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  1. Seldio

    Dios bitting issues

    Hi! I’m new! I have an around 8 month old male cockatiel named Dio! I’ve read A couple of threads with similar issues but I would like to get some answers of my own questions I know that it could be him going through hormonal changes also but still would like to ask. When we first got him he...
  2. xjessicar9

    How to stop biting as it's happening?

    Fiona has been really on edge lately because my sister is coming home from college for the weekend, and she shares a room with me. Because of this, Fiona isn't very excited to have to share a room with her too! She acts like she wants to be around me, and even will fly to my shoulder on her own...
  3. Lothetiel

    Hissing but wants attention...?

    I have had my new tiel Louie for about a week and he was hand-fed so he is very sociable and bonded to me very quickly. He is about 11 weeks old and has been very friendly to everyone with no issues but today he started acting very strange. I went to pick him up and when I brought my hand toward...
  4. Mason and Kiwi

    What the heck is she doing??

    Hey guys!! So recently Kiwi, my gcc, has been doing something funny. I think she’s trying to be intimidating, but I’m not sure? I can’t find any pictures or videos of a bird doing it. I told her “no” firmly a few times to stop her from biting something on my bed and after a bit, she stood up...
  5. Dostc426

    Conure Angry with me? Help!

    Hi everyone! I have never encountered this with my 8 year old sun conure and I am not sure what to do! So on thanksgiving every year my boyfriend and I put our conure in our bedroom in his day cage while we cook and have the oven on. This isn't anything new. Cygni does okay with it, we make...
  6. hrafn

    An intriguing (depressing?) discovery re: Kamara

    Since this was the first Hallowe'en that Taco and Kamara have had at my house, I tried to ensure that they wouldn't be spooked by my costume. I wore each piece until they were used to it, then gradually started wearing the whole ensemble. They did a good job of recognising me, so I was pretty...
  7. F

    10 month old Conure Sudden Agression

    My 10 month old conure, Manny, recently started attacking a few people - people who he knows and has been gentle with. He’s been nippy with me and other people but it’s just nippy baby stuff which hurts, yeah, but he never showed aggressive body behavior when doing it. Yesterday he attacked my...
  8. Goffinsmamma

    Goffins with a grudge

    Hi! So we have recently adopted a goffins cockatoo ('we' being me, my stepmother, and dad.) When Kiwi first came home the two of us instantly bonded. We were inseparable and she would often talk or do tricks (for example a previous owner taught her to give kisses) for me and only me, especially...
  9. SirTango

    Considering rehoming Tango

    This is crazy to think about but lately I can't help it. I have these lurking thoughts that Tango is the cause of my anger problems. I have never been an angry person, but a couple of months after I got him I started developing anger issues. It started really small. At first it was just...
  10. Whoviana

    Why is she doing that?

    Sunflower, our 5 month old GCC, does not like the Roku remote. Whenever we try to change the channel, she will attack our hands. She sometimes gets very angry and fluffy at it. Does anyone have an idea why she might do this?