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  1. Sunshin_03

    I Have a Question

    My Cockatiel (Chicken) is 10 months old and she started sneezing a lot today at night and her sneezes were off they were more squeaky and I’m really worried I’ve read post were the bird gets better and it was a one time thing and others where it’s a huge disease. I did vacuum earlier today and...
  2. Kate5795

    Urgent Help with medicine please

    My cockatiel Leo has been put onto two different medications, we’ve been fighting a lung issue for a 9 months now from when I first got him. He’s never had issues with medicine before but all of sudden he is. We got him off medicine for about a month to give his body a break. But now when he...
  3. sallyx

    Wild bird help

    Hi guys, I’m aware that this is most likely parrots only but I need help and I think you guys may be able to help. I was attending my highschool (in Australia) where my friends had found a bird in a quad, meaning it was no where near a tree, it was in a social area. According to them its...
  4. S

    Urgent Help for my budgie chick

    My 2 week old budgie chick is going cold, he has stopped opening his eyes, and isn't doing much movement. Also his crop isn't emptying like usual, so I'm unable to give him his feeding. He seems sick and cold, PLEASE HELP!!