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sun conure

  1. S

    Is it possible to gain trust of 20 year old neglected Sun Conure?

    Hello all, thank you in advance for any information you can give me as I have tried to do a lot of research and I can not seem to come to a particularly good information or method in my case for my bird. My case is rather embarrassing and complicated and I am trying to do right by it now. I have...
  2. beingmahdi

    Sun Conure Vocal Problem

    Hi, I've noticed that my 3 plus month old sun conure's vocal is much different than other sun conure's. The sound is like lower pitch. but other 2month old sun conure baby's sound is like the adult conure. mine is 3 month plus and sound not similar like that. don't know is it normal or not...
  3. K

    Sun Conure behaviour is getting out of hand

    I have had my sun conure just shy of two years. She turned 2 at the end of June or this year. I used to bring her to work with me at a pet store all the time and she LOVED it. The store I’m at is warehouse-like with a few isles that she would free fly up and down. This also was GREAT for my...
  4. V

    Sun Conure biting

    Hi everyone! I am new to this community. I just got a sun conure recently, about a couple weeks ago, she is 6 months old. She adjusted quite quickly, and became comfortable in a matter of a week. Once I felt that both she and I were comfortable, I put two fingers in the cage slowly. She nibbled...
  5. K

    Boy is my story ever interesting….

    Hello! I am a 26 year old birb mom to two wonderful (most of the time) birds. A little about myself is that I have pretty severe ADHD and possibly high-functioning autism as well. Having birds has been SO hard for me, but so very rewarding and has taught me a lot about myself. I work at a pet...
  6. beingmahdi

    Sun conure finger problem

    Hi I have noticed that my 2.5-month old Sun Conure bird has curved fingers. and it cannot properly grip the perches or my finger. Is there a likelihood of those fingers being repaired? I would like to seek advice from experts regarding this matter. Thanks in advance
  7. T

    Sun conure behaviour help

    So im 31 years old male from India, and we have this beautiful female sun conure 3.5 years of age. She lives with me and my mom. So my bird has an amazing natural body clock, by which it knows and understands time upto precision of minutes and i can swear by it, like exactly going to the balcony...
  8. Swontavia

    It’s been an amazing month

    Officially been home for a month
  9. Summzz

    Would a Ring neck be a good companion for my Sun Conure?

    Hi everyone! First off I hope this is alright here, if not please let me know! A little back story. We had a Cinnamon Green Cheek and a Sun Conure together for most of their lives. While Mango (Sun Conure) wanted to be best friends with Claire (CGC) she barley wanted to return the feelings. He...
  10. FiatLux

    Sun conure -home office

    Hi. Can members with sun conures provide their perspective on the following: I have been spending every Saturday for 4 months at a breeder’s and a bird store to be around sun conures. Yes they are loud but with the surrounding sounds of all the other birds, it’s actually hard for me to tell how...
  11. C

    Sun conure biting/screaming when playing instruments. Seeking advice

    Hey everybody! New to this site. My girlfriend and I just adopted a rescue sun conure from the SPCA and we adore her. She is extremely cuddly (especially with me) and loud (to be expected from a sunny). We've had her for about 3 weeks, and one issue I have noticed with her is that she acts very...
  12. B

    Sun conure vs Parrotlet

    Hi all! From your experiences, are parrotlets or sun conures better in terms of cuddliness, attention span during training and their general temperament? TIA! :)
  13. R

    Help with untame Sun Conure?

    So, I am 19 years old and have wanted a sun conure for years, I got a cage setup and was currently searching for a hand-fed baby(I wanted a more cuddly attached bird since I have plenty of time and attention for one). But before I could locate a breeder my father sadly got me one from a bird...
  14. A

    Urgent Sun conure poop

    My sun conure is around 7 weeks old and is weaning in pellets and seeds. He has artificial pellets that are red green orange colored. This was his poop is it red because internal bleeding or because of the pellets?
  15. D

    About pellet conversion

    Hi! My sun conure who is almost 1 year old now is having some diet issues to say. I've made him a birdie bread using pellets, but he still won't seem to eat the pellets. I don't feed him the bread every day though, (should I?) Should I move on and try another pellet? Or what else could I do...
  16. D


    My sun conure is scared of things like our broom, and when we sneeze he flies, and more like this. He is even scared of things like simply sitting on my bed or going on a new stand. We also cant get him to learn to bathe in a water bowl or container, we have to go in the shower with a shirt on...
  17. D

    About vacation

    I have had my sun conure since October of last year at 10 weeks old, and I am generally new to having a parrot (had budgies before). We get along great minus some bites here and there lol. But I have a question, this summer my family is having a big wedding in our back home country. Is it ok for...
  18. birbgurl

    My go-to site for anything birb related

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for all my birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby) George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies (found...
  19. N

    newfound sun conure aggression

    my sun conure and i have been good friends for the past 9 months, since i got him. he is very friendly and sweet, let’s me pet him, he steps up and even preens me, etc. we are very close. well, i just moved into my dads house, and upon my sun conure meeting my dad, he was instantly gravitated...
  20. I

    I want to sell my sun conure

    His name is mango and he is adult. I will negotiate the price in between $600 to 700. Please contact me on munirismaa@gmail.com He is really a sweet bird and looking for loving owner. I locate in Lawrenceville, GA. Thankyou