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  1. HelenVanessaDavies

    Update on Custard

    Hi all, I realised this morning it's been a while since I posted about Custard. She's settled in nicely now, she's still very sweet and lovely however will happily tell you off if she doesn't want to do something. She's started going through a moult, we visited the avian vet last week for her...
  2. HelenVanessaDavies

    Meet Custard

    Hi everyone, Some of you might recognise my user name from quite a while back. I've had a few traumatic years with my flock hence why no posts however I have been lurking and liking posts. I'm finally feeling brave enough to post about my current flock so I thought I would start by...
  3. O

    Someone’s birds died from eating “safe” plants?

    Hello all! I recently saw a post in my inbox from a bird forum, where someone says their two Linnie’s passed away from eating their Hoya plant, which they had found listed as safe on a few sites. they said the birds never ever showed interest in the plant, for years- then one fine day, munchie...
  4. PairOfKeet

    Linnie favourite treats?

    What treats do linnies like the best? I’m (probably) getting a pair and want to be prepared :)
  5. L

    Linnie Health Questions.

    Hello, I own a 2 year old Linnieolated or Barred parakeet named Nico and I have some health questions about him. First of all, his eyes look strange to me. As seen in the pictures below, he has partly foggy pupils. This does not worry me as his eyes have been like that for a long time without...
  6. moothepoo

    Limitations of physical exam

    History I have an 8 year old Linnie. We have never missed an annual health checkup. Every annual checkup, the vet said that he is healthy. He has a healthy weight, he acts normal; talking, eating, drinking, chirping, making demon noises in the middle of the night after the light is off, humping...
  7. L

    Is My Linnie Healthy and Am I Doing Anything Wrong?

    Hello, I have a pet Linnie named Nico. He is 2 years old and turquoise in coloration. I cut up and feed him fruits and veggies when I wake up and then put seed in at 3pm (Is this good?). Currently he is on the thin side because I just moved and haven't had the chance to go to the store with the...
  8. T

    Vent rubbing female linnie - How much is too much?

    Hi everyone, I've browsed these forums a few times to find answers to questions I've had but this is my first time posting, so hello, I guess! I have a little cobalt linnie named Indie, and she's the only bird out of my flock of 4 that has ever laid an egg. In fact, she laid too many clutches...
  9. niamhk

    linnies and other birds

    So i’m thinking now of getting a Linnie! I’ve always wanted one but choose a quaker over them in the end. I currently have 2 cockatiels, 1 indian ringneck and a green cheek conure. Would they be alright together? They wouldn’t live in the same cages of course. But can they live with cockatiels...
  10. clarajane

    Issues with rescued linnie

    To establish some background, my boyfriend and I share a 350sf studio and rescued an approximately one-year-old cobalt linnie in March of 2019. We rescued him from a young woman who had to move for college and couldn't keep him. He spent the first year of his life confined to a small cage in a...
  11. kiertje


    What kind of toys do your linnies like to play with? Tried a few now but my linnie doesn't really seem interested in it.
  12. kiertje

    Linnie fresh food

    Hey, Just got a linnie. Really doubting what for fresh food (fruit and veggies) to give him. Any one who can tell me?
  13. P

    Parrotlet Vs Linnie

    Help convince me! I am getting a bird and narrowed it down to two options; I will either get a linnie pair or a single parrotlet. But after tons of research, I cant decide! My husband and I work 9-5 and have a baby on the way. I have had birds before but never a parrot of any kind. I have found...
  14. Alliusis

    Urgent Linnie with no voice

    Hi! I recently got a pair of Linnies who needed rehoming off of Kijiji. They are very sweet, however the female has no voice. When the male calls out (if she's away from the cage for example), all she makes in return is this slight whooshing/hissing noise, like she's trying to call but that's...
  15. Leih

    Favorite linnie foods!

    What are your linnies' favorite foods!? We know they're little piggies, but what's their fav? My boys love grapes. Also, I made a mash for the first time and they loved it! Quinoa and broccoli all over their little beaks.
  16. EagleEye

    New in Town

    Hi there! New to this forum, not new to birds. I go by E and I currently have 3 birds, 2 African Red Belly parrots and a Linneolated parakeet. I work at a pet food store, as well as an apprentice under an aviculturalist locally. I have a background in wildlife conservation, so my love and...
  17. Charmanderchar

    Hello! Newcomer linnie owner

    Hi everyone, everytime I had questions or concerns about my bird, the top results would always take me here...considering Facebook and other social media has pretty much replaced old-school forums, I figured this one was dead...but turns out it's not! So after many months of ending up here, I...
  18. Nejbirb

    Nail clipping stress

    Hey guys, It's coming up to that time again when Toki and Pickles need their claws trimmed. I've only had to do it once before, and although they were a little upset (they do get 'towelled' with an old T-shirt as they hate being held) it went ok. I tried to do it again the other day, and not...
  19. Nejbirb

    First moult

    Hi guys, So after having Toki and Pickles for a while now, I think they've just started their first moult. Toki in particular is losing feathers at an alarming rate, though there are no bald patches, and I'm worried they may have mites. Call me paranoid (and I may well be) but I've never had a...
  20. Limnori

    A few Linnie pics

    Thought I would just share a few pics of Cicero now he has been with me a few months. He is still a bit shy of hands (he will step up but not everytime and he sometimes runs off from your hand) but he is fine with people otherwise. He loves to sit on his perch next to my monitor and he watches...