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  1. N

    My Cockatiel "Talks" Now But...

    My Cockatiel "Penny" is about 10 months old. I'm still not sure if it's a male or female. Ive always thought that it's a she but I'm not sure now. About two weeks ago, she started "talking". First it was random noises and whistles. And out of nowhere she started saying her name. "Penny penny...
  2. F

    Cockatiel won’t stop laying eggs - do I keep them apart?

    Hi everyone, To try and shorten a long story, I had two female cockatiels that lived together and my mom had a male cockatiel that was so bonded with her he never let the girls near him and they all minded their own business. We ended up having a disaster, what we thought was a safe heater...
  3. Sergior

    Doubts about getting a galah

    Hello to everyone! My name is Sergio, I'm 30 and I'm from Spain. First of all I need to say that I'm not a very good English speaker (but I can understand it without a problem) so hope you can understand me! A few months ago my 5 years old female cockatiel, Whisky, passed away. I'm still...
  4. UwU alien

    Linnies or budgies compares to cockatiels

    You can answer any questions you know the answers for What are some care and behaviour differences that linnies and budgies have compared to cockatiels? Do any budgie mutations have pink feathers? How to find adoption centres like rescues or shelters that have birds. I didn't get many results in...
  5. M

    Urgent Baby Cockatiel with Inverted Leg

    Hello! I have two baby cockatiels with the same issue. They're about 2 weeks old. I've noticed that the oldest was stepping on their wing when they moved, so I picked it up to check and noticed that their right leg is sort of "inverted", bent upwards instead of downwards. Their sibling also...
  6. S

    Cockatiel tips?

    Hello! Please I need advice! I bought a cockatiel. I have had it for 2 or 3 weeks. I am trying to do my very best for him! I had a budgeriar for about 10 years, very very very! He was used to both hands and people! I don't even remember how I got it, I bought it when it was small. I have...
  7. roxi

    Bird Loss, Chronic Egg Laying & Potiential Species

    hey. its been quite a while since i last posted on here! i'm desperately sad that i didn't post more regularly, as we have just suddenly and tragically lost our beloved lovedbird, blue. we had been dealing with chronic egg laying problem's, and trying to sort them out through behaviour...
  8. C

    Pictures Is this one nostril blocked?

    Hi just wondering if someone can give me advice on this little girls nose, and if there’s an easy way for me to clear it if so? thanks guys
  9. E

    Need a little help

    Hi! Could someone please help me identify my new birdies colors? Is this considered Pearl?
  10. B

    10 year old male cockatiel - Cancer

    Hey everyone, So I'm new here, obviously! I'm in Australia and I've raised and loved my cockatiel for nearly 10 years. He's a lovely white-faced boy. I found this place and joined for unfortunate reasons. My lil boy isn't doing great and I'm in the "making a choice" position. :( I don't want...
  11. S

    different training levels

    so I have my two darling tiels who I just brought home recently. They're friendly, but not hand tamed. The problem is that Pocket is a lot friendlier and picked up eating from my hands in a day, and we're now working on simple target training. Jester on the other hand is still working on eating...
  12. R

    Cockatiel Vomited

    I was studying in the kitchen when my cockatiel must have thrown up on the other side of the kitchen island. My mom and I were talking and didn't see it happen. It took a second for me to realize the sticky mess, partly clear with a little bit of pinkish orangish stuff in it with what I realized...
  13. S

    [UPDATE] Cockatiel with Shortness of Breath / Wet Exhales

    Hello - I posted earlier about this - but my cockatiel has been experiencing these wet sneezes that look like this: Cockatiel shortness of breath He was cultured and the results showed Staph Borealis. I took him to an Avian Vet and he was prescribed Trimeth-Sulfa for 2 weeks. He finished the...
  14. B

    Reputable & Respected Breeders (Midwest)

    Hi everyone, my first post here. I grew up with an African grey parrot and sadly we parted ways when I was only about 10 years old and I’ve been wanting a bird for in the house.(I have chickens that have their own home LOL). Anyway I am looking for respected and reputable breeders for conures...
  15. Cat Winter

    Cage setup ideas for non-flying bird

    Hello! I have quite a large steel cage that I house two cockatiels in (see attached). I had to take Speckeles to an emergency vet, then to a very expensive specialist due to a long-term wing injury that no other vets caught. He had to have the tip of his wing amputated due to necrotic tissue...
  16. Choco

    Update baby cockatiel

    Hello everyone! I thought It would be nice to leave an update for my baby cockatiel. It has been two years and a half since I've posted an emergency thread about my baby cockatiel. In case you haven't seen the thread, it was about a baby cockatiel that I bought from a breeder. Back then, I...
  17. G

    How many grams of food daily should a cockatiel eat

    How many grams of food should an average cockatiel typically consume in a day? I've read anywhere between 6 grams, 15 grams, and 30-40 grams, so now I'm really confused. Those are huge differences. I'm also wondering how many grams of food a parakeet should consume daily. Thanks so much for your...
  18. G

    'Tiel & Budgie Diet

    I'm wondering if a mix (in all equal parts) of Zupreem Natural Pellets, Harrison's Adult Lifetime, Dr. Harvey's Colossal Cockatiel Blend, and Top's Parrot pellets is a healthy well rounded diet for my cockatiels and budgie to eat? Of course they will still get fresh fruits and veggies as well as...
  19. M

    Cockatiel being over preened by cage mate

    Hi there! I have a 3 year old white faced cockatiel who is currently being housed with an English budgie that’s about 1.5 years old. They’ve bonded well and have been together for a bit over 6 months without issue. I have them in a breeding cage to used to have the divider put in the middle but...