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sun conure

  1. C

    Sun conure biting/screaming when playing instruments. Seeking advice

    Hey everybody! New to this site. My girlfriend and I just adopted a rescue sun conure from the SPCA and we adore her. She is extremely cuddly (especially with me) and loud (to be expected from a sunny). We've had her for about 3 weeks, and one issue I have noticed with her is that she acts very...
  2. B

    Sun conure vs Parrotlet

    Hi all! From your experiences, are parrotlets or sun conures better in terms of cuddliness, attention span during training and their general temperament? TIA! :)
  3. R

    Help with untame Sun Conure?

    So, I am 19 years old and have wanted a sun conure for years, I got a cage setup and was currently searching for a hand-fed baby(I wanted a more cuddly attached bird since I have plenty of time and attention for one). But before I could locate a breeder my father sadly got me one from a bird...
  4. A

    Urgent Sun conure poop

    My sun conure is around 7 weeks old and is weaning in pellets and seeds. He has artificial pellets that are red green orange colored. This was his poop is it red because internal bleeding or because of the pellets?
  5. D

    About pellet conversion

    Hi! My sun conure who is almost 1 year old now is having some diet issues to say. I've made him a birdie bread using pellets, but he still won't seem to eat the pellets. I don't feed him the bread every day though, (should I?) Should I move on and try another pellet? Or what else could I do...
  6. D


    My sun conure is scared of things like our broom, and when we sneeze he flies, and more like this. He is even scared of things like simply sitting on my bed or going on a new stand. We also cant get him to learn to bathe in a water bowl or container, we have to go in the shower with a shirt on...
  7. D

    About vacation

    I have had my sun conure since October of last year at 10 weeks old, and I am generally new to having a parrot (had budgies before). We get along great minus some bites here and there lol. But I have a question, this summer my family is having a big wedding in our back home country. Is it ok for...
  8. birbgurl

    My go-to site for anything birb related

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for all my birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby) George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies (found...
  9. N

    newfound sun conure aggression

    my sun conure and i have been good friends for the past 9 months, since i got him. he is very friendly and sweet, let’s me pet him, he steps up and even preens me, etc. we are very close. well, i just moved into my dads house, and upon my sun conure meeting my dad, he was instantly gravitated...
  10. I

    I want to sell my sun conure

    His name is mango and he is adult. I will negotiate the price in between $600 to 700. Please contact me on munirismaa@gmail.com He is really a sweet bird and looking for loving owner. I locate in Lawrenceville, GA. Thankyou
  11. K

    Where to post ?

    We are looking to add a Sun Conure to our family. I am looking for breeders around Ohio. Or someone that needs to rehome a Sun. Where should I post ? Thank you.
  12. D

    Picky Sun Conure

    Hello! Newly joined because I am desperate! I have 25+ yr old Sun Conure named Cozmo. I have raised him since he was a baby and we are bonded for life. However, he has always been a picky eater over the years. Now he simply won’t eat anything but treats and driving nuts! He is vet checked and...
  13. rosalita

    sun conure health issue? losing colors.

    Hi lovely bird owners. I’m somewhat concerned about my Sun Conure Sam. I’ve noticed she’s lost a lot of her color and right now she is mostly yellow. I will attatch a few pictures, one being from a few months ago and one today(with basically all yellow). She is 16 years old about. So maybe it...
  14. K

    My bird having a husky voice or like sore throat

    hello! Recently I accidentally push the hand-feed syringe in his nose and it dried like a sement . after I removed it using warm water with a buds, his voice becomes husky like when a person is having a cough or a sore throat. Then when he sneezes it feels something watery inside of his nose...
  15. K

    My baby sun conure refuses to eat but active and wants to play with me

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am quite scared of the situation of my baby sun conure. I feed him by hand feeding and one time I accidentally push the syringe and it went to his nose. after that day, I am about to feed him but he's not that active anymore like he's showing a sign that he's...
  16. SkySky

    Urgent Sun Conure Broken/Strained toe

    Hello, I took my Sun Conure to get her nails clipped and it looks like the groomer messed up her toe. It is slightly crooked now, I'll include a picture. No vets will see her until Saturday so I'm slightly freaking out about what I can do to help her at this moment. Any advice or info would be...
  17. S

    Water logged nest box

    Hey guys, so I have a breeding pair of 8-9 yr old of Sun Conures (Bonnie & Clyde) I co own with a friend of mine. Here in QLD Australia we’ve had strong wind and rain for past couple of days which last night managed to blow the tarp off their cage & has soaked everything including the nest box...
  18. sunnysara

    Help! Hyper Female Sun Conure

    Hi! My baby Sunny is about 5 months and she's a sweetheart. The problem is, she literally doesn't stay still... Ever! She's always going flying around the house or going crazy is she's in her cage (big toy-filled cage). Also she seems to hate her cage, she does play with her toys sometimes but...
  19. S

    Can Sun conure live with Blue fronted amazon or Yellow naped amazon

    Hi everyone, Really need some advice from you all. I have a Sun Conure. His name is Honey. He is 2 years old now. I wish to keep one more parrot like Blue fronted amazon or Yellow naped amazon. Just want to know will they get along well? I have a big cage so cage size isn't an issue. Is there...