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  1. R&C

    Overweight budgie or underweight?

    Recently I’ve noticed my budgie has been eating more lately, whenever he wants more food he goes to the bottom of the cage looking for food, and I feel very bad for her so like a good owner, I gave her more food. But I feel like sometimes she asks for more food a little too much! Nothing have...
  2. P

    Please i beg for help (IDK WHAT TO DO ANYMORE)

    Hi. I have a male African ringneck. I have had it for 3 years now. I bought it from a shop. They told me they rescued it from a previous house that used to abuse it. When i bought it had different wounds. I wasn’t planning to buy any birds that day. I just went to buy food for my other 4 birds...
  3. H.Z

    accidental hamster litter URGENT

    Wow... I am shook... Came back home after a week away just to be greeted by a naked hamster pup. How not fun. I own 2 adult roborovski hamsters which I adopted from what could possibly have been a hoarding situation (11 hamsters in 1 cage). The previous owner separated them from the rest saying...
  4. Z

    Please help parrot eye problem

    Hello i have a 5 month old alexandrine who is active, eating, drinking, and playing. His diet is very good. Nothing has changed in his behaviour apart from the fact that his right eye seems to be itchy and the skin around the eye seems to be a little red. He doesnt blink normally with the right...
  5. mango&dex

    My green cheek conure’s wings are black..

    I’ve noticed my green cheek conure Dexter getting black lines at the ends of his feathers on his wings. At first I thought he was just molting but after doing more research I saw that it could be because of over preening. He does like to take baths and whenever there is a body of water near him...
  6. jollyjoe

    URGENT!!-Lovebirds ate plastic, what should i do???

    My dad let our lovebirds out in the house and some pieces are missing from the fake plants (which are made from plastic). I am freaking out cause none of my parents want to call the vet or anything, and i read some articles about plastic hurting birds. I don't know if they really ate it or not...
  7. berrynkiwi

    Pictures New green feathers? (Is my budgie sick?)

    I recently noticed that my female budgie has some new neon green feathers around her beak, which weren't there yesterday, and has the same colour now on her cere as well. (something looks off about her cere..) I'm not quite sure what it is but I've observed her sometimes biting off the paint...
  8. S

    Urgent Rescue cockatiel

    Good evening! It’s quite late right now for me, Ive never used this website before but I already love it! This is urgent I really need everyone’s help! Today I went to pick up a female cockatiel from the same breeder I got my first cockatiel Coconut from, she seemed okay in the picture but when...
  9. T


    Hey budgie owners! I hope you and your birds are doing well! I have 1 female and 1 male budgie. I was never planning on breeding the two (in fact, I thought my female was a male until I caught them doing the deed ). My female has laid many eggs in the past few months, but a LOT of them fell down...
  10. chutik

    Urgent Green cheek conure closed eye

    My pineapple green Cheek conure has suddenly started closing her right eye and when I held a light it seems like her eye is red and possibly has bleeding on the inside of her eye( but I am not 100% sure) she is constantly scratching the eye and seems sleepier and calmer than usual around this...
  11. C

    Help! My cockatiels eye looks weird!

    Hello, I am here to ask about my bird, Wally, Wally is a male cockatiel, about 2 and a half years old and one day I looked at one of his eyes and it seemed a little weird.. I don’t really see him scratch it or anything, it just seems like it’s just “there” and not harming him but I’m still...
  12. skittles30

    Urgent Pet conure had a seizure!

    (I'm not entirely sure how to use this website since I'm new so far, but I have a concern that really worries me.) I have two pet conures and both of them had grabbed a flaming hot cheeto out of the bag, they had done this before and we're fine so I didn't think much of it when they did it...
  13. T

    Urgent My bird is sneezing but no discharge

    Hi, I’m new here snd this is my first post. I have a 2 month old parrotlet named Tweety. I handfed him ever since he was 3-4 weeks old. This post is gonna be a long one but I’d appreciate reassurance and advice thank you so much! Now that I think of it he’s always gone through phases where he...
  14. A

    Urgent Vetafarm Probiotic dosage bird digestive issue

    My ringneck is weak after antibiotic treatment and now has digestive issues. Can i give some digestive enzyme with probiotic ? And what should be the probiotic dosage? Can it be given everyday?
  15. A


    So this is neither a canary or a finch , I found a house sparrow by the side of the road , it seems like she has broken her wing and she can't fly , she's very active other than that , I took her in since she was very vulnerable where she was (there's cats and dogs in the neighborhood) she is...
  16. A


    I brought my new cockatiel in yesterday . He seems healthy and active but I noticed a change in the colour of his poop. Could it be stress? How do I help?
  17. Reds

    In need of a travel cage! Asap

    Hoping someone can help me find a travel cage for my African grey or recommend how I can make one somehow. I leave on short notice tomorrow from Maryland to North Carolina and need a travel cage for my bird to stay in with me at a hotel for a few days! I have no parrot stores around me...
  18. T

    Mutilation is scaring me

    I don't know what to do. I have two parakeets. They're my firsts and they're coming up on their 2nd birthday with me. My girl has been plucking for months and I've been trying to get her to stop. The vet confirmed it was hormones. I'll admit that I've been slacking on play time because of work...
  19. Sunshin_03

    I Have a Question

    My Cockatiel (Chicken) is 10 months old and she started sneezing a lot today at night and her sneezes were off they were more squeaky and I’m really worried I’ve read post were the bird gets better and it was a one time thing and others where it’s a huge disease. I did vacuum earlier today and...