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  1. papaya13

    FINALLY Ready to Adopt… LF a Jardine’s!

    After years of patience and admiration from a distance, I’m finally prepared to start a relationship with a bird of my own! …that is, if I can find one. I have my heart set on a Jardine’s, but it seems like there are none to be found. I have any new poicephalus postings drop listed on...
  2. Chickentie

    Looking for a cockatiel hen - GA

    Howdy everybirdy! I am looking to adopt a cockatiel hen to be friends with my lonely male 'tiel. I am located near Atlanta, GA and I am willing to drive a little bit. Please let me know if you are re-homing a hen. I already have a fully setup cage. :-)
  3. SaffronConure

    Potentially rehoming pair of cockatiels in WV after bird lung diagnosis

    Hi, I have a pair of bonded cockatiels who need a new home lined up asap. My mother has recently had repeated lung infections, and a CT scan has revealed signs of bird lung. I never wanted to be the type of person that rehomes a pet, but it is looking like I won't have a choice. It's absolutely...
  4. Clawdy95

    Sweet Green Aracari looking for good home

    Hello! This is an abrupt post but I am looking for someone to take in and care for my healthy 2 year old Green Aracari, her name is Zozo. Hatch date was on March 24. I live in Minneapolis and I am willing to put in some time and effort to find the right home for her. Right now the reasons...
  5. Bri Bird

    Looking to adopt a cockatiel in CA, Orange County

    Hi there! I currently have two cockatiels. Pretty Bird is almost 26, and Nova is about 5. We lost my third bird back in July, which was heart breaking for both me and Nova. Now, we are looking to adopt another bird to keep Nova company (Pretty Bird sleeps a lot and is more keen on me then he is...
  6. Heyit'sChaney

    I want to adopt, but I'm a minor

    I've done the research and I'm almost positive I want to adopt (I don't know if I can right this second). The only downside is that I'm under eighteen and I don't know if I can adopt because of that. The shelters near me require at least over eighteen and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
  7. miloandmax

    cockatiels and lovebirds?

    Hiya! a friend of mine is re-homing his fully tame 2 year old female cockatiel. She is a delight and i would love to give her a loving home however i have a pair of lovebirds that we are fairly certain are male, around 3 months old who we are hand taming ourselves . Has anyone had any experience...
  8. C

    Adoption Tips

    Hi, I'm new here. I've owned a bird in the past, however; I've never adopted. Recently I've been looking around for a mature parrot to take into my home as a companion. After months of searching, I came across a post today from an exotic bird rescue in my city. I saw that they had a yellow naped...
  9. AkasyaEllric


    So, I thought after Slade (renamed from Cosmo) mauled me at the fosters that it would be quite a while before this would happen. I'm so excited that we're already building our trust bond and it's only been a week!
  10. S

    Looking to Adopt

    Hello! New here, and I'm not entirely sure where I'd post something like this. If the thread should be elsewhere, please let me know. <3 I've been thinking about getting a bird for a while now, and after doing some research I think either a cockatiel or a conure would be best suited for me...
  11. alocia

    Adopting budgies!

    A distant friend of mine has 2 budgies (a male and female), and they were well bonded with, but when his family got their dog they were basically abandoned. Now they just sit in the garage, and the only attention paid to them is giving them food+water/cleaning their cage as far as i'm aware...
  12. Scamperdoo

    Seeking Male Indian Ringneck

    Hello, I am already a parrot mother, looking for an Indian Ringneck to add to my flock. I am seeking a green, yellow, blue or purple male, that needs a new home. One that has been socialized, will perch and loves interaction with humans. Healthy too. Finally, hopefully from someone in the 5...
  13. Valentino

    Brag a bit

    I just can't get over how friendly V has become. I got her in March and she loves this. She'll sit with me all night just to be scratched behind her head. She acts like it puts her in a trance almost. She steps up for me from inside her cage and she comes out all the time when I'm home. I'm...
  14. P

    Two Caiques Looking for a New Home

    We are looking to rehome our two caiques located in NYC. One male one is female ,about 3.5 years of age. They are in great health and extremely intelligent and entertaining. They get along great and share the same cage. Unfortunately, we don't have the time and attention for them that they need...
  15. Tyler_G

    Need a home for my GCC

    I have a young (1.5 yrs) unsexed GCC named Ollie that needs a new loving home. His companion GCC recently passed away and he needs to be at a home with another bird(s) as a companion. He has spent his whole life with my other bird and that along with our very prey driven dog has led me to the...