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new member

  1. Riptide Queen

    Hello! I am very new here!

    I have always lurked around here to look for advises on birds, fun facts, etc. But since I do have a few questions of my own, I figured it's time to make an account here and here I am! You can call me Lapis (Just a nickname friends like to call me by!) I am a mother to... Indian Ringneck...
  2. Reggie

    Moved Forum Communities, Not New To Birds - Just To This Forum!

    I just registered for this site, and I've got to say I'm excited to become a part of this community! I'm not new to birds and have experience with macaws, green cheek conures, and budgies! I've got sort of a bias in favor of the blue series mutations because right now I own three budgies named...
  3. Liberty Birds

    I am a new member..

    Hello Everyone! I am a new member. I found this forum while google searching on wet sneezes in budgies. I have two parrots. An English Budgie named, Berry George and a Crimson Bellied Conure, named Gus. Berry George is just over one year old. And, Gus is almost 5months old. Both were hand...
  4. Barnaby Rose

    Anybody own a Hahns Macaw...?

    Hey guys... So the decision has come down to either an Amazon (Panama Amazon).. Or a little Hahns. The lady I am communicating with has both babies available and is VERY reputable, so no worries there. Here's the thing, there is obviously a ton of information out there on the Hahns, and I swear...