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  1. hrafn

    Urgent What's wrong with my tiel?

    My nine-year-old cockatiel has recently (as in, within the past few days) begun sleeping and spending a lot of time on the bottom of his cage, with his feathers fluffed up; he's also sleeping more than usual, drinking more than usual, and his droppings are extremely watery – within a day his pan...
  2. RedCarpetEclectus

    Pigeon not eating much - otherwise healthy

    I have an adult male frillback pigeon, have had him for a few months now and noticed he has not been eating nearly as much as he should over the past few days. He is still a good weight, active and still flys about, feathers in good condition. He is coming to the end of his moult if that...
  3. Jassu

    Urgent dizzy, doesn't fly. help

    Yesterday when I wasn't home, my bf called me and said that our little cockatiel is dizzy. I got home and he really was. Tiel didn't like when we touched his wings (usually he likes it). Today he stopped flying. He doesn't communicate with other birds and wants to be near us. We watched his...
  4. N

    Urgent Help! Don't know what's wrong with parakeet

    My parakeet, Kika, is around 8-9 years old which I have been told is kind of elderly for a parakeet. He made a couple of vet visits recently for colds/regurgitating and has recovered beautifully! However, I've noticed he has been scratching his face against his perches and other things. To the...
  5. Lovebirdlovex3

    Sick Lovie :(

    Hello there! i have a Little lovebird who is 4 years old! her name is Polly. it is currently warming up here in New York so my house is usually warm in for years i have never had a problem with my babies as i have 2 other lovebirds in the same room. to start she was perfectly healthy always...
  6. AriAndGordie

    Lovebird: lethargic, lame leg- Sad Update Post # 8

    Hi everyone, Been a while since I've posted but I need help again! I noticed my lovebird Gordie's poop was different three days ago - really liquid based and brown, as opposed to the normal greeny stuff. I haven't changed anything in his diet so was quite worried and have been monitoring him...