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  1. D

    Bulk Chop day for my babies

    Fresh batch all prepped and vacuum sealed! Ready to be enjoyed by one and ignored by two
  2. aidan16

    Welcome Na'ringa home!!! :'D <3 (Plus... nutrition slander??)

    My baby is finally home!! After a week of anxious (I mean ANXIOUS) waiting and preparation, I got to take Na'ringa home yesterday evening!! I've gotten a gram scale and am monitoring her weight, have her pellets (mixed with her previous food) and chop diet, and I have her wellness exam scheduled...
  3. R

    Is this pineapple conure ok?

    I just bought this pineapple conure from an online store, to me it looks like, there is some issue with this individual, his feather colours are way too dull, he is eating normally, and seems to behave normally. I'm planning to include multivitamin in his diet, to see if he improves. Please...
  4. KatieKess

    Best UV Lighting for Birds, Self Mutilation, NEED ADVICE! Please

    Hey everyone! I have a cockatiel named Marvin, and he’s been struggling with self mutilation for the past year. I have actually taken him to the vet 7 times, and we still have no luck in getting the issue resolved. He’s been in collars (which absolutely depressed him), on various medications...
  5. Pastel

    Vegetables, homemade seed mix and eggs for my budgie?

    Hi! I’m getting my first budgie tomorrow. I’ve been getting prepared for about three weeks. There is only one thing i’m not sure i got right: healthy eating. After alot of research, I made my own mix using organic seeds. I’m looking for feedback and making sure so i will share my recipe: 50%...
  6. CGrillo

    What do your budgies eat?

    I’m curious to know what everyone here feeds their budgies day to day, weekly, etc. Can anyone recommend some seeds or foods they swear by? Right now I feed Luke Natural Select Parakeet Diet but trying to add some zupreem fruit blend pellets to his diet. Here and there he will get veggies but...
  7. mogeton

    Gluten Free seed mix or pellet?

    Hi all, My hubby has celiac, and because birds are such MESSY eaters :), we're trying to find a pellet and a seed mix (for out of cage training) that does NOT contain oats, wheat, barley, or rye. I'm having a really hard time! I know I can buy things separately and mix our own seed, and...
  8. elitys

    The Six Essential Nutrients and their Roles in a Well-Rounded Companion Parrot Diet (My Report)

    Hello everyone. I was in a Technical Writing class this semester, and our final assignment was to create a technical report. The purpose of this report was to research a topic and convey the information concisely and appropriately to a specific audience. Naturally, I chose to write about a...
  9. FurFeather

    How often can I give cilantro with seeds?

    Hi everyone, I had a question about 2 picky eaters. Since we’re on lockdown for a bit I am unable to buy the regular seed mix that my two cockatiels eat, but thankfully I have a backup mix incase of seed scarcity. However, they only eat the sunflower seeds out of that mix, so I have started...
  10. F

    Pellet Opinions?

    What brands do you feed your conures? I have been feeding my green cheek Zupreem (dye-free) pellets, but I’ve noticed that when he eats these his droppings have a sour smell, and his feathers seem to develop black spots (not entirely sure it’s due to the food or something else though). Either...
  11. hellobirb

    New Conure ONLY Eating Pellets

    Hi guys! I just got a new baby sun conure last Thursday and my vet appointment isn’t until next Saturday so I wanted to see if anyone had diet advice. We’re progressing quickly with the trust building. She will step onto my hand when I offer it and she likes hanging out under my hoodie. She’s...
  12. A

    Vitamin and supplement recommendations

    Hey everyone! This is my very first post on here so I hope I'm doing everything correctly, please call out my mistakes if you see any. Just to set this up a little bit... I've had my African Grey for just about a year, her name is Arrow, her previous owners were an elderly couple that were too...
  13. M

    Sad matter happen to Birds

    Hello, Yesterday there was a sad matter happen to birds. I am very worried. My close friend give his budgies zinc supplement in drinking water. I also use it too. After, he gave it to birds they are died in few moments. From yesterday, I heard that same matter happen to many birds owner. I use...
  14. Leih

    Favorite linnie foods!

    What are your linnies' favorite foods!? We know they're little piggies, but what's their fav? My boys love grapes. Also, I made a mash for the first time and they loved it! Quinoa and broccoli all over their little beaks.
  15. Diana.x

    Is my cockatiel eating too much?

    ok, so i jus got a cockatiel last week, and i cant help but been confused aboit some things....for exemple, i dont know if is normal for young birds to eat a lot? Because Locki spends a lot of his time around his seed bowl...and he eats a lot....the cage is always open when im in the room, and...
  16. T

    Reluctant/Hesitant Cockatiel

    I have two wonderful cockatiels, Teddy and Stevie, and they both are scared of and fruits and veggies! I am very worried about their diet, and I need tips on how to show them that it's yummy treats!
  17. QuakerCracker

    Peeling Feet

    hi, I have a 5 year old female Quaker and I noticed the bottom of her feet are peeling slightly and possibly a sore or two. Recently I changed her food, it was rowdy bush pellets and now it is a mixture of diff. seeds and dried fruit. But she doesn’t eat the fruit. So is it because I changed her...
  18. Klspires

    HELP!! Watery poop

    i have an 11 month old GC conure named Bruno that recently went through a traumatic even on Dec 24, 2016 (my dad was visiting and accidentally partially closed a Sliding glass door on him under my husbands faulty supervision-- I'm still very upset) anyway, took him to his avian vet and she said...
  19. taxidermynerd

    Trying to be healthier!

    Hi all! So starting today, I'm gonna start really trying to convert Chirp over to a diet of at least 50% pellets, probably 10 or 15% seeds, and as much fruits and veggies as I can get him to eat. I saw a few threads on here with some really great ideas, and basically, combining a whole bunch...