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  1. UwU alien

    Some random questions about parrots, canaries and doves/pigeons

    :wideyed:My parents and I had 5 goldfish of 2 unknown species, 3 bettas and 2 cockatiels throughout my life. We haven't had a pet after my second cockatiel died in 2015. It's possible that in the future we will adopt 2-4 birds of the same species or just one if they're a canary. We will make...
  2. Haroobom

    Growlights and parrots.

    Recently I've purchased bird safe plants to help with foraging and entertainment, also air quality. My home is not that bright so a growlight is a must. I purchased an led growlight that is more on the pink-red-magenta spectrum and noticed it does benefit the plants, however since birds can...
  3. K

    My new adopted bird just laid an egg please help

    My cockatoo just laid an egg. She is 7, and I don’t know what to do with it. She doesn’t have a mate. But this past two weeks she has been masturbating. She is doing good and she eats and doesn’t have any health issues. How can I stop her from laying eggs. I don’t pet her below the head. I also...
  4. K

    Safe perches for umbrella cockatoo

    Good afternoon, does anyone know of a website where I can buy safe perches for an umbrella cockatoo. Thank you
  5. EmmahJadee

    Is paw paw ointment safe for parrots

    Hi guys, I'm new here and have a question that I can't seem to find the answer for anywhere else. Does anyone know if paw paw ointment is safe for parrots? I'm asking because I'd like to apply it to my two alexandrines beak's as they are molting and peeling, I thought this may help the process...
  6. Stevie

    Hi I’m new! from Australia

    Hi, I’m new!!! I have already posted a few things about my new baby budgie Stevie. I’m from Queensland, Australia where budgies are of course native to..(not in my area but used to live where there were wild flocks). We have many beautiful birds in Australia and I am also lucky to have them...
  7. sailerrose

    DO NO USE CLOROX CLEANER + BLEACH - warning to ALL pet owners!

    Hi all, I'm a "new" member to the group but have been coming to Avian Avenue for advice for years. Today I made an account to make a post about this specifically. My green wing macaw was poisoned this weekend after a family member sprayed Clorox's Cleaner + Bleach in the same room. My house has...
  8. T

    Looking for Senegal Parrot breeder or adoption?

    Anyone have any references? I got scammed by an online bird seller the last time I bought, so now I am more catious and would love references to find a yellow-eyed Senegal parrot either young or an older adoption by anyone that may have suggestions?
  9. PrettyBirdy

    Ideas for a Solarium turned Aviary!

    Hi all! I am currently moving to a big house for the first time with my four birds (Goffins, bebe, mustache 'keet and soon a male indian ringneck)- and it has a solarium attached to the side of the house!! It is beautiful, warm and tiled and it is 100% going to be for the birds! We want to fill...
  10. lisazartsi

    Dog Toys & Ropes for Parrots

    Hi friends! :) I'm about to adopt a young pineapple GCC (see attached for cute baby pics) in a few weeks and I'm wondering if dog and/or cat toys and ropes are safe toys for parrots? I'm thinking something like this. I've had dogs my whole life and I know how durable their toys can be. I'm...
  11. J

    Macaw incubator and brooder

    Hi. Is there any recommendations for a reliable incubator and a brooder for parrots eggs? I tried the RCOM that was recommended by a friend but it does not keep the temp and humidity. Can’t trust them.
  12. R

    Jardines, Senegal and Meyers Questions

    Hello, I have recently been looking into getting a Jardines, Meyers or Senegal (or any other parrot too:rolleyes:) and still have a few questions unanswered, so here they are:geek: Are they one person bird? Are they very playful/energetic? Do they get overgrown beaks(I am talking about...
  13. BirdLady13

    Daily Maintenance Diet Poll

    Please submit your votes from the poll choices provided!
  14. MadIe

    Need your kind advise ( new girl)

    Hej bird friends, INTRO ( questions below) : I'm Madie, a bird in my passed life ;-) , just kidding , but as my husband puts it: I accidentally love birds However, I have travelled intensively in my life and I only had a bird pet when I was a teenager ( 25 years ago ), it was Eddy the...
  15. S

    Need help finding breeder!

    hi! I’ve been searching for bird breeders that breed Hahns Macaws and/or Indian Ringnecks AND have shipping available. Im located in Las Vegas Nevada. Please let me know some breeders you know. I’ve almost been scammed many times and it gets frustrating! Lol i hope to find a legitimate...
  16. PippinLovebird

    I Introduced My Parrots To Each Other....

    I have been wanting a cockatiel for a while now, and a few months ago I asked if anybody thinks one would be okay with a lovebird. Most said No, and not to take the risk. But, I got a baby lutino cockatiel, and took the risk yesterday. Now.... They are great together!!! Pippin (the lovebird) is...
  17. mybluebirb

    Healthy seeds?

    I’m planning to help my parrot make a healthy food change. My parrots current diet usually consists of sunflower seeds, fruits and vegetables (they’re literally the only foods she enjoys). I always give my parrot a mixture of many different seeds in her food bowl, however, she literally only...
  18. R

    -Best Parrot For Me?-

    Hiya Everyone! I'm wondering what parrot would suit me best. I've made a post already in Lovebird Lane, explaining about my new found love for birds after hand rearing and caring for a black bird who stole my heart. He was my best friend, and baby all in one. I loved him so much..Sadly he passed...
  19. D

    Two ringneck parakeets in need of home in SoCal

    Hello! I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm posting this in the right place, but I have two ringnecks parakeets, a white and a yellow one, in need of a good home. I adopted then from an animal shelter that was going to euthanize them if no one took them, and really only took them to keep them...
  20. Atomiklan

    Funny mashup

    Had a really funny dream last night. Dreamt I had to take Charlie (Society Finch) to the vet. Nothing was particularly wrong with him. In fact I remember thinking to myself, ugh... this vet is not doing anything useful and its gonna cost me a fortune. That's not the funny part... In fact, that...