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new member

  1. Ch4pl3

    New user, long time bird lover.

    Hello friends! I'm Chaple or Ch4pl3, I've owned birds since I was around eight and a half. My most current birds (budgies) are named Chancey and Starlet, both are beautiful greens and yellows. While I enjoy training dogs and handling birds as a hobby and relaxing activity, my heart lays in a...
  2. ziahr


    Hello guys! It's quite a bummer that I didn't notice this website earlier, but I hope to learn a lot and maybe make some friends! So I've had a history of raising birds, mainly cockatiels and lovebirds, we have a pair of cockatiels (about 6 months) and I want to make them happy/comfortable...
  3. vuilos

    dark shade above lovebird beak?

    Hi everyone I am new here and I’ve been trying to look up on google about my concern regarding a almost brownish dark color above my birds beak, in which lead me here. I saw some other people were discussing about it but I wasn’t sure if they were talking about the same thing. They said it was...
  4. V


    Hi, I am new on this forum.
  5. birdbeaks

    just saying hi :)

    hi everyone! just welcoming myself to the site :) getting a babyboy green cheek soon!!! super excited, and cant wait to share with you all!
  6. Raffy

    I'm new! :)

    Hi, i'm very excited to finally join this forum, it's been a while since i've been browsing trough it :) I'm Raffy and i've got a 5 months old cockatiel for about a month now and it has been a wonderful experience so far! even though the training is super confusing lol. I hope i can find help...
  7. B

    New Member! I’d like to Introduce my Pionus!

    I have a Male White Capped Pionus! The only bird I have that I didn’t name. He had 6 homes before he came to me. He is a ball of fire, and only ever is nice to me (if I change my appearance, he is a ball of fire to me until he gets used to it). He had what me and my vet refer to as ‘double...
  8. B

    New member, I’d like to introduce my macaw!

    Meet my Blue and Gold macaw! Theres not really too much more to it than that
  9. B

    New time member! I’d like to introduce my conures!

    please enjoy my conures, and if you have a hybrid, I’d love to hear the story of yours!
  10. L

    A Strange Bird...

    Hello! My name is Crystal Listerman and I have three birdikins. My birds are: Kiki, a skyblue female parakeet, who I rescued from an abusive/neglectful situation; Bibi, a Cobalt blue male parakeet who we got to teach Kiki and her (now deceased) sister how to eat foods which are healthy for...
  11. Flocktales

    Pictures Hello, everyone! New bird mama of two cockatiels. ♥

    Hello! I am so delighted to finally join all of you. Ever since I was a child, it has been a dream to welcome a feathered companion into my life. Growing up, my great-grandmother had a beautiful parrot—a type of amazon, if my memory is correct—and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion...
  12. AzKhaleesi

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, New to Avian Ave. I am an avid bird lover, I have 4 feather babies I love so much and about to get a fifth. I just started my feathered family a year ago, and the addiction took off. (pun intended) I have had numerous other "pets" but birds are by far my favorite. Every day I'm...
  13. I

    Hello, I'm a newbie!

    Good Morning! My name is Cat. I just joined, and I am a long time bird mom. Here are my babies: Brambleberry Pi--6 yr. old, male White-capped Pi. "Bram" for short. Harper and Collins---2 sweet Linnies, approx. 7 years old. (rescued) I think they're both male. Poe and Lady Byron--male and female...
  14. Kestrel

    New cockatiel mama

    Hello everyone! I am the proud new bird mama of a cinnamon pearl peid cockatiel baby! And I'm SO excited! I have been looking forward to getting this bird for years. I don't know if it's a girl or boy yet though fingers crossed it's a boy because the egg laying thing does scare me (but yes I do...
  15. Oswald-Le-Tiel

    Hello, peeps!

    Hello, everyone! I'm quite new to this community and I literally just got a bird a few days ago with the help of my parents. The bird I payed for in full, and her name is Oswald, my sweet little baby cockatiel! I wanted to come here to learn about other's experiences and tell my own and perhaps...
  16. Jaydee

    New female at home, need advice

    Hello dear all, I am new here and would really like opinion on experienced owners of caiques. (short version) New female (2 years old) introduced to 1.5 year old male. 3 hours of cage to cage contact, no aggression just sweet sounds and curiosity. The moment they are out male is attacking...
  17. S


    Hello all, I am looking into getting a red agate canary and doing some research first about their care, requirements, and where to find one. Thanks.
  18. Mochithegcc

    Hi fellow fid lovers!

    Mochi is my first bird. He's a yellow sided GCC, and is the love of my life, lol! Avian Avenue was my go-to page for all the research I needed prior to getting a bird. I got him last Dec, so on Dec 2nd it'll be his one year gotcha day! He turned one in Sep. We look forward to many great avian...
  19. M

    New here... some questions

    Hiya, I'm Mira and I'm new here! I am a minor and I have 2 male budgies and a female quaker parrot. I got the budgies first, they were my first birds ever and I've had and they've been with me for a few months so I'm very new to birds (though I did do almost year of studying to make sure I was...
  20. Brenifer

    Pictures New Bird Enthusiast!

    Hi! My name is Brenifer and I just recently got my first bird, Hane (ha-nae). He is a budgie with recessive pied cobalt feathers and a whole lot of personality. We are both very excited to begin our birding journey in the company of all you other bird lovers and hope to learn as much as we can...