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help #hissing #cockatiel

  1. T

    Unsure what to do

    I got a cockatiel almost 2 months ago now and it is no closer to being tame or bonding than it was when I got it. It hisses and bites, and man does it bite hard sometimes, and then just tries to get away. It isn't sociable and I mean that. It doesn't care if someone is with it or not. I don't...
  2. Clairdelun

    Bird growing distant

    Ive had my tiel since she was 2 weeks old .Now she is 1 year and 5 months old.She used to be very much tamed and liked to hang out with me all day long. Since back then she is the only bird I owned I could pay it a lot of attention. She follows most of my commands and didn't bite. Just one...
  3. C

    Please help, my bird is scared of hands

    i really want help with an issue i’ve had for the last couple og months. i know the things i’ve had to do is very bad, and i feel like a terrible bird owner, ond day my bird (1 year Old cockatiel) decided that she didn’t wanna get back in her cage so i unfortunately had my mom put her back in...
  4. Slayer21


    Good day to everyone here. Hope everyone is well and safe. i am posting after a long time. I know this might be the most careless mistake i have every made and i regret it fully. About 2 hours or so ago i had an accident with the bird. I hopped off my bed and stepped on my cockatiel. As soon...
  5. A

    My bird is not warming up to me and it's been almost 2 years of having her.

    I've had this bird for almost 2 years and she's not warming up to me at all. I've tried hand feeding, she hisses at me all the time and is always staying in the cage or a place far away from me. She flys to me now and then and walks on my arm and chills on my shoulder sometimes. I just don't...
  6. Angela_2

    Help with a cockatiel

    Hello everyone. A dear friend of mine bought a cockatiel. She decided to take him/her because they were in really bad situation, bad feather and weak body. It seems sadly they previous owner didn't take care of them. The cage wasn't clean at all and the food wasn't good for a parrot. So , she...
  7. alyssanor


    i have said in other posts that i need to clip their wings but you guys say no.............
  8. alyssanor

    how do i tame older cockatiels

    how do i tame a girl and boy cockatiels , the male is 2 years old and the female is 4 years old , they are just 2 days new in my home.
  9. L

    Help! Hissing cocktail

    I got two cocktails a month or two again. One has gotten use to me, but the other one is still hissing at me. My husband and I talk to it everyday and also give it space. What should I do?
  10. A

    Cockatiel hissing

    I have a 4-5 weeks old cockatiel,and i noticed that she is still struggling to walk properly. Im currently trying to start our recall training and I find it hard to do that since walking is a bit hard for her. is this normal for her age? because im not that experienced when it comes to cockatiel...
  11. Lothetiel

    Hissing but wants attention...?

    I have had my new tiel Louie for about a week and he was hand-fed so he is very sociable and bonded to me very quickly. He is about 11 weeks old and has been very friendly to everyone with no issues but today he started acting very strange. I went to pick him up and when I brought my hand toward...