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  1. P

    To quarantine, can I move other birds?

    I recently got two new Cockatiels. They are currently in my room with my parakeet. The only other room in our house that the cats can't get in is my brother's. The problem is that he doesn't have room for the standing flight cage the Cockatiels have. He can fit the cage with my parakeet though...
  2. Raptor40

    Cockatiel beak clicking?

    Hey guys! My tiel Chikka has started to make a clicking sound while or after singing. It’s not so much of a sound with his tongue, but the actual action of clicking his beak together. I haven’t heard any other birds make that sound and was wondering if anybody else has birds that do this and...
  3. LoveToki

    Proud Moki

    I don’t post very much but I’m feeling especially proud and I know some of you can probably relate. I’m still not entirely sure how old Moki really is because the woman I bought her from was a little batty.. but she told me she was born on March 18, 2020 and her wings were clipped when I brought...
  4. PippinLovebird

    Ferret Cage For Birds?

    Hey! So I have been looking into getting a larger cage for my cockatiel, Milo. And I found a large ferret cage. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a ferret cage for their birds, or if you think it would be okay? Milo is one of my newer birds and isnt the most comfortable with me yet. He...
  5. A

    Urgent Cockatiel in shock and i don't know what to do.

    My cockatiel flew out the window into the neighbourhood about 30min ago, so i ran outside as fast as i could and found my cat holding him in his mouth while he was screaming for help, i picked him up and he started violently biting me to the point where i started bleeding, the right side of his...
  6. Tiffany A

    Help with sexing?

    Hello! My names Tiff I posted a few years back hoping to get some clues as to what the sex of my sweet cockatiel is. However, at the time I realized how young Noel was so I’m posting some updates pictures! Originally I believed Noel was a female however I believe Noel is in deed a boy. Just...
  7. 8

    Student, two baby cockatiels, please help

    Hello! I am a minor at my high school, and during quarantine, online school has been more challenging than I have perceived. I have two cockatiels whom I bought recently, I used to have a cockatiel who was ten years old but who passed away also recently, around the time I got two new ones. Right...
  8. Ambilobe

    Cockatiel breeder?

    Was thinking about getting a cockatiel. Anybody know a good breeder in the Edmonton area? Not looking for anything fancy, just a hand tame, healthy young bird.
  9. M

    I need help?

    I have a question.. so I have 1 cockatiel who is semi tamed and 2 budgies. my problem is that my cockatiel has bonded with them really well and so when ever I take him out he instantly tries to go back to them. When ever he’s not with them he starts singing. How can I train him if hes already...
  10. Cannie

    Cockatiel too excited to eat, too hungry to hang out (desperate for help)

    My cockatiel's name is Starscream, she's 4 years old and I got her on September 13, 2019. She was originally a breeder's bird but the breeder didn't want her anymore so Star was sold to me as a pet. She was extremely hand shy and I trained her myself. She now loves coming out of her cage...
  11. K

    Urgent sick cockatiel, doesn't recover

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I made this account out of desperation because my 11 year cockatiel is sick. His droppings are perfectly fine, he beak grinds and eats normally, he even sang for a bit yesterday but he's spending most of the days with his eyes closed. We had to give him...
  12. SoapSoDope

    Is this poop normal?

    Hi Everyone! Anxious birb mom here. We've had our 3 month old cockatiel for a little over a week now. We're transitioning him to a pellet diet. He's currently at 75% seed/25% pellet. Just curious to know if this poop is normal. He did eat some veggies (romaine/carrot/broccoli chop) for the...
  13. I

    baby cockatiel refuses to eat if not handfed (51-days-old)

    hey!! writing from my phone, so please excuse any mistakes,, i currently have two cockatiels, a lady and her 51-day-old baby. when the baby was much younger and they were temporarily not living with me (i was moving, so i left my babies at my dad's house to avoid issues both with the move itself...
  14. elitys

    Plucking Under Wings

    Our tiel, Baby, has had minor feather plucking for some time. My theory is that it originated when my boyfriend went off to school and Baby was left in the care of his mom from September 2019 till April 2020. No shame to his mom (she is Baby's next favorite person and loves him very much) but...
  15. P

    sick cockatiel

    Hello. I have a 10 year old cockatiel. He's been sick for (kind of) a month now. The thing is, I'm not sure if he's even sick anymore or that he's just changed his behaviour. There are barely any avian vets where I live and my current one told me that she doesn't know what else could my bird's...
  16. Gokha

    Harrison's bird bread and sudden preference change

    How often can I feed my birds Harrison's bird bread? My birds are in love with it. The main reason I'm asking is that all of a sudden Walad (my cockatiel) started refusing to eat the pellets. She now willingly eats veggies sprinkled with either crushed pellets or crushed Harrison's treat and...
  17. D

    Budgie and cockatiel with frequent infections.

    I have a budgie and cockatiel that get frequent infections, usually yeast. I have been guilty of not keeping the cages clean in the past but I've been trying to do better and they're still getting sick. My girl cockatiel acted like she was going to throw up the other day but nothing ever came...
  18. F

    Urgent I need help fast

    My female cockatiels nose is bleeding and has been all day. Is there anything I can do to help her? All the vet clinics near me are closed till monday (its saturday) and I dont know what to do. I've already tried to clean her off just to help her breath. Shes wobbling on the perch and sneezing a...
  19. Birdilove

    Urgent My cockatiel keeps scratching her head

    So she’s 5 and a half months old and is going through her first molt and she is losing lots of feathers. She first started itching her head first and it was fine but then I saw it being really dry, and now it looks like she injured it pretty bad from scratching. We don’t have any vets were we...
  20. Myru.b

    Updates on Finn and help for getting him in the cage

    Hi, guys! :D Since most of my threads were about something bad, I decided this time to write about some of the positive stuff that happened in the last few months. First of all, after about 7 months of struggle, Finn is finally eating pellets! And he actually likes them! I'm so happy, can't...