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  1. nellyT

    Hi, I'm nelly and these are my pet-family

    Nice to meet you all! :cheer: If you are comfortable, we would love to see some pictures and get to know you too..
  2. oromichi

    Pictures Fourth day of being a newbie cockatiel owner [4-Months-old]

    Hello everyone! I'm Michelle. I was born in Venezuela, but I moved to Mexico 2 years ago. Lovely and amazing country to be honest! Sadly, here in Mexico City, my boyfriend and I weren't able to find any bird breeders, so we bought our new baby from Petco. Here is Roderick, workers at Petco...
  3. ktluvszoe

    Accidentally left lovebird without fresh water for 8 hours!!

    Hello, I had an accident today where I forgot to give my lovebird water for 8 hours. I need to know signs to watch out for that she’s in danger. Online says she would be good without water for 3 days but I just want to make sure she’s well cared for. I recently switched my bird to a new larger...
  4. ktluvszoe

    Xmas lovebird cage upgrade

    Hi! Looking for good suggestions for a lovebird cage for Christmas. She is an only bird, my first, and will have been with us for 11 months this Christmas, her first holiday. will be getting her a much larger cage. I really like the A&E elegant flight cage but the price point is a little...
  5. Cinus


    Hello everyone! I'm from Portugal and my first feathery-adventure occured in 2020, when I tamed a Agapornis roseicollis during the pandemic. Most recently, I have acquired a Caique parrot! Since the beggining I used to come into these forums a lot in order to learn more and have some doubts...
  6. XMumtherX

    Lovie Newb lol

    :heart:Lovie Newb:heart: Hi! I have had budgies, bee bees, cockatiels, been around greys, macaws, loris, owls, raven, crows, and conures…NOTHING LIKE BEING WITH/OWNING A LOVEBIRD. I have only had my baby for 4 days, but I’m head over heels!:xflove: He/sheis only 5 weeks, but has stolen my heart...
  7. ktluvszoe

    Safe flight time in open floor plan

    Hiya guys! Still fairly new to the forum and parronting, this is my second post and third week with my lovebird (first bird ever, aside from 11 year old neighborhood peacock who has chosen me as his person). Have a question about flight time in my house layout with a pretty open floor plan...
  8. S

    Adopting my first Amazon

    Hi I am getting my first Amazon soon and I already have a Galah. I was told that I should make sure the Amazon and Galah are both the same sex? I am just wondering if anyone could tell me if this is true and why? pic of my new baby
  9. Hyoslvr

    Hello there

    Brand new to this place. I have 2 cockatiels and a pigeon in my family along with an array of other pets, but those are the feathered ones :) Just dropping in to say hello!
  10. Stlpetownr

    Please give opinions about a newborn tiel recently purchased

    I recently purchased a bird from a private breeder. She claimed the bird was 10 days old and Saturday, 20 March 2021. However my past experience and research put the baby at about five days old. My question is, is my newborn stunted? One of his eyes is barely trying to open and the other has...
  11. Reds


    Hi everyone! Here to introduce my newest family member. A 3 1/2 month old Congo African Grey. (hatched Nov 13, 2020) First vet checkup was yesterday and vet said it looks great and healthy, was very social and even untied the vets mask! It’s gender is still unknown, dna testing was done...
  12. A

    Just adopted a blue headed pionus

    Hi everyone, My name is Amanda. I just adopted a blue headed pionus. He is beautiful and I am very excited to welcome him into my family. A friend of mine just recently passed away from COVID. The parrot was his and his family couldn't properly care for the parrot so I adopted him. The...
  13. mama.marci


    Hello! Backstory: Mother was an experienced bird lover. Her first parrot was attacked by a terrier and sadly passed. About a year later (2010) she was gifted a rose breasted cockatoo from my father. Fast forward to 2018, She was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and passed that year Dec...
  14. S

    Hi :)

    Hi It's so nice to see how welcoming everyone is!:joyful: A feathered friend is in my 2 year (or less) plan. At this time I am fairly decided on a brown necked poi. I have been researching, preparing, trying to narrow down which bird I might get and I found this forum while I was at it...
  15. M

    Long time animal lover, first time wanting a bird(lots of questions!)

    Hello everyone! I’ve had many different kinds of pets; cats, a dog, different rodents, reptiles, fish, amphibians, a pig, and more. Never a bird. Now is the time! I’ve been addicted to watching those adorable YouTube videos of cute and funny birds and the more I watch the more I want to have...
  16. Doolish

    Hi everyone

    Hello all, I'm very happy to have found a nice active forum, it looks like there is lots of experience here in these pages. Willow is about 15 weeks old now, he came to us as a parent-reared ten-week-old. He is gradually getting more used to us, but so far won't allow any rubs or scratches. He...
  17. NitroCola

    New Budgie Owner

    Hello all, first of I would like to say that this website has wonderfully organised resources that have helped me a lot. On the 29th of December, my parents surprised me and my little sister with budgies to take care of. So far, budgies have had a very positive impact on my life . They help with...
  18. Glamourfaust

    New to birds...canary questions

    Hi everyone. I have been wanting to get indoor birds for quite sometime, having had outdoor birds for about a decade (chickens, ducks, quineas, and a turkey). A have a few questions that I cannot find answers to. 1. Just how sensitive to fumes are these birds? I've been Teflon-free for years...
  19. C

    Cockatiel owner

    Hello Everyone! I am a proud owner of Merlin the cockatiel! He is about 8 weeks old and has so much personality! I love him dearly and spend almost every waking hour with him! I look forward to learning more about birdies and hopefully starting a little aviary of my own in years to come Carri
  20. S

    Training inside the cage

    Hello! I recently took in a rehomed CAG. He is not very much into human interaction. He takes treats when I offer them holding them between tips of my fingers, but no more than that. He prefers to stay away from me. In his previous home (he stayed there for 1.5-2 months) he was used to going...