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  1. S

    Please help with Parrot dissertation mobile app

    I'm a software engineering student completing a degree. For my dissertation, I'm going to make a mobile app to make parrot ownership easier. Can parrot owners (or people who have previously owned parrots) please fill in this survey to help gather data parrot dissertation mobile app Thank you...
  2. A


    Hello Thank you so much for accepting my request to join the forum!!! The reason why I join is to get to know more about my 2 friends (lovebirds) and to give them a better life!!! The blue one is the female her name is Blair and the yellow one is the male and I call him of course Chuck bass...
  3. dougk1989

    Potentially dangerous?

    Is microwaving things that have a microwave safe film on them potentially dangerous to birds? The plastic doesn't burn but are the fumes or whatever the plastic can potentially give off any danger? Does anyone microwave things like that around their birds?
  4. dougk1989


    Just received a rescue Amazon about five days ago. He was badly neglected. When I arrived to rescue him he was highly agitated and distressed, obviously. I got him home. Set up his new cage and the works. The first two to three days he was highly energetic. We would wrestle and play and...
  5. L

    Video New intermittent clicking noise?

    Hi! Our Amazon parrot has started making an intermittent clicking sound. Video link is below. We took her to an avian vet a couple weeks again when this started and the vet didn’t see any concerns at all. It’s only a couple times a day for like 1-30 minutes. Seems to be mostly when she’s getting...
  6. tameem

    Stool Status

    (I don't know where to put this, so mods can put it wherever appropriate if this isn't) (FYI: My timezone is GMT+3) "Again" meaning I took my cockatiel to a vet this Oct 2nd because of stool/poop suspicions (notably seeds in stool, bubbles in stool, the vet noticed diarrhea too). "Saturday"...
  7. P

    Injured parrot

    My Indian ringneck parrot got injured and has a wound under his left wing at the joint. It's not that big of a wound but it's still big enough for it to pain. We put betadine on his wound and gave him a drop of medicine prescribed by the vet the same day but he has been acting very sleepy...
  8. D

    New to here

    Hi everyone. I have a Green Cheek Conure. (idk why they are upside down)
  9. polaryse

    My conure prefers men over women

    I recently got a 4 year old green cheek conure. His past owners were women and I'm not sure if he was ever around men. That's why I'm a bit suspicious he had a bad experience or something. My brother and dad can hold him and pet them all they want, and he won't even give them a nibble. Then...
  10. S

    Safe to use Vinyl flooring near parrot?

    Hello, I have some leftover waterproof vinyl flooring that I am considering using as a “backsplash” for my birds space- behind his cage and play gyms. I wanted to be able to attach different perches and toys and allow him to basically be able to climb up the wall in addition to his other spaces...
  11. mybluebirb

    Egg laying questions pls help!

    my 10 year old (?) indian ringneck parrot just layed an egg for the first (and hopefully last) time I think her fondness with her blanket caused this to happen because she treated it like a nest I had no clue what to do I was so worried because she was having trouble laying the egg so I let...
  12. K

    Safe cage for an umbrella cockatoo

    Good evening, I just got a re home adult cockatoo. I have noticed that she is a chewer and bites the bottom bars of the cage when I start to cover her cage at night . The cage that I have is the brand A&E on this link This is my cage . Can anyone recommend a safe cage. My baby cockatoo...
  13. R

    Sneezing cockatoo

    Hi for the past few days my cockatoo has been sneezing more often than normal my room is decently dusty as he wont bath or shower under any means so thats one of my suspicions but my worst case is a fungal infection as mould grew in a dark corner of his cage (i removed it quickly) and i also had...
  14. K

    Any reputable breeder ??

    Can anyone recommend any reputable parrot breeder? I am from Miami Florida. I just lost my baby cockatoo and wouldn’t want to buy from any birdshop. Please any advise will be highly appreciated. Thanks Mainly interested in male cockatoo umbrella Blue and golden macaw male. thank you
  15. K

    Parrot coughing after due to intubation

    My bird had recently a liver biopsy, she has this cough when she becomes active, playing or eating her pellets. It’s like she becomes out of breath. I was told that she was intubated. When I went to pick her up she was like this. I am not sure if it’s coughing or if it’s sneezing. I have had her...
  16. bird_mama

    2nd time making chop!!!

    Hey!! I just made chop for the second time! I’m so proud of this and Romeo loves it, so I had to share!:heart: (My ingredients are frozen & microwaved or blanched in water from my electric kettle, since my entire stove broke; smh ) Recipe: •Purple, white, green & orange cauliflower...
  17. K

    Urgent Parrot aspiration

    Good afternoon my parrot aspirated formula. She had a liver biopsy on Monday. I was advice to feed her formula with a syringe to the right side of her mouth which I did. She aspirated formula. Two days ago I took her back to the vet. And they put her on albuterol with /Bayt/ac-cyst nebulizer 5ml...
  18. Z

    Please help parrot eye problem

    Hello i have a 5 month old alexandrine who is active, eating, drinking, and playing. His diet is very good. Nothing has changed in his behaviour apart from the fact that his right eye seems to be itchy and the skin around the eye seems to be a little red. He doesnt blink normally with the right...
  19. P

    Growth Inside Parrot Beak

    My 21 year old Triton Cockatoo has developed a yellow growth in her beak near her tongue. She was taken to two avian vets to be evaluated and put on antibiotics. Two weeks later the growth persisted in her mouth and the vet suggested bloodwork and a biopsy. The bloodwork came back mostly normal...
  20. L

    Problem with parrot's leg

    Hello! We noticed something on our parrot's leg. She doesn't feel well these days and we noticed this things on both legs. Could someone help us what are these and how we could help her? Thank you! Adél and Sarolta :)