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pellet conversion

  1. X

    Losing progress on pellet conversion ?

    Hi all, I currently own an 8 year old rescue lovebird who was fed an all-seed diet by his previous owner. Basically I've been trying to convert him to Harrison's (it is the only brand available here) for the past 6 months or so using the Zupreme slow and steady method. Initially progress was...
  2. TailFeather

    Should I get another bird for my birb?

    My birb(intentional spelling) Emmi is around 6 years old now she(at least what the breeder and the vet said, no blood test) and I think that she would do well with having another friend to keep her company when I’m out and about. I forget to mention that she is a Goffin Cockatoo and a pretty...
  3. D

    Harness training idea

    I have a male cockatiel roughly 9 months old. He will sometimes allow me to touch his wings briefly, and he doesn’t mind his harness as a nearby object or even really as an object laid over him (although he’s not planning to just stand for fun under anything). So obviously we have a LOOONG way...
  4. Summzz

    Conure Losing Weight on Pellet to Pellet Conversion.

    Hi Everyone I've been struggling for a long time to convert my two birds onto a better pellet than they are currently on. Every single time they would turn their nose up at it. I tried every single method I could think so I had given up for a while. I came across a post about pellet conversion...
  5. cricketiel

    Pellet Problems

    Hi all! I’ve been having a very hard time converting my cockatiel to pellets. I’ve tried multiple (healthy) brands to find her favorite, and she 100% recognizes them as food, but she will only eat them if I sit with her and pretend to eat them too. And even then she only eats a few before...
  6. cricketiel

    Pellet Question

    Hello all! I have recently begun converting my new cockatiel, Cricket, from seeds to pellets. I have found that he really likes the Zupreem Natural pellets, but the medium size (which is designed for cockatiels) is a little too big for him to eat comfortably and seems to be discouraging him...
  7. Gokha

    To those who still hesitate to convert..

    First picture: Walad in December 2019 when I got her, she was about 3 years old, seed only diet her whole life. Second picture: Walad in July 2020, 90% pellets diet, the other 10% is seeds and occasional fruits. She still refuses to eat most fruits and all vegetables, trying to work it through...
  8. Hello there

    Pellet conversion help?

    Finally bought my indian ring neck parrot Harrison’s high potency pellets, but the bad thing is she doesn’t like them... The only way she'll eat a bit is if I make it into a mash and put a seed at the bottom of the bowl, however, even then she doesn't eat it all, most of it is thrown, and I have...
  9. Ulis_Beast

    Pictures Harrisons mash to veggie pellets

    We have a saying in my country; The devil will eat flies in dire need. This recipe came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, a last resort if you will. My orders from the online shops are gravely delayed, so I had to experiment with Harrisons mash, which the bird wants nothing to do with! Here's...
  10. Bella

    Lovebird not taking to new foods

    Hi, I recently got my first bird two weeks ago (a lovebird of about 8 weeks old) and he used to seem pretty happy. That was until two days ago when we had to switch him from his old seed mix onto new ones because the old seed mix the breeder had left him was starting to run out. He didn’t take...
  11. sammamitch

    Hello everybirdy!

    My name is Sam and I adopted an adorable green cheek conure, Kiki, a few weeks back. I came here in search of food recommendations for her, and tips to get her to stop chewing on my face lol. I'm excited to be a part of the community!
  12. T

    Fatty liver Pellets Help☆

    Will someone please share a high quality pellet food for my Olive (quaker), for fatty liver disease symptoms? Thank you abundantly in advance.
  13. KanashiiDesu

    Stubbon Lovebirds - Pellet Conversion & Vegetables

    Hello everyone, I just recently joined Avian Avenue so thank you all for the warm welcome. 3 days ago, I realized that the seed diet my lovebird pair was on was not meeting their nutritional requirements at all. So I then purchased a bag of colorful pellets and some vegetables. For the first two...
  14. J

    I am so glad to be here!!

    Hello, My name is Jacquie and I have two feathered friends-both rescues. Xavier is my Red Lored Amazon, who was sadly kept in a dark room and given outdoor black sunflower seeds for food. The owner adored her 2 new Cockatoos and Xaxier was lost in the midst. I contacted the woman who was selling...
  15. kifird

    Converted my bird to a pelleted diet!

    I don't know whether this is just me, but Nua seems to like everything we offer to her, especially if it is on a flat surface. Today we visited the pet hospital to pay the rest of the vet bill off, and I noticed there was a Harrison's fine grind for Adults. I picked it up since the doctor told...
  16. layinlow

    Best Cockatiel Pellets?

    I was thinking on switching my 4 month old cockatiel, Mika, from his seed diet to a pellet diet. I've looked into some different brands of pellets but I'm still not for sure which one to get.. I feel like the seeds are a little too fatty for him, so far he won't really eat any other fruits or...
  17. Reggie

    Switching From KayTee...Thoughts?

    So I've seen several times that KayTee brand foods are the worst. Right now I feed them (my three budgies) KayTee pellets mixed with the ZuPreem fruit blend pellets that I found on the DrFosterSmith site. Is there something else I could feed them? They're not horribly picky, and I don't want to...