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  1. donutweall

    Slow to change iris color

    Just passed our first year "gotcha" date for miss Potato. She still had some faintly visible barring on her head when I got her, so she's not too much older than a year, but her iris has been slow to change color. You can see a faintly gray ring in bright light, but it usually looks black. Is...
  2. HemlokHex

    What strange mutation is this???

    Hi All! Yesterday I picked up a pair of babies from a breeder for possible future breeding. This lil dude seems to have a strange feather texture, like those of lorikeet head feathers. The tip of each feather on his rump and body are elongated, and some head feathers have a black dot on the...
  3. Pinky83

    Personatus or Fischeri?

    Hi, I bought these beauties yesterday and the guy said that these are masked (personatus) lovebirds. I'm confused! Are these 'yellow colour ones' masked (personatus) or Fischeri? Can someone identify them? Maybe these are dilute/ pied lutino masked lovebirds?
  4. N

    Pyrrhura chimera

    Got a load of young greencheeks and noticed this one was different. It looks like a bizarre mix between the yellow sided and the pineapple high red mutations. Thoughts?
  5. MarieBux

    Cockatiel colour mutation

    Hello everyone, I am curious to know what mutation type my male cockatiel is (Draco). He has some pretty unique patterns. I have attached some picture and would be greatful if anyone has any suggestions :) Thankyou in advance ☺
  6. BirdLady13

    Mutation Identification

    Can someone identify the mutation of my lovebird?
  7. MisterGrey

    Best distraction techniques

    Hi Does anyone have any good distraction techniques? I posted on the emergency forum regarding mister Grey's claw and how he's now mutilating it. Been distracting him with tit bits of fruit and favourite foods and soft cloth toys, YouTube videos of other birds talking etc but due to him...
  8. Mango&Five

    New bird! Mutation?

    This is my new bird Sora! He is a boy. I’m learning more about mutations but i’m still at the beginning and i don’t want to identify this bird wrongly. I don’t have any other photos of him as i’m just letting him settle in and i’m not trying to scare him too much. Anyone know what mutation Sora...
  9. K

    Baby quakers different colored eyes

    Hi guys! I am new here! My quakers surprised me with with a couple babies and even more so when they decided they weren’t up to the task of being parents. Babies are doing great with hand feeding. Interesting thing is they both have different colored eyes. Anyone know what mutation this could...
  10. Gypsysoul

    Mutation help

    I am in need of some help identifying the mutation of my Archer. She is female, just recently had her first clutch with two sweet babies that hatched. I am thinking she may be creamino? She is mostly white with like an opaline yellow pattern and grey tips.on her wings, very faint turquoise on...
  11. E

    Dilute blue fischer ideal pairing?

    Hey I have dilute blue fischer I want to know what would be the best partner for them for interesting results. What would be the result with cobalt personatus? Thanks
  12. K

    Feather pattern

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what color mutation this is and if this is a pearl or pied cockatiel? 5 months old.
  13. S

    Lovebird Mutation

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well I’ve had lovebirds for nearly 10 years now and am quite familiar with a lot of mutations. I’ve also worked at an avian specialty store for 10 years, working extensively with breeders and our avian vet. However, my one baby lovebird has myself and a...
  14. D

    Lovebird Mutation Identification

    Hi All I need help in identifying the correct mutations of my six lovebirds. When I bought them I was told they were all Dutch Blue. I never thought otherwise until on pair rectently produced a lutino. I then went on a search for the reason for this. To my findings I discovered that they are...
  15. S

    Cockatiel age and mutation

    Hello all new to the forum. Just wanted to find out this birds age and mutation - photos are from the breeder Thank you!!
  16. LoveToki

    Can anyone identify this mutation?

    Ive been trying to figure out the sex of this mothers babies. It may be fruitless since I dont know what Dad looked like..but I figured worth a shot. :D Here is Mom- and her babies (per the breeder) are 2 white faced..one cinnamon pied and one lutino cinnamon.
  17. T

    New amateur breeder Green-Cheeked Conure ( sorry for my english )

    Good morning from Greece ! My name is Thomas and yesterday morning i saw hatched 2 from 4 eggs. I have a coulple of Green-Cheeked conure from November 2017, from Italy exhibition ( Reggio Emillia ) Male Pinaepple borned 4/2017 and Female Cinnamon Blue(turquoise) borned 2/2017 I attach photos...
  18. M

    What colour (?) mutation is my Cockatiel?

    So I'm not very sure if I'm using this website correctly or if this is how it works, but I'm not sure what specific colour mutation (is that what it's called?) my tiel is. He's only a few months old, from what the pet shop told me. If he even is a he, that is... anyway, I've just been wondering...
  19. Jenn.Benson

    Need help with this mutation

    I need help with this mutation, as she has me stumped. She appears to be edge dilute possibly, but am thrown on the color/mutation otherwise. I had originally thought pallid as well, but her eyes are black, and I thought pallid and cinnamon could only have red eyes? I will include a picture of...
  20. O

    Does the ability to whistle relate to mutation?

    As per my other posts, i am getting a baby male pied cockatiel. Does it matter about the mutation with their ability to whistle? For example, at the place they have a cage with a few adult cockatiels and the normal grays seem to whistle while the Lutinos are super quiet. Thanks.