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  1. T

    Newbie getting IRN

    Hello! I'm getting my first bird (since a parakeet, almost 6 years ago) at the end of August. It's a beautiful silver grey Indian Ringneck about 2 1/2 months old. I am super excited, and can't wait! Any advice for when i first bring 'em home? I'm a little rusty on this subject...
  2. JustRaina

    Pictures Introduction Thing - Meet Ada (and me ;) )

    Hello folks :) I've been puttering around the forum lurking for a couple of years now waiting for the time to be right to adopt a little feathered beastie. Probably time to say hello then. The stars have aligned, we're buying a house next year and in the meantime we've moved our office into a...
  3. SchwuggieLove


    Hi everyone :) I have been stalking on here for a while, but just joined. I have two 4y/o budgies, Wug and Schwa. They're my honeys and have helped me get through a lot in the past several years! They were already bonded when I bought them (yes, yes, from a pet store, don't judge me). I...
  4. MsRobs

    Pictures New, proud and fledgling mom of 2 Kakarikis!

    Hi there! My bf and I are the proud owners of Monday and Tuesday, our 2 yellow Red-crowned Parakeets (also known as Kakarikis). This is my first time as a pet owner. My bf and his family had tons of budgies and cockatiels as he was growing up, so he's got much more experience. We've had them...
  5. Redroversis

    New owner of GCCs

    I am a new, first time owner of a pair of sister green cheeks that were given to me. They are about 4-5 years old. The couple that had them, one of them was allergic, and the other began working all the time so they just didn't have the time to spend with them that the girls deserved. I am...
  6. Jesjesmarie

    New Lovebird!

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to birds - had a cockatiel as a kid, but haven't owned one for years. Last night my sister and I brought home a 10 week old Lovebird. We're very excited and think he/she is adorable! We named him/her Basil. I've already read through a bunch of posts getting info in the...
  7. Fritzgerald16

    Meet Fritz :)

    hey guys! I am 100% new to macaws and find myself the proud owner of a Buffon's macaw (I posted about that in the new people section!) Fritz is my very loving, snuggly boy who is weirdly quiet for a macaw, he is anti-video taking XD He is absolutely perfect and an awesome addition to my family...
  8. Good_birdy

    Cage Help?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and being a bird parent. Or....parront-to-be anyways :) I haven't yet reserved my bird as yet because I've been on the hunt for a cage. Now my boyfriend and I finally found and purchased one for 200$CAD from kijiji. We inspected it when we got there, but its...
  9. snusnu95


    Hey everyone, Aussie here! New to this forum, and I really love it. So, I'm 20 years old and still in uni but at somepoint in the future I'd like to own a parrot. I'd love an eclectus but I feel they are too big and too loud for me, and for now I'm torn between a green cheek conure and...
  10. Jassu

    Hello :)

    Hello everybody! :) I have 2 budgies, 2 cockatiels and 4 cockatiel babies. My male cockatiel, Ruudi, is normal gray and female, Freya, is cinnamon pearl (?). One baby cockatiel has dark pigment? I guess... The baby has black feet, black crest. We had to seperate Ruudi from babies - he started...
  11. gracie~

    Greetings! (Newbie)

    Hello everyone! My name is Morgan and very recently (like, five hours ago when I post this thread) I picked up my very first bird! She is a cockatiel and her name is Gracie. She's 4 months old, and was born on Thanksgiving! If anyone has any tips about getting her used to my presence and...
  12. Quill

    New Linnie

    I'm planning on buying a Linnie after my first exam tomorrow. They're being sold for $100 at my local pet store. I was wondering if this Linnie looks healthy enough for me to bring home! I see no mucus or any crust around the nose and eyes are very clear. He is only 10 - 11 weeks old.
  13. S


    Hello everyone I bought a green cheek conure 8 weeks ago he's still a baby as he was born earlier this year. I did clip his wings as soon as I got him home because the owners told me he was very tame but once I got him home I received an email saying that he was never tame. I've been attempting...
  14. papaya13

    Jardine's Owners?

    Hi all. As an up and coming parront, I'm having quite a bit of trouble finding the right resources to prepare me (hopefully) for my new companion. I've decided on a Jardine's and have a few questions for experienced caretakers, such as: 1) What cage? (general sizing and/or links would be...
  15. papaya13

    Better late than never!

    Well, it's been a few months now, so I figure I should probably get saying "hello" out of the way. I'm new(ish), I'm birdless, and I'm ready to research. Also, as a side note, anybody else out there from Idaho? I would love to hear from you, just to know you're out there... Not many parronts...