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  1. MakiMaki

    Meet 4 months old Maki ! Needing help concerning her behaviours and general information. Also tips on taming ?

    Hello, I am a 19 years old french guy (excuse me for my english) and I live in an appartment with my girlfriend. We recently got a Bourke from a local breeder (3 weeks ago), it lived in an aviary and was raised by its parents, not by hand. (I say "it" because I don't know if it's a male or...
  2. Tapew0rrm

    Am I getting overly concerned over normal conure behaviour again? Probably

    Sorry to post so soon again haha, but, once again,,my brain's concern is on a new level of needing chill. Is this typical of a conure? He doesthis,,a lot. At the door of his cage(when its open), at the back of his cage after playing with his toys, and today,,he literally sat staring at me doing...
  3. flyzipper

    Ancestry-inclusive dog genomics challenges popular breed stereotypes (it's about dogs, but...)

    It's common to encourage people to focus on the individual, rather than the species, when it comes to looking for an avian companion, and here's some research that looked at dog breeds which says the same. Modern domestic dog breeds are only ~160 years old and are the result of selection for...
  4. M

    Female Kakarikis Behaviour

    Hello! We have a 7 month old Kakariki, Lily, and got a 2nd Kakariki, Leia, about two months ago. Leia is about four months old now. We followed all the “textbook” advise on bonding the two and it seemed to go very well…until recently. Lily only shared her caged with a very young kakariki for...
  5. flyzipper

    Webinar: The cultural lives of birds (February 16, 2022)

    This could be quite interesting... An explosion of research is finding that culture — once thought to be exclusive to humans — is widespread among animals and plays an important part in their social lives and survival. Birds offer some of the most interesting and surprising examples of animal...
  6. B

    Pigeon laid egg on patio

    Hi, so I have a resident breeding pair of spotted doves. This pair has had two clutches that I know of. The first both died, one as a fledgling to a currawong and the other as a juvenile to a sparrow hawk. The second clutch was abandoned after a week and never hatched. So anyway I was standing...
  7. KakiJim

    Feather Plucking

    Hi all First time kakariki owner, always had budgies. Hoping someone will be able to advise? My (adult) sons kakariki is now seven months old. He lives in a very large cage, lots of stimulation toys. Is fed good quality seed and fresh fruit and veggies daily. Comes out the cage and free flys...
  8. maounm

    4 year old GW

    I just got a 4 year old GW macaw. He dosent step up and lunges at me its his first day. He was very friendly to his previous owner and comes from a good home. Any tips to bond with him?
  9. U

    Urgent Cockatoo behaviour

    Hi, i need an advice on description below! My cockatoo is 3 years old this year. Recently, he started “freaking out”, flying crazily out of a sudden. It happened 3 times, the aftermath of the first is as shown in the attach image where his legs are folded inwards and stood that way. I saw an...
  10. Littlelovebird

    Hormonal girl

    Hey guys! So I have a 1yr old lovebird and she is soooo hormonal. I only had males in the past and it was really mild hormonal period compare to this so Im a bit unsure of a couple things And I would like your advice! So we reduced daylight time and she spends a good 12-13 Hrs in complete...
  11. Cheekybirb

    Conure Behaviour Problem

    Hello, We have our 2 year old conure Phoenix and he behaves great but has just recently started landing on the light fittings and trying to chew the wires. We've made sure all the rooms are safe for him to fly about in, he's out when we're at home and he likes to follow us around, but can't...
  12. kingpp

    Best bird as a pet?

    So here in Australia, you can only own the following birds without a license; -Rosella -Dove/Pigeon -Finch -Bourkes parrot -Quail -Elegant parrot -Galah -Hooded parrot -Corella -Cockatoo -Lorikeet -Port Lincoln parrot -Princess parrot -Red capped parrot -Red rumped parrot -scarlet chested parrot...
  13. HarrietGC

    GCC brothers agressive behaviour

    Hi everyone. I have two green cheek conure brothers named Tokio and Hero, and they are 10 months old. The subject of this post is that I’m starting to get more and more concerned about their behaviour towards each other, specifically Tokio towards Hero. Tokio has started to become quite...
  14. C

    Why does my cockatiel male keep trying to feed(?) a baby that's not his?

    Does the question make sense? I've adopted an adult male cockatiel (Miu), he's very sweet and tame. We've had him for a few years now. Recently my mom brought home a 3 week old cockatiel chick, Miu is very interested and always observes me feeding the baby. Whenever he gets close to the baby...
  15. malibu

    Bird shakes head in light

    So I have started to notice that my lovie Chica, whenever she is perched on my finger and I walk through the sunlight that goes through my blinds she shakes her head similar to how cats and dogs shake their heads when you blow in their ear. She also does this when I turn my light on. She also...
  16. Tia Cecilia

    Can a bird be mentally disabled?

    Hi all, So I've had my two green cheeks for a couple of years now. One of them seems to have a disability of some variety, and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of it. Firstly, she has a really terrible walk, causing her to fall over her own feet a lot. Like, she falls over at least once...
  17. Miss B

    Is this behaviour normal?

    My little peach-face, Cello, is a very happy, active , affectionate little guy. Lately he's been licking my skin A LOT. Like, he'll happily sit in the same spot on my arm for upwards of 5 or 10 minutes just licking and licking. I'm assuming it has something to do with salt? What is this little...
  18. K

    Sun conure weird behaviour

    Hey everyone, im new this is my first tine posting. I'm hoping to get a little insight on something my conure does that has me baffled. I have a 5 year old female sun, she is a well behaved very animated girl. Lately she has been doing something strange and new. When I am eating she will sit...
  19. B

    Jealous Lovebird?

    My lovebird, Peach, came to us maybe just over 2 weeks ago. He was getting more settled and comfortable each day, preening us and trying new foods. We brought home our Indian Ringneck a few days ago and since then, Peach will not. Shut. Up. It's not chirping. It's screaming. He also started...
  20. _aryxn_

    Ringneck still scared of my hand!

    Ringneck still scared of my hand! I have an Indian Ringneck that I got when it was around 8 weeks or 2 months old. He is currently 9 months old. He can talk, He can whistle and sometimes sing too! He is generally friendly (other than his really annoying cage aggression), He is not very cuddly...