heart and was bred as a show budgie, so I knew that he was more prone to issues. Last night, he ended up on the bottom of the cage (not...
  2. AmberC

    Budgie humping toy

    Sammy, my male 3yr old Budgie who lives with a female Budgie, is humping his toy. He does not have any mirrors or anything and it’s just a simple wooden toy that he seems to like a little to much(he humps it), he also talks to the toy and will attack anyone who goes near it. I kinda feel worried.
  3. dandruff

    easiest vs hardest bird?

    In your opinions, how would you rank your birds from easiest/friendliest to hardest? I'm looking to adopt a new bird friend but I'm not sure which ones i should look into, and which ones i shouldn't even consider. I'm not too experienced, I've only ever owned budgies.
  4. C

    Urgent Budgie mauled and killed other budgie

    Sorry for formatting or if anything sounds weird, I'm on mobile and also sobbing right now. I posted on these forums before a few months ago to ask about rehoming my birds. I ended up moving them to a different room and keeping them. Yesterday before work I woke up from a nap and heard weird...
  5. S

    Grateless birdcage lining dilemma; Parakeets

    I have a cage that I don’t put the grate in since one of my parakeets had deformed feetsies and the vet said it could make her be in more pain, and want to keep it grate free for my new bird, are there any suggestion for a lining material for the tray? I can’t do paper because my very first bird...
  6. S

    Screaming and Fighting Budgies

    Since I introduced my second budgie Sky in with Kiwi, he has started fighting with Kiwi over food, either inside the cage or outside of the cage. When I am trying to train them for rewards, such as seeds or millet, Sky will often push Kiwi off my hand so that he can get to the food instead of...
  7. Regina

    How do I stop my budgies from roosting on the ceiling fan?

    Hello! I recently got two budgies named Luna and Kiwi. I'm currently in the process of taming, diet conversion, etc. I let them out of their cage every day, but they always fly up to my ceiling fan (don't worry, I don't turn it on anymore, even when they're in their cage) and stay there. I...
  8. S

    Please can I have some advice on how to get my budgies moving?

    Hi, My budgies have never been particularly active. This is largely due to one of my budgies, Kiwi, having been bred as a show budgie. He is considerably bigger than my other bird Sky who was raised in an aviary. I do not believe that Kiwi ever learnt how to fly properly either, as his flying...
  9. P

    Thinking about purchasing a conure. Currently own one budgie. Need help deciding

    I'm considering getting a conure, I already have a budgie that is almost completely trained. Should i get a conure after 100% training the budgie?? If so which ones and how should i space the cages apart so neither of them get hurt. I would only let one out at a time of course. Is this safe?
  10. kayosa

    My diy toys

    Thought I’d post this for other people to get ideas from. simple playground With simple branch perch in background. I spread some seeds and wooden beads in a corner to get them some foraging time. Stainless steel scre another simple perch with ladder and toy, I keep this one on my dresser on...
  11. C

    Considering Rehoming - Looking for Advice

    So a little backstory: Up until very recently I had two budgies, Aerie and Soleil. I got Aerie as a baby and had her as a solo budgie for awhile. She was totally happy and very much so our little princess. She loved people and was completely content to hang with us and definitely saw us as her...
  12. alyssanor

    ummm idk if im doing this right?

    am i supposed to cut a budgies nail or file them. or do i let them keep growing , i have not trimmed their nails because i dont know if i should
  13. alyssanor

    help me please

    hello , hope you are having a good day! so my budgie is bobbing his tail up and down even when hes just sitting inn his cage. why is he doing that?
  14. Geethebudg

    Can you help me identify my budgie gender please?

    Hi all, I have 3 budgies Lucky, yellow budgie Blake green and yellow Pixel blue budgie. Can you please let me know the gender of the below 2, Pixel and Blake? Thanks :) Gee
  15. CGrillo

    Weird droppings again

    Last time I talked about Luke’s droppings on here he got off of his antibiotic treatment and that I no longer go to the vet I brought him to for his infection. His poops went back to normal and were normal for weeks. He has been on his probiotic and everything was good and I didn’t change...
  16. CGrillo

    Weight Health

    In my last thread in spoke about how luke was back to a healthy weight after his antibiotics caused him to not eat. Luke now seems to be making up for all the food he hasn’t eaten on his meds and seems to be stuck at 1.5 oz When they should weigh around 1.1-1.4 oz. He doesn’t seem to get much...
  17. Cheeko

    Foot fungus?? Infection? Bumblefoot?

    Hey I know I've only been posting about my frantic health scares since I've joined this forum. I apologise, but Im a new bird owner and anything I notice is new to me! I've had my budgie for almost two weeks now and only today did I notice this crusty bubbly thing on his foot. I attached photos...
  18. rebecca252

    Three budgies together?

    Hi! So currently I have three budgies in a flight cage together, which I am aware isn’t a good idea. I originally went to get one more budgie for my lone budgie, Percy, but upon seeing the situation these birds were in, I took two. Now, however, we have found out that we have two males and one...
  19. rebecca252

    Female or male?

    This is my oldest budgie, Percy, who is give or take three to four months old. I can usually tell gender of a budgie well, but as he is recessive pied, his cere has me a little stumped. I originally thought he was a boy, but now he is lighter rings around his nostrils on his cere, and a small...
  20. rebecca252

    Thoughts on cage setup?

    this is my flight cage set up for my three budgies, Percy, Calypso and Grover. Over lockdown, they’ve been pretty much free roaming, but I’m going back to school, meaning they’ll be in their cages a lot more than usual. Just want to know if everyone thinks this is enough of an enriching...