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  1. Mosasaurus

    Best Parrot species to live in planted outdoor aviary?

    I'm thinking of building an outdoor aviary with plants and maybe a shallow water feature (filtered, not deep enough to drown, parrot safe). It would be approximately 24×10ft×10ft(unsure about height) and I'm going to choose safe plants/shrubs, of course. There are going to be multiple feeding...
  2. Taylor Zaugg

    Parrots first plane

    My last thread I posted didnt get the responses I want. My mom lives in California and I visit her 3 times a year for a week. My Ekkie is 4 months old. He's good with traveling in cars and comes with me to petsmart. Is it sad if I bring him to California with me? Is it sad to have him go on the...
  3. Taylor Zaugg

    Flying with parrot

    My eclectus was registered as an emotional support animal, and has tags and a flight suit stating he is an ESA. I'm flying to California two times this summer. July 12-17 and august. Anyone here ever flew with there bird? He's be with me in my seat. I have a bird traveling backpack.
  4. Atomiklan

    Looking for a specific bird person

    Howdy all, Looking to get some input from those of you that decided to take the plunge (as I am getting ready to do) and get into birds having no prior experience. In other words, I am looking to hear back from those of you that never owned a bird growing up, no one in your family has ever...
  5. Harleyandme

    Pictures A little bit about NZ parrots

    For my 200th post... A lecture on New Zealand parrots. As you may know, I live in New Zealand. It is home to many weird and wonderful creatures such as the tuatara: Tuatara - Wikipedia and very adorable little fantails: New Zealand fantail - Wikipedia There are also native parrots to New...
  6. Atomiklan

    Crazy question

    Getting ready to go on a kayak trip and since I now constantly have parrots on the brain, I always think about my typical past life, but what that might look like in the future + parrots. Has anyone ever taken their fid kayaking (flat lake type, not white water)? Seems like the potential for a...
  7. Atomiklan

    Strange but serious question

    Couldn't seem to find a better sub forum for this so I apologize ahead of time if this is in the wrong place. Ok so I have a strange but serious question. I've had several people mention to me (what I assume is a stereotype) that parrot ownership is typically associated with homosexuality? That...
  8. Mabel

    Urgent Bird Can't Move Legs After Injury- Sad Update Post #22

    :quaker:Hello all, I wish I had the pleasure to join this site under different circumstances. Today, my elder Quaker parrot, Mabel, flew into the window. She has always been a weak flier, due to having brain damage from her previous owner. She only just recently learned how to fully utilize...
  9. N

    Abnormal feather

    Hi, I have an 8yr old alexandrine parakeet. She has a deformity in her feathers from birth, in which some feathers would grow out twisted and is very painful for her. We have contacted some local vets and they don't have much idea on how we can cure her. It would be great if anyone here have any...
  10. BirdDad

    Is it possible to totally bird-proof a room?

    I really dislike keeping my birds (2 budgies, 1 cockatiel.) caged. The budgies seem to have a ball wherever they are, whether in the cages or outside, however my cockatiel much prefers to roam freely around my room. She'll scream if kept inside of the cage. She's developed a bad habit for...
  11. Delilah Correa


    Hello everyone. My green cheek decided to "preen" my hedgehog and bit the quill off. He claimed off his cage and into the hedgehog play pen just to do that. I never have my parrots up this late but my boyfriend left for national guard training and I got lonely. The hedgehog is a little upset but...
  12. Nazguul

    Greetings, information needed.

    ive been browsing this page for a while now on my journey to learn as much as possible before getting my next bird. All the information is very useful and I can usually find the answers I'm looking for. So my birds in mind are either a Parrotlet or diamond/ring neck dove. I've read the most...
  13. Dachshund King

    Senegal, caique or conure

    Hello again. I've received a lot of input and have now narrowed my interest to 3 main birds. I can't choose between a caique, a Senegal parrot and a green cheek conure. I have been recommended against a Senegal parrot by bird breeders however I still like them. Any experience with any of these...
  14. Loomish

    Hand Phobia Blue Front/ questions

    Hello, My Amazon Athena is 6 months old, so got her about 2 months ago from a exotic only very reputable pet shop. I have moved very slow with her, she now loves coming to work with me, and car rides. She also gives kisses, and loves to start yelling and laughing when I hide on the side of her...
  15. B

    Help! Again! Taming budgies???

    PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS THANK YOU hey guys, im so sorry for posting a lot haha its just that im so excited for my budgie!! I havent gotten him/her yet but i want to be prepared :-) so the 6 week old budgies are probably not tame :(:(:( but im up for taming a budgie! QUESTIONS- 1. does...
  16. EarthToEcho

    Places To Go

    I was wondering if anyone knew places you could take birds? My boy Echo loves to go out but so far I only take him to the park and to Petsmart. I was wondering if anyone knows of any places that are bird friendly! He's harnessed trained so he wouldn't be flying around (he doesn't fly anyways)...
  17. loveyourparrot

    Cairo the Catalina Macaw

    I snapped a few gorgeous pictures of my Catalina Macaw that I adopted this summer. He was rescued through animal control. Cairo amazes me everyday with his beauty, vocabulary, funny personality, & ferocious appetite. I have some really neat videos on my YouTube channel if anyone is interested. I...
  18. J

    Umbrella Cockatoo being aggressive towards my mother

    Hello! I've had my Umbrella Cockatoo, Bettencourt, for a few weeks now, and she's been wonderful, Of course there are the occasional attitude problems but she is very loving, cuddly, and is thriving in her now home, The only problem I've come across, is that she is extremely aggressive towards...
  19. M

    IRN Pair- Help?

    Hello everyone:) I've been looking everywhere to find adoptable or re-home-able (is that a word?:lol:) birds. I have found an ad on Craigslist, where the person was selling a pair of tame, four month-old IRNs, with their cage and everything. And at a reasonable price :omg: . She's asking 300 for...
  20. EAZi Parrot

    New Family Member (Vanilla Ice)

    So after my Amazon(Yellow crownedxBlue fronted) was robbed from me by my sister, me and my wife decided to bring in a new family member. This new family member requires way more attention and care though, but we're up for it!. Let's skip the talk and go to the pics. He's almost 5...