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  1. A

    Just adopted a blue headed pionus

    Hi everyone, My name is Amanda. I just adopted a blue headed pionus. He is beautiful and I am very excited to welcome him into my family. A friend of mine just recently passed away from COVID. The parrot was his and his family couldn't properly care for the parrot so I adopted him. The...
  2. mama.marci


    Hello! Backstory: Mother was an experienced bird lover. Her first parrot was attacked by a terrier and sadly passed. About a year later (2010) she was gifted a rose breasted cockatoo from my father. Fast forward to 2018, She was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and passed that year Dec...
  3. S

    Hi :)

    Hi It's so nice to see how welcoming everyone is!:joyful: A feathered friend is in my 2 year (or less) plan. At this time I am fairly decided on a brown necked poi. I have been researching, preparing, trying to narrow down which bird I might get and I found this forum while I was at it...
  4. M

    Long time animal lover, first time wanting a bird(lots of questions!)

    Hello everyone! I’ve had many different kinds of pets; cats, a dog, different rodents, reptiles, fish, amphibians, a pig, and more. Never a bird. Now is the time! I’ve been addicted to watching those adorable YouTube videos of cute and funny birds and the more I watch the more I want to have...
  5. Doolish

    Hi everyone

    Hello all, I'm very happy to have found a nice active forum, it looks like there is lots of experience here in these pages. Willow is about 15 weeks old now, he came to us as a parent-reared ten-week-old. He is gradually getting more used to us, but so far won't allow any rubs or scratches. He...
  6. NitroCola

    New Budgie Owner

    Hello all, first of I would like to say that this website has wonderfully organised resources that have helped me a lot. On the 29th of December, my parents surprised me and my little sister with budgies to take care of. So far, budgies have had a very positive impact on my life . They help with...
  7. Glamourfaust

    New to birds...canary questions

    Hi everyone. I have been wanting to get indoor birds for quite sometime, having had outdoor birds for about a decade (chickens, ducks, quineas, and a turkey). A have a few questions that I cannot find answers to. 1. Just how sensitive to fumes are these birds? I've been Teflon-free for years...
  8. C

    Cockatiel owner

    Hello Everyone! I am a proud owner of Merlin the cockatiel! He is about 8 weeks old and has so much personality! I love him dearly and spend almost every waking hour with him! I look forward to learning more about birdies and hopefully starting a little aviary of my own in years to come Carri
  9. S

    Training inside the cage

    Hello! I recently took in a rehomed CAG. He is not very much into human interaction. He takes treats when I offer them holding them between tips of my fingers, but no more than that. He prefers to stay away from me. In his previous home (he stayed there for 1.5-2 months) he was used to going...
  10. S

    New CAG owner

    Hello! I really love birds (especially parrots) and I'm from Baku, Azerbaijan. People here know less than nothing about proper care for pet birds and it's really hard to find any pet bird supplies here, too. But parrots mean world to me and I want to do my best for them. Recently I took in a...
  11. MangotheBirdy

    Cockatiel Questions

    Hello, I am a new cockatiel owner, and am absolutely head over heels for my little guy, Mango! I'm so excited about our blossoming friendship, but as I am new to it all, I have a few questions for the more seasoned cockatiel owners in Cockatiel Corner :) 1.) How often do you change seed and...
  12. T

    Newbie getting IRN

    Hello! I'm getting my first bird (since a parakeet, almost 6 years ago) at the end of August. It's a beautiful silver grey Indian Ringneck about 2 1/2 months old. I am super excited, and can't wait! Any advice for when i first bring 'em home? I'm a little rusty on this subject...
  13. JustRaina

    Pictures Introduction Thing - Meet Ada (and me ;) )

    Hello folks :) I've been puttering around the forum lurking for a couple of years now waiting for the time to be right to adopt a little feathered beastie. Probably time to say hello then. The stars have aligned, we're buying a house next year and in the meantime we've moved our office into a...
  14. SchwuggieLove


    Hi everyone :) I have been stalking on here for a while, but just joined. I have two 4y/o budgies, Wug and Schwa. They're my honeys and have helped me get through a lot in the past several years! They were already bonded when I bought them (yes, yes, from a pet store, don't judge me). I...
  15. MsRobs

    Pictures New, proud and fledgling mom of 2 Kakarikis!

    Hi there! My bf and I are the proud owners of Monday and Tuesday, our 2 yellow Red-crowned Parakeets (also known as Kakarikis). This is my first time as a pet owner. My bf and his family had tons of budgies and cockatiels as he was growing up, so he's got much more experience. We've had them...
  16. Redroversis

    New owner of GCCs

    I am a new, first time owner of a pair of sister green cheeks that were given to me. They are about 4-5 years old. The couple that had them, one of them was allergic, and the other began working all the time so they just didn't have the time to spend with them that the girls deserved. I am...
  17. Jesjesmarie

    New Lovebird!

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to birds - had a cockatiel as a kid, but haven't owned one for years. Last night my sister and I brought home a 10 week old Lovebird. We're very excited and think he/she is adorable! We named him/her Basil. I've already read through a bunch of posts getting info in the...
  18. Fritzgerald16

    Meet Fritz :)

    hey guys! I am 100% new to macaws and find myself the proud owner of a Buffon's macaw (I posted about that in the new people section!) Fritz is my very loving, snuggly boy who is weirdly quiet for a macaw, he is anti-video taking XD He is absolutely perfect and an awesome addition to my family...
  19. Good_birdy

    Cage Help?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and being a bird parent. Or....parront-to-be anyways :) I haven't yet reserved my bird as yet because I've been on the hunt for a cage. Now my boyfriend and I finally found and purchased one for 200$CAD from kijiji. We inspected it when we got there, but its...
  20. snusnu95


    Hey everyone, Aussie here! New to this forum, and I really love it. So, I'm 20 years old and still in uni but at somepoint in the future I'd like to own a parrot. I'd love an eclectus but I feel they are too big and too loud for me, and for now I'm torn between a green cheek conure and...