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  1. honeykat13

    Idea for Toys/Play Area. Would this Work?

    I would love to spoil my cockatiel, whenever I get the money to allow me to do so. I've spent some time thinking about what I would want to do, and I want to get some opinions to see if it's a good idea, would be safe, etc. I'm wanting to convert a cat tree into a playground for my tiel. I...
  2. B

    What to do if I'm not a "bird person"?

    So I made this as a sort of throw away account to ask this question. I'm somewhat scared of asking this, but I feel like I need to ask it... Sorry it's long, but I figured context would be good. I have a cockatiel. I've had him for about a year. He was young when I got him, and he was not from...
  3. D

    How to get my tiel to eat vegies.

    Hey guys! So, i posted about 2 weeks ago, I got a fairly young, 5months old cockatiel. He started to take the millet from my hand, and not panicking anymore, which is nice. Thing is, he only eats the millet from his seed mix, not even the sunflower seeds. I tried many times, many different...
  4. Annamxliss

    Cockatiel Sudden Aggression (Jealousy?)

    Hi everyone, I’ve decided to post on a forum about my question so I could get the best possible help. I have a two year old male Cockatiel, his name is Auggie. I’ve had him ever since he was a few months old so its safe to say me and him have a tight bond. I recently brought home another ‘tiel...
  5. PipTheBird

    4 Month Old Cockatiel Questions

    (Please let me know if this in the wrong thread! If so, I apologize and I'll move it to the appropriate one.) Hello! I just joined this site recently, mainly to ask a few questions about my Cockatiel. My boyfriend and I just got a 4 month old one a week ago, and he's technically our first bird...
  6. D

    New tiel owner! Some questions!

    Hey guys! So, yesterday I brought home my first Cockatiel from a breeder. He was pretty scared yesterday, but today he started pacing up and town the bottom of the cage and scream. Why is that? Calling for the old friends? Or just bored? He has a few toys in, he doesn't interact with them...
  7. J

    How Would You Handle This?

    Hello everyone, My cockatiel Woo is nearing 25 and has encountered her first medical issues. I took her to the vet a few weeks ago when I noticed her favoring her right leg. Biting at it, dragging it. they concluded she has the onset of arthritis with narrowing of the arteries and isn’t getting...
  8. cinnamon

    I’m worried :(

    so i’ve been reading a bunch about things that are bad for cockatiels. my birdie is 5 months old i’ve had him for 3 months. i know teflon is bad for them but we use only teflon, my grandma has also cooked with him on her shoulder once because she forgot and i sometimes bring him in the room...
  9. Cloud

    Video Silly Cockatiel

    My cockatiel likes to transport his foods from the food bowl to a perch, then he eats his foods. I wonder what's going on in his mind. :roflmao: Meanwhile, I was like you're wasting the foods by dropping them on the way!! :eek:
  10. Nicole Bred


    Hi! i have my cockatiel who is about 8 months old now, and i think he might be starting to molt, but i’m not sure and i guess i want to be sure that he’s not just hurt some how . these are the best pictures that i could get, but it looks like a random patch that has tons of tiny tiny pin...
  11. J

    Pain Management for Cockatiel Arthritis

    Hello everyone My cockatiel Woo has developed arthritis in one foot and has been having a hard time getting around. She’s now 24 and she’s my only remaining bird. Her cage mates have lived their life expectancy and she’s now alone. I’m happy for that since there won’t be any issues with her...
  12. BelleBelle

    Cockatiel Comic

  13. J

    Adding a bird to the family?

    I have a female cockatiel that I've had since she was a few months old. She recently turned 13. Having a bird for so long, I obviously have a very special bond with her. However my job makes it so I'm gone most of the day five days a week and I know thats not the best for her emotional health...
  14. Danisaur

    Bonding & Breeding

    Hello! I apologize in advance for the long post. But appreciate if you are able to read through and give me some advice! have a 4 year old male cockatiel, and a 1.5 year old female. they have been living in the same cage for a couple months now, and I am badly wanting them to bond and breed. I...
  15. she__wolf

    Dive bombing other bird...

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting so hopefully I am doing this right... I am currently finalising the adoption of my female foster Indian Ringneck, Siren. She's a beautiful bird with an unknown background and age. She's missing a toe and was a un-microchipped lost and found that no one...
  16. King_Kaitt

    Getting another bird.

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about getting a lovebird(not for a few months as I want to know a lot more about them) but I have a 4 year old female cockatiel she’s very clingy to me and has always been the only bird in the house. They wouldn’t be housed in the same cage but would be in the same room...
  17. aashna

    Male or female

    Hi all, I am attaching pics of my birdie's tail feathers. Its white feathers are clear but its grey feathers have a few yellow specks on it. Any idea about its gender? My bird is a fawn pied cockatiel.
  18. haze

    Proper weight?

    There’s probably nothing wrong at all, but I’m a little concerned about my cockatiel, Pepper, because I can feel his keel bone a bit. I just weighed him and he weighs 120 grams, which is pretty normal. He’s got his general wellness check soon, but I’m a little worried because I heard you...
  19. Cloud

    Recommendation for Calcium/ Mineral Block

    Hello. I am wondering what do you guys give to your birds. Cuttlebone, or mineral blocks? I am currently giving both cuttlebone and Zoo Med Vegetable Bird Banquet Block to my cockatiels. My both cockatiels seem to like them. I see that Zoo Med Vegetable block has artificial fruit flavor, so...
  20. R

    Urgent My cockatiel's leg. Please help

    Hello, 2 days ago I heard my cockatiel putting some little screams she does when something is hurting her (usually lose feather). I went to check after few screams as I was sleeping and there was no lose feathers but I noticed that she wouldn't put pressure on her left foot and there is no...