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  1. J

    blended veggies?

    Hi. So I have two budgies who I've been trying to ween onto veggies (if anyone has suggestions in the way of this... I'll take em. Right now I'm just aiming for consistency, but don't want to go to any starving techniques, most I've tried was only veggies an hour in the morning and yielding no...
  2. Baileybea

    Aphids/bugs in vegetables??? Safe to feed?

    Hello! I have a question about store bought veggies…the past couple days when I bought new spinach/broccoli, I noticed what appears to be a few little aphid bugs! I bought more tonight because I was worried about feeding them to Momo, and I found them again. I just wanted to know, as long as...
  3. Joe Henderson

    Washing vegetables

    I no a lot of people e use vinegar, but I’m posting here to see if anyone uses baking soda or clorahexide to clean their birds veggies
  4. Tina&Mill

    My conure refuses veggies

    Hey, I have been having a problem with getting Melisandre to eat vegetables! She absolutely refuses to! She will eat blackberries, raspberries, grapes, strawberries, dried mango, frozen pear cubes (not canned-), and apples. She wont eat fresh pears, bananas, apricots, peaches, Refuses to eat...
  5. Joe Henderson

    Apple cider vinegar for veggies

    Hi all , I have a quick question does the acv to clean veggies and fruit have to be the organic unfiltered one with mother or can it be the regular filtered one ,, also should I add baking soda to the soak? Thanks
  6. FeatheredM

    What was the hardest

    I'm sure there will be interesting results
  7. peachypjm

    zucchini !

    Hi all ! I'm gonna start feeding mercury zucchini, I was just wondering if you guys feed it raw or if you guys cook it? And can I feed him this every day with his other veggies or should this be a once a week thing? Thank you !
  8. Skyandkiwi

    Is too much veggies bad??

    Hello everybirdy! I have a quick question. Is giving too much veggies bad? This might sound silly, but can they gain some weight from it? I think I once read that you should always provide the most amount of veggies they want, isn’t that true? (I have budgies)
  9. bird_mama

    Pictures Frozen vegetables? Yes please!

    So Romeo has always been very particular with the veggies he eats. One day I saw a thread on here saying that their parrot prefers frozen so I tried it on romeo and lo and behold all of his picky-ness has suddenly disappeared! As a slightly new bird momma, all of you on this website have helped...
  10. Scarlet&Annie

    How to give frozen veggies?

    I recently got a bag of frozen veggies for my Pineapple Conure I carrots, peas and califlour as well as fresh Kale. 1. Just want to double check that these are all safe to feed her? 2. How should I go about giving the veggies to her? Let them unthaw for a bit? Give them to her, frozen...
  11. Zara

    Breakfast time

    Carrot Broccoli Cauliflower Yellow pepper Pumpkin Peas Baby gem lettuce Pasta Quinoa Dandelion Buckwheat Poppy seeds Sesame seeds I've been feeding Sydney and Adélie together for the last week, they're my worst eater so I thought this might encourage them.... Plus it saves on washing up ;)...
  12. Lupen

    Mmmm Chop

    Broccoli Kale Spinach Blueberries Corn Apple Snap peas Green beans Peas Carrots Sweet Potato Oregano flakes Parsley flakes Jalapenos And a bit of cinnamon Can never finish a batch before Zephyr tries to dive in head first. :lol:Least this will last me quite awhile. You uhhh.. got...
  13. Katalina

    Dehydrator Recommendations

    Hello all! :) I'm looking into getting a dehydrator, and I was curious if anyone had any experience with their own. Yuna is slow to accept veggies, but I figured I might try making them crunchy instead of their normal softness. His previous owners gave him a lot of cereal, chips, crackers...
  14. Cockatango

    How do you get your tiels to eat their greens?

    Tango is a bit of a picky eater, and becoming a bit of a seed junkie. She used to take broccoli and lettuce, but now she doesn't really take any wet food. I've tried her with grape, apples, carrots, corn, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries - she'll shake her head like it's wet and back away...
  15. Cockatango

    What foods do your cockatiels love? (fruit/veg?)

    I'm wary Tango is becoming a bit of a seed junkie. She can be quite picky and is reluctant to eat wet food. She'll nibble on the stems left on grape vines, and will sometimes take broccoli and lettuce. What do your tiels like?
  16. Nostromo

    Zephyr refuses fresh food!

    I am starting to run out of ideas for coaxing my Pionus Zephyr to eat her veggies!!! She eats Roudybush maintenance pellets as her base diet, which she absolutely loves. If there are any pellets available to her, she will not even look at a vegetable or fruit, and often even refuses seed in...
  17. Parakeet88

    5 little birdies loving their chop

    My favorite thing is watching them devour their chop every morning. Some mornings I spend a lot of time adding fresh fruit/ veggies but it's worth it to watch them run over all excited. I forgot to take the chop out of the freezer last night so I had plenty of time to prep a lot of fresh stuff...
  18. Zoepr143

    Kiwi isn’t eating her veggies

    So i’ve offering her veggies everyday but she doesn’t seem to even want to try it. I have tried giving it to her in my hand and she flew away. I have mixed it with her food and she didn’t want it either. Today i mixed it with millet since she really likes it but as soon as she sees what it is...
  19. Parakeet88

    Where do you buy dried fruit/ veg and treats?

    It's a long story, you don't have to read the whole thing, the main question is at the bottom, thanks! So I started buying golden gourmet treats from my safe bird store. My conure loved the dried green beans and all of my birds love the granola from them. Lately I have been finding bugs I the...
  20. Natalia

    How do you disinfect your bird's veggies?

    Without using any harsh chemicals of course. Also, do you disinfect fruits like strawberries, etc?