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  1. Pretzel

    Help needed with Yellow-Crowned Amazon diet

    Hello! I am looking for advice regarding the diet of my one year old Yellow-Crowned Amazon, Vuela Vuela. Currently her diet consists of a porridge thing made up of oats, baby bird food, banana, and pellets. Recently she tried a banana by itself without any other food mixed in. I’m wondering if...
  2. BirdyGirly

    How Long to Wean a Cape Parrot?

    Hi! Our baby Cape Parrot is currently still with the breeder, and will be going down to one feeding a day. His hatch date was 02/25/2023, and all of his feathers have come in. I’m wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark figure of how much longer it will take until he’s fully weaned and ready...
  3. G

    Help Weaning

    I’m a new bird mom with a 6 week old cockatiel and weaning is a huge challenge for me. Our avian vet said to feed formula 3x a day for a week, then 2x for a week, then 1x. I was feeding her about 5x Since moving to 3x a day she is crying quite a bit and will not touch any chop I make her, and...
  4. S

    Advice on switching from Handfeeding Formula to Fruits, Vegetables and Pellets

    Hi everyone, My Pineapple Conure (Coco) turned 6 weeks old yesterday and entered the 7th week. When he was about 5 weeks old I started introducing soft food like soaked mung beans and Cooked Chickpeas. He loves to eat mung beans. On reaching 6th week I started introducing fruits like apple...
  5. Diveks

    Spoiled weaning finch

    Im not sure if i should post this here but been raising this finch alone as the other babies unfortunately got thrown out of the nest and didn’t survive, while he was still in the egg I decided it was best to take him in before he hatches and gets thrown too. He is pretty much fully imprinted...
  6. L

    5 week old lovebird with no belly feathers ? Is this normal ?

    Hello! About 2 weeks ago i found Leo, a 3 week old lovebird that was raised by its own mother in a large cage full of birds and was attacked by other lovebirds, which I assume was because the birds were territorial. The poor things feathers were ripped out from the back of its head to its neck...
  7. P

    lovebird age + weaning plan

    hi all i have had my baby peachface for about a week (got him july 25) and was hoping to get some help on his age. so i was told he hatched on july first, meaning i got him at about 3.5 weeks old and he would currently be 4.5 weeks old. however compared to other's lovebird baby progress photos...
  8. Carine

    Weaning help!!

    Hello everyone!!! This is Jive, my cute lovebird, I believe he is around 6-7 weeks old? (Correct me if I’m wrong), I’m trying to start with the weaning process. I started mixing formula with a mix of fine seeds (the one in the picture) and he’s eating from his bowl alone, he also eats from a...
  9. Diveks

    weaning baby strikes at their veggies

    So i've been raising two baby lovebirds. I don't usually raise my babies from day 1 but i had to for these two as ones mom passed and the other was a first time mom who was cracking eggs (she is now taking a break from all the breeding). Well more about the babies, they are now in the weaning...
  10. K

    Hand Feeding / Weaning - 8 wk Sun Conure

    My fiancé and I brought home an 8 wk old sun conure yesterday. He’s hand fed many birds but never with the syringe attachment in place. The breeder has been using one, but didn’t advice against us using a regular syringe without the attachment - in fact, she said it should be fine. So, couple...
  11. Godspoison

    New baby lovie reverted to hand feeding - how to wean again

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a weaned baby lovebird (about 8 weeks old) that was fully weaned. I understand that some babies may revert to wanting comfort feeds upon arriving to a new home. Unfortunately, this baby doesn't seem remotely interested in eating on his own now that we have...
  12. maounm

    Pellets selection for baby GW

    Hello everyone i have these pellets available in my country please recommend one for my 16 weeks old GW macaw. nutriblend by vetafarm Psittacus Omega Macaw nuts vetafarm Tropican high performance pellets Psiitacus omega has the highest amount of fat and proteins and he is currently on psittacus...
  13. maounm

    15 weeks old GW

    Hello everyone! My GW is 15 weeks old now. I hand feed him around 12 pm 60ml and then at 5 pm around 60-100 ml. Is that enough? i give him veggies fruits nuts and other stuff and he eats a bit. what should the feeding schedule be at this age?
  14. A

    2 1/2 ringneck and im lost!!

    I just got an african ringneck two days ago, he’s 2 months and a half old and is still on the formula... the previous owner fed him 4 times a day and i have cut it to 2-3 times a day, should i feed him once a day? And start introducing other kinds of mashed food and gradually go up to solid...
  15. SnowB

    Clingy sun conure; weaning

    Hi :) I was wondering if anyone else has an extremely clingy bird? I am aware that conures are clingy but I’m unsure if my sun is attached in an unhealthy way. He cries and screams when I put him in his cage and looks desperate to get out. Any advice on how to correct this? I don’t want him to...
  16. maounm

    2 months old GW macaw

    Hello everyone! My GW is 2 months now and i have a few questions. He tries to climb out of his box 3-4 times a day mostly after hand feeding and throws out some feed while trying to do so. My question is when should i put him in a cage? He doesn't perch yet but was able to climb out of a half...
  17. dollfish

    Deworming parrots?

    There is a fellow parrot owner on my instagram who regularly asks me questions and their bird is new and they are new to bird ownership. It is a CAG and it is 4.5 months old. The vet had told them to end formula 2.5 months ago in order to deworm the bird. I said to them that vets are not always...
  18. sunnysara

    HELP!! Sun conure refuses to eat by herself

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and need advise with my almost 9 week old sun conure. She is very spoiled and doesn't want to eat by herself, in the mornings she starts yelling out of hunger until I feed her, after that during the day she'll do it again, I've followed the vets instructions of putting...
  19. N

    Cockatiel not weaning

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I have a 20 week old cockatiel, he is very social and active and seems to have hit all of his "benchmarks", only problem is he does not show any signs of weaning off his formula. I no longer give it to him in a syringe, but in a little bowl for him. He eats seeds and...
  20. Raptor40

    Dangers of Abundance Weaning?

    This is no doubt going to be a controversial topic, but I’d like to see what you all think. I was once a big supporter of the ‘don’t stop hand feeding until the bird rejects formula’ mindset, but I’m near changing my mind to an extent. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a bird...