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  1. J

    Umbrella Cockatoo being aggressive towards my mother

    Hello! I've had my Umbrella Cockatoo, Bettencourt, for a few weeks now, and she's been wonderful, Of course there are the occasional attitude problems but she is very loving, cuddly, and is thriving in her now home, The only problem I've come across, is that she is extremely aggressive towards...
  2. M

    IRN Pair- Help?

    Hello everyone:) I've been looking everywhere to find adoptable or re-home-able (is that a word?:lol:) birds. I have found an ad on Craigslist, where the person was selling a pair of tame, four month-old IRNs, with their cage and everything. And at a reasonable price :omg: . She's asking 300 for...
  3. EAZi Parrot

    New Family Member (Vanilla Ice)

    So after my Amazon(Yellow crownedxBlue fronted) was robbed from me by my sister, me and my wife decided to bring in a new family member. This new family member requires way more attention and care though, but we're up for it!. Let's skip the talk and go to the pics. He's almost 5...
  4. haze

    911 Sick Budgie? Help!

    My budgie, Dante, is acting very strange today. His feathers are fluffed out, he doesn't want to fly, and normally, I cannot touch him, but today he doesn't even mind. He keeps falling asleep in the food dish, and I noticed that his brother Bran is picking on him. He's three months old, so even...
  5. BeeBop

    Homemade Seed Mixes

    Hello! I have a few questions about homemade seed mix. Should millet be the first ingredient? Is hemp seed a good addition? Also, if anyone has a recipe for homemade seed mix that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)
  6. Walt Perko

    Why are Cherrie Pits bad for Parrots?

    Hi, My Double Yellow Amazon parrot loves cherries and has been chewing up the pits and I guess eating the seeds inside. Why are pits not good for parrots? Just Who the Hell is Walt Perko's friend Leonard?
  7. G

    Alexandrine parrot advice needed :)

    Hi everyone.my name is glen and I love in Halifax Ns. I joined this site as I would love some advice / information about alexandrine parrots. My wife and I are looking to have our first pet bird. We have had other pets thought out the years and currently still have a very relaxed cat who...