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  1. M

    Extremely anxious and skittish outside of cage!

    Hello, my first ever post! Let me know if there is anything I can improve based on format of my first thread post. Anyways, to get to the point. My young cockatiel who I have had for almost a year now is very sweet. He is loving and is not afraid of my hands or my face. He sings and does not...
  2. D

    Parrot boarding

    Hello! I am from Arkansas, and I was wondering if anyone had advise on choosing a pet sitter/boarding. I’m planning on painting my bedroom soon, which is where my cockatiels cage is and I’m worried about the fumes of the paint making them sick or killing them. Thank you!
  3. Poochibird

    Cockatiel mating me

    Hello, lol as you can see by the title my cockatiel has started mating my sweater. It’s the first time he has done it, at least I think that’s what he’s doing. He will wag his tail and rub his butt on me. hes my only bird so he doesn’t have a mate, I’d like some advice how to not encourage...
  4. F

    Urgent Female Lutino Cockatiel (3 years old) Recurring vomiting after treatment.

    Help please, my Female Lutino Cockatiel (3 years old) Hendrix has been having a peculiar issue. She had a vomiting spell early in the morning about a month ago. After the vomiting persisted in 30 minute intervals, we took her to an emergency avian vet who checked her crop and gave her...
  5. C

    Screaming angry new cockatiel help

    Hello! I recently purchased 2 baby cockatiels at 4 months. They are about 5 months old now. Have had them for 6 weeks now. One is very attached to me (Maui) and very sweet. The other is pretty sassy and we can’t get him to stop biting and hissing (Jojo). Sometimes he will step up no problem but...
  6. RebeccaZM

    Can birdie get strep?

    Hello, I’ve been sick with an extremely sore throat since Thursday 8/11 and was diagnosed with strep yesterday. What I want to know is can birds get strep or get sick from their human in the same room? Obi’s cage is in my room and in hind sight I don’t know why I didn’t change rooms to stay away...
  7. L

    My Cockatiel won't enter his cage

    Hello! When my cockatiel goes outside his cage, he won't enter back, and I always have to catch him with a cloth, which I hate to do because he is always extremely scared of this. What can I do to make him enter his cage? He seems not to be able to fly downwards (not sure about this), as the...
  8. T

    How can i grow a genuine bond with my cockatiel?

    I feel like i'm not as close as i can be with my (male) cockatiel, when i got him he was quite defensive, easily scared and aggressive at times because his previous home wasn't the greatest. It has gotten way better now that i have him for a while but i'm hoping you guys can give me some tips on...
  9. honeykat13

    Cockatiel has a seemingly painful wing feather, what should I do?

    A couple of nights ago one of my tiels had a night fright. After comforting him and looking him over, I put him back to bed. I don't know if I just missed it or if it started bleeding after I put him back to bed, but in the morning I noticed just a little bit of dried blood on his wing. He's...
  10. nemuny

    Pictures Peep the cockatiel!

    I’m glad I found a place where people are bird obsessed like me! Hi guys! I wanted to introduce you to Peep. He is my little ball of sunshine and dander. I got him from a petstore in May. He isn’t hand raised, it’s very difficult to come across breeders in my country so I decided to try and earn...
  11. V

    Do or can female cockatiels hop? And can they hang upside down on your finger?

    Do or Can female cockatiels hop? Do or can female cockatiels hop? And can they hang upside down on your finger?
  12. L

    First time cockatiel owner

    Hello! Yesterday I bought a cockatiel from the pet store. I bought him seeds, a large cage, a type of seeds for feather health. I'm planning to buy him a cuttlefish bone, some toys and something for him to bathe. Any tips?
  13. Viridity

    Urgent Problems With Food!

    I would be grateful for anyone's advice on my cockatiel, Cosmo! (He is 5 yo) He is slowly losing weight, and I'm extremely concerned, because he is already underweight. I feed him a seed diet, I want to convert him to a pellet diet, but he is refusing to eat the fine-pellets that I've tried...
  14. M

    Best bird for a beginner?

    Hey everyone. Im new here and I am a minor. I used to own a budgie and 2 diamond doves, but I was very young and the care mostly went to my mom. I have been wanting to get a bird as of late, and have done a bit of research. I have three birds in mind, but I am not sure which would be best for a...
  15. Tenleigh

    My bird is shaking

    My cockatiel has been shaking for 7 days. He randomly starts to shake at random times in the wings area. I have no idea what this is from and it’s very noticeable. I would upload a video of the shaking but I don’t know how. I have little to no information about the shaking. Please give me...
  16. Tenleigh

    Something is off

    I went on vacation for 2 weeks and came back just a couple days ago. I picked up my cockatiel from the pet sitter and everything seem fine. He was eating great and drinking great. When we got home, I started to play with him and lay out his toys, he didn’t want to play. He was also very quiet...
  17. NellNeaves

    Is my Tiel a Normal cinnamon or a pied cinnamon?

    I have a 1 yo cockatiel, I’ve been told he’s a cinnamon pied but I don’t see the pied.. he’s definitely lighter in colour than a normal tiel. He has a brown colour but alot of different shades on his back and wings. I’m just curious, what do you guys think?:) His name is Arthur and he has a...
  18. outmaww

    New to the forum, new cockatiel owner!

    Hi! I've been perusing this site for a long time, but I just recently decided to create an account because I took home the sweetest little grey cockatiel about two weeks ago. He was hand-raised and weaned onto a seed diet, and he's already developed a bond to me especially, though he still...
  19. Codyyjohns

    Lovebird and Cockatiel Tips

    Hi, I currently have a 7 year old cockatiel. I’ve had him since he was a hatchling and he’s very seeet and affectionate and loves to be out of the cage and near me. I’ve been considering adding a lovebird to my home. (Separate cage of course) but according to my research they can be aggressive...
  20. Moonrift

    Does his nostril look concerning?

    Hi everyone! Today I noticed my bird’s left nostril looking a little different. He’s been acting completely normal with no discharge around his nares or watery poops, so I was wondering if it looks like a cause for concern? The vet stresses him out a LOT but I’ll definitely be booking a...