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My conure is sick


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Help! I have a 13 week old conure (Treetrunks) who I’ve taking care of since it was 7 weeks old. I rescued him from a run down closing pet store. His vet has speculated he had a bacterial infection and started him on antibiotics, but his recent blood work suspected it was actually viral… he’s taking immune system boosters now but is acting strange. He refuses to eat the veggies he used to love and only wants to eat formula. He is still very active but refuses to leave my side now. I also notice a pure white substance on his newspaper today (I’m not sure if it’s poop or vomit). I know the best I can do right now is wait until he rides out the virus and gets more blood work done, but is there anything I can do to help? Should I be worried???


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Its great advice to keep veterinarian appraised of any changes during treatment. That way they can make changes if needed or add subtract medicine.

During a flock treatment one of my birds didn't respond to medicine. After talking with my vet she determined that we had bern giving her to low of a dose. With tge change In dose she responded.

Also one of my burds developed a yeast infection during treatment. That made her not want to eat anything unless it was soft. And she would passively regurgitate. So an antifungal was added that cleared thst up.

So it is so important to Discuss with your treating veterinarian especially in such a complex case as you sweet baby.

Thank you for stepping up and giving this baby care and veterinarian treatment and trying to heal and save.

Sick babies can revert to only wanting formula, or as a mentioned could have developed a yeast infection from past antibiotics. Or another complications that vet could help with.

Continue to support with warmth, I like radiant heat like sweeter heater . Continue to support Wuth food. Track and log weight. Check in with veterinarian and let them know if new developments.

Please keep us updated. We learn so much from each other. And sharing journeys could help many other parrots. Plus we want to know that your baby recovers.