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  1. S

    Project of adoption: help me

    Hello all, After the dramatic event that occured to our parrot recently (see my recent posts) my family is starting to consider getting a new baby in our home. For some context my beloved friend who recently passed away was a senegal. We got him when he was 2, and we were already his 3 or 4...
  2. S

    Is my Senegal parrot happy?

    Hello all :) My family got a Senegal parrot two months ago. First when we got him he was very energetic or nervous I cannot tell, he was yelling all day and playing with toys… Well he was very very active. Suddenly one month ago he started to be very quiet. Usually the morning he is alone...
  3. T

    Looking for Senegal Parrot breeder or adoption?

    Anyone have any references? I got scammed by an online bird seller the last time I bought, so now I am more catious and would love references to find a yellow-eyed Senegal parrot either young or an older adoption by anyone that may have suggestions?
  4. E

    Parent-raised Poicephalus

    Hey, guys! I'm doing research on different Poicephalus species as I'm interested in getting two parent-raised ones in the future. I'm still not sure which species but so far I'm leaning towards Meyer's or Senegals. They're quite hard to come by in my country so I may have to order them through a...
  5. R

    Jardines, Senegal and Meyers Questions

    Hello, I have recently been looking into getting a Jardines, Meyers or Senegal (or any other parrot too:rolleyes:) and still have a few questions unanswered, so here they are:geek: Are they one person bird? Are they very playful/energetic? Do they get overgrown beaks(I am talking about...
  6. O

    Puffy sennie?

    Hi all, I just noticed my sennie is looking a bit fluffed. She's otherwise acting perfectly like her normal self, behavior wise/appetite wise, but of course now I'm dead worried and am not going to be able to sleep well or even relax til I either see she's somehow 100% fine tomorrow or I get...
  7. Evenlydz

    Recommendations for a new cage

    I am getting my baby Senegal in 2 weeks. I have been searching endlessly for a cage for over a month and now I need help deciding between these two! I have included interior dimensions. 36Lx24Wx36H with 3/4 bar spacing or 64Lx21Wx34H with 1/2 bar spacing. If neither is ideal, I would...
  8. M

    This cage for a Senegal?

    Hey Everybody, I recently cleaned down an old cage that I got used and would like to use it for a Senegal parrot. However, it seems kinda tight. The dimensions are 18W x 18D X 32H. If this is deemed too small, I will opt for a larger one. It looks fine, but most sources ask for bigger...
  9. M

    Hormonal Plucking maybeeee????

    I have a senegal parrot, she is about 5 years old now and about a year ago, we woke up to feathers covering the bottom of her cage.... first i called the the university which has a veterinary emergency room, they said yes, this seems like an emergency, and luckily my own vet was able to squeeze...
  10. F

    Looking for large bird like macaw to give loving home

    Hello I am looking to give a wonderful home to a bird in need, I can afford a fee. I have a cage and toys galore. Also have a herb garden I’m growing for the birds. I currently have a parrotlet he’s been with us for 4 years. I’m a stay at home mom and have all the time in the world. I would love...
  11. MChiper

    Parrot For Student??

    Hi all, I'm interested in getting a Parrot soon and I'd like all your suggestions! :) I have owned Parrots before, but unfortunately had to give them up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I had a Congo African Grey (female) and Sun Conure (male). I lived in a freestanding...
  12. MChiper

    Green Cheek Conure or Senegal?

    Hi all, I'd like all your opinions. I'm interested in getting a Green-cheek Conure or Senegal Parrot. I have owned birds before, a Sun Conure and an African Grey who unfortunately I had to give up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I gave them to a bird sanctuary with huge...
  13. Attycakes

    Dealing with Territorial Aggression?

    Hi everyone! First off I want to say THANK YOU so much for this amazing community. It has been a plethora of information and I am so happy to have found and learned so many amazing insights from caring, passionate, and experienced owners of our lovely feathered friend. So before I begin with my...
  14. D

    Unique housing situation, can’t make a decision!

    Hey everyone! I joined the forum today to get advice as to which bird will be my next.. I had a cockatiel (Chi) until January 29, 2016 that was truly the love of my life. She was the cuddliest cockatiel I have ever known - we did everything together. It was heartbreaking when she passed away...
  15. B

    Sennie in Chicago needs good home

    Looking to rehome an 18 year old female Senegal.
  16. AviMan

    Hello all.

    New member here checking things out. I have eight feathered friends, three of which are canaries. The others are:G2, B & G Mac, BF Amazon, CAG and a Senegal. I consider all of them members of my family and love them dearly, as does my wife. I hope to learn a lot here and to contribute whatever I...
  17. BirdField

    Blind Senegal

    I saw that there was a blind Senegal at a rescue near my town so I started wondering what it would be like to care for a blind bird. I doubt that I will get this Senegal because I'm more of a beginner with birds but I'd like to write this just for future reference if I ever have a blind bird or...
  18. McBird

    AA artists?

    I'm looking (for myself and my mom) for feather art. we have: a Cockatiel, Senegal, and Sun Conure. we're interested to see what's out there and what's going on with feather art. whether it's painting on feathers or using feathers to sculpt a bird (in a way). thanks a bunch, guys!
  19. Sillybirds

    New here and looking for help finding the right bird for me gcc, meyers, pionus?.

    I have 2 parakeets currently (well actually my girlfriends), but they are bonded and dont really want anything to do with me. I was looking to get a bigger bird maybe small to medium sized within the next year and looking for help deciding. Right now I'm thinking something like a green cheek...
  20. Mosasaurus

    Freezing fruits/vegetables/greens for later use?

    Fruits and vegetables go bad quickly and wild weeds like dandelions and chickweed are seasonal, so it would be much easier to feed frozen food instead of fresh, especially because I could collect a lot more edible flowers and plants and feed them a varied diet with my own fruits/vegetables all...