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  1. Dr. Budgie

    Can humans eat Millet Spray?

    I just came up with this question a moment ago while feeding my budgie millet, the title says it all, also this is a question. " Can Humans Eat Millet Spray "
  2. MooShu

    Gathering information

    So, here's how things are. I've had a parrot before, an male Cockatiel named MooShu. Got him from a pet-shop and he came with a virus. He died after 1 month of me taking care of him. Medicine and vets just couldn't save him. Now, I want to get an Thai rose-ringed parakeet, or as it's called...
  3. Pip and Gracie

    How to get bird to eat veggies and fruit?

    I always supply my bird with fruits and veggies but she never eats them, i always find them thrown to the bottom of her cage. How do i get her to eat them.
  4. Pip and Gracie

    cheap play gym

    I'm looking for a cheap play gym to put on top of my birds cage. When I got her she felt safe going on the top of the cage it seems to be her favorite place. I'm wondering if anyone knows some play gyms that are at a reasonable price so I can put them on top of her cage.
  5. Pip and Gracie

    My bird hitting her bell

    I've noticed that when my bird plays with her bell she plays with it rather aggressively, is that normal? She will slam her beak into it and it seems like she's almost attacking it. It looks like she keeps going back and forth from playing with it to fighting with it.
  6. AkasyaEllric

    Coop Cup Question!

    Has anyone used these cups before? A&E Cage Company Bolt-On Coop Cup 20 oz | DrsFosterSmith.com? I saw them and thought they might be cool to try, but I wasn't sure how the coating is. I'm having a hard time finding any more info online either, so figured I would ask here. :)
  7. sheeluhwhet

    First Molt (?)

    Hello again guys! I just wanted to ask a question about molting, and the signs that you have witnessed personally as canary owners. As some of you may have read in my previous thread, my canary Peeps was showing some strange behaviors, but they were a bit difficult to read since they coincided...
  8. Stevetomobs

    Small update and question.

    Hey Guys, it’s me again. As I once said in one of my most recent posts, I had the idea to move the baby parakeets to another cage(yes thee are two of them now.), I still feel rather bad for even suggesting taking them away from their flock, but I have made some improvements to the idea. As I...
  9. issajoy

    Pictures Soft section of beak?

    Hello, I've recently noticed that part of my macaw's, Ollie, beak appears to be soft in an area. It is a small section on her upper beak along the bottom edge, on both sides. I was wondering if this was normal, maybe her beak is growing? When I touch it she doesn't react, no pain or anything...
  10. K

    GCC: Long-Term Commitment

    So recently I've been interested in getting a green cheek conure (still have a lot of research to do) but something that worries me is the long-term commitment. I currently have the time, money and commitment needed to take care of one but whether or not I will in the future is another thing...
  11. Wendy27

    Question: Baby half moon conure

    Hello everyone, I have a question - my 8 week old half moon conure sounds like a cat mewing - when he is falling asleep. Is this a typical sound from a conure? Thanks!
  12. octangula


    I mostly just made this account so I could ask this question; could I bring my cockatiel on my bike? I have an aviator harness and a bike basket for my dog, are there any safety hazards? I mean obviously I could crash my bike, but that comes with taking your dog in it too.
  13. LydiaB

    What is Normal VS Abnormal Quaker Behavior?

    I've only had my quaker for about 2 weeks now and I'm worrying about everything. I just wanted to know other parrot owners experiences on things that are and aren't normal for Quakers. I guess it would just be nice to have some concerning behaviors/signs that I should look out for. Any advice on...
  14. Chad 02

    Breeding Indian Ring-necks questions

    hey i have two Indian ring necks one is a lutino (lady) and the other is morris who is i believe a sky blue cinnamon. at the moment they have four eggs and i believe maybe more to come. lady has been sitting on the eggs for a few days to i believe that the eggs are no longer dormant. every day...
  15. K

    how long can my cockatiel be alone?

    i've never had a cockatiel and i usually have school during weekdays for 6-7 hours a day. i heard if they're at home alone for a period of time they can get stressed and stuff. would it be fine if i'm gone for that amount of time and come home and immediately take my bird out and talk/play with...
  16. D

    New to Birds: Choosing a Companion?

    Hello everyone! I'm not yet a bird owner but I'm very seriously considering it and collecting all the research I can on the subject. The species I'm most seriously considering are budgies, finches, and--most seriously of all--ringneck doves. I'm looking at different breeder option but I have...
  17. Angel_Bird1227

    Question About Budgie Taming And Training

    Ive had my bird for about 2 weeks and half and so far i have gotten the bird semi used to my hand and finger. My Other budgie Loise is very nervous around my hand but the other, Nigel, is just fine. I often hand feed Nigel by wetting my finger and placing it into the seed. They just started...
  18. newbirdmom

    My Cockateil Oliver!

    (I do not know how to use forums so i'm not sure if i'm posting in the right place please let me know if not.) Hello my name is Grace, I am a minor and I got my first cockateil on the 26th and his name is Oliver. He is 5 months old with grey, yellow, black and white colors. The breeder i got him...
  19. Birblover

    Safest Bird Bowls & Safest Cleaning Methods?

    I've read that plastic can be unsafe because it's harder to clean away bacteria, and can be harmful as it deteriorates faster (mine chew them), so I've switched to stainless steel bowls, but do still have one or two newer plastic bowls I still use. I would like to know the safest bowls I should...
  20. Barnaby Rose

    New Bird, New Species - need some advice please!

    Hey guys... Ok, so I am about ready to bring Oliver home (a brand new baby Timneh African Grey), and although they may seem stupid, I have some quick general questions. So right now we only have one parrot, Emma, and she is an Eclectus, so her diet is very specific. No seeds, no nuts, no millet...