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picky eater

  1. DustyFluff

    How much is enough?

    How much seed & pellet is enough for a 4 month old cockatiel? I was giving my baby tiel 4 measuring tablespoons of a mixture of seed, pellets & dried veggies/fruit. 2 tbsp in cage bowl & 2 tbsp out of cage bowl, of that he is really only eating the seeds. I’ve been feeling like I’m not offering...
  2. DustyFluff

    Less waste wishes

    Hi! This is my first post, I am looking to get opinions on the best cockatiel foods for picky eaters. Both seed & pellets. My feathered baby doesn’t like any big pieces and usually pushes all other food to the side and goes for seed or very small food pieces in his bowl. I currently have my tiel...
  3. G

    32 year old CAG Dumping Food

    Hi all, my 32 year old CAG started dumping his seed/ food (same seed we’ve been feeding him for over 30 years once we figured out which one he liked). He scoops it out of his bowl, and even holds the banana chips in the seed to scoop the food out! My father lived with us and passed in January...
  4. P

    Picky Parrotlet

    Hey all! I've never used this site before, so please let me know if I did something incorrectly. So I have a piggy yet picky garbage-gut parrotlet on my hands...I've tried so many different types of chop to incorporate into his diet, and he eats his main food perfectly fine... But, when it comes...
  5. D

    Picky Sun Conure

    Hello! Newly joined because I am desperate! I have 25+ yr old Sun Conure named Cozmo. I have raised him since he was a baby and we are bonded for life. However, he has always been a picky eater over the years. Now he simply won’t eat anything but treats and driving nuts! He is vet checked and...
  6. J

    bird refuses new food..help!!

    my gcc has been on a diet of zupreem natural pellets and chop basically since i got her (about 5 months). she really likes the pellets and tolerates the chop (more so if i add egg food or a small dollop of unsweeted apple sauce). the problem is i found out that pellets that have the main...
  7. BirdWorld


    Blinky and Spring refuse to eat vegetables and fruits if they are mixed with anything else. Meaning no chop, no mixed veggies, no chunks with pellets; it has to be on its own. They are like picky children. It makes it hard to give them vegetables because I have to clip to the side of the cage...
  8. Angela_2

    Indian ringnecked's diet and meals

    Hello there. hope everyone has a good time ^-^ So, my problem is with my tweet's eating He barely eats much even when i offer his favorite food. Does it because i always put food every time for him (i don't want him to get hungry ) Well i want to know how much of food does a less than a year...
  9. Angela_2

    Picky baby

    Hi there. My baby is so picky, an Indian ringnecked. I give him every morning a mix of veggies and fruit but he only wants to eat seeds especially sunflowers. I give him as much variety of food as i can but he doesn't want to eat much of his veggies and fruit. Today mix included cucumber...
  10. Rei.dot

    Not treat motivated

    So I’ve had my little budgie for quite a few months now and I really want to hand tame her . However she’s not food motivated at all I’ve tried strawberry,apple ,millet sprays but shows no interest in any treat . She will step up on a dowel perch and sometimes transfers to a hand ( that she...
  11. Diveks

    Picky sunsconure only eating pellets

    I have been trying to get vegetables and fruits in my sun conure, jinx’s diet jinx wont eat anything other than pellets no matter how many times ive tried, i have tried eating some with her (not really sure of her gender yet, im going to do a dna test). She eats harrison’s high potency. I will...
  12. Nostromo

    Zephyr refuses fresh food!

    I am starting to run out of ideas for coaxing my Pionus Zephyr to eat her veggies!!! She eats Roudybush maintenance pellets as her base diet, which she absolutely loves. If there are any pellets available to her, she will not even look at a vegetable or fruit, and often even refuses seed in...
  13. Nostromo

    Amount of Pellets per Day?

    Hi, My BH Pionus Zephyr is a fiend for Roudybush pellets. She could easily put away 5 or 6 tablespoons (although much of it is being ground up into powder or breaking off when she munches). I'm super happy that she's eating well, but it seems that she loves her pellets so much she's neglecting...
  14. Atomiklan

    Picky eaters

    Any suggestions for picky eaters? Lada (Female Eclectus) gets a huge variety of fresh fruits and veggies every day. Originally when I first got her (and still today really) I would completely fill up her bowl. I know she will not eat everything, but since some days she seems to only want one...
  15. L

    Linnie diet

    I have a female Linnie that loves pears, apples, lettuce, nectarines, red bell peppers, corn. Looking for other ideas on what to feed her in addition to her seed staple. Thank you.