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rescue bird

  1. Kesshi

    Regurgitating Help!

    Hey everyone, first post, long time watcher. But I just recently rescued 2 Congo African greys. Beauregard is 40 and Basil is 10. they both came from an abuse situation. When I picked them up, their cages were rusted and they had maybe 2-3 perches each and Beauregard had no toys (but Basil had...
  2. Jessiemay

    Pictures 2 Rescues: Hawkeye the Hawkhead and Mango the Amazon!

    Hi all, I posted Hawkeye my HH parrot over on the Hawkhead species page, but thought I would put both rescues here! I recently adopted Hawkeye and Mango together, as they are supposedly a "bonded pair". They have a huge cage that is split in half by bars that they share (but cannot really...
  3. L

    Need advice about Cockatiel Rescue!

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and wondering if I could get some insight. I've been a budgie owner for many years and this September I took in a cockatiel rescue. We are told he is about 10 years old He was poorly cared for for 7 years by an elderly woman and when she went into a care facility the son...
  4. B

    Urgent Baby mousebird

    Hello everyone, I saved a baby speckled mouse bird 3 days ago, poor thing was ice cold on the road with red ants busy trying to get at it. He’s still a nestling and I suspect only just over a week old. It’s my first mousebird rescue and I have a concern. The baby birds head seems to twitch a...
  5. Isawe

    How can I or someone Rescue some wild parrots?

    Hello. I hava a question that I Don’t Know how to Solve, I moved to a new place no to long ago and out of not where I keep seeing some wild parrots ( I don’t consider them wild because is not the typical wild ones and I feel they escaped or someone abandoned them ) I Don’t Know how to help them...
  6. Cecil

    Conflicted Lovebird Sighting

    Hi There, I've been a long time watcher first time poster of this site. It has helped me immensely with my little GCC. I'm looking for help and advice with a situation I'm feeling very uneasy about. I was recently in a neighourhood garden ctr and noticed the cutest lovebird sitting alone in it's...
  7. M

    Severe macaw to the party!

    Hi everyone! I came across this forum and I’m excited to have people to talk about my bird with! I have a chestnut fronted macaw named Safari! He’s 7-10 years old! I’m very excited to make some new friends and learn some new exciting parrot stuff! Wanted to share some pictures! The humans are me...