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  1. T

    Urgent Conure eye Injury Help

    Hi there, My 14 year old green cheek conure, Toot, flew into the side of the table a week ago and badly injured his eye. I took him to the vet, they dye tested his eye, and told me that it was just badly bruised and essentially a black eye. I was given pain medication to help for a few days...
  2. M

    Urgent: Ruptured air sac not healing

    I’ve been trying to get advice for this though my usual alleys but I’m not getting the information that I need so I’m trying a parrot forum instead. Birds are birds right? I have a baby chicken with a ruptured air sac which I have been treating for WEEKS now and it just isn’t healing. We went...
  3. IsaBirds

    Urgent My lovebird has a bent/broken nail

    Happened around an hour ago and she keeps putting her foot up, it probably hurts a lot and her vet isnt answering the calls, should I be very concerned? I'm so scared. Please help.
  4. S

    Urgent Cockatiel injured foot

    My cockatiel tried flying and fell from his cage to the floor. His wings are clipped. His left foot appears to be injured. There is no blood, no swelling, no bruising, and no discoloration. He’s just not using it at all and isn’t putting any pressure on it. He can’t put any pressure on it at all...
  5. C

    Injured Cockatiel?

    Hello everyone! I just got a Cockatiel yesterday and noticed something that looks like a scab under her left wing. Would appreciate anyone’s help on this!! Thank you in advance!
  6. C

    Urgent Conure bitten foot

    My Green Cheek Conure’s foot got bitten my one of my Peach Faced Lovebirds! Poor little guy kept hiding his little foot close to his body. He got a piece of skin broken and his foot is turning purple on the top! Please help I don’t know what to do. He wasn’t bleeding, and after the initial shock...
  7. Saffronic

    Emergency: needing to Rehome a Rooster

    Hello. I posted here in this forum once and been meaning to do more for a while, unfortunately I'm coming here with this instead. I apologize. This is an emergency rehoming for one of our roosters. His name is Aleman, he's a Longhorn Rooster which my mother adopted from Tractor Supply last year...
  8. W

    One of my conures "toes"

    So my green cheek conure is still young. Last night I noticed something wrong with her left foot. One of the toes won't grab on to anything. It's just there. I'm going to guess she injured herself somehow but idk how. I attached some pictures. Does anyone know what's wrong?
  9. M

    Quaker parrot dislocated wing

    Good evening, My name is Maria and I’m a owner of a 1 year old Quaker parrot named yoshi. Yoshi had an accident and I took him to the vet. Vet discovered that Yoshi dislocated his right wing. He said to wait two weeks for him to place his wing back to its original position. he suggested to put...
  10. E


    I wasn’t there to see it but my pineapple conure was stepped on by accident. He flew onto the ground behind my dad and he didn’t see the bird there so he got stepped on. I think that one of his wings was stepped on and most likely broken. There’s no avian vet currently open currently and i would...
  11. H

    Urgent Please I need info asap, might have a concussion

    I was letting my cockatiel rest in his cage for a bit with his cage door open when all of the sudden something spooked him (I have no clue what it was) he flew out of his cage at full speed and was yelling while doing so he hit the wall and fell to the ground with his crest up running around. I...
  12. HannahAlaga

    Urgent Bird attacked by cat

    Yesterday, a random stray cat slipped in my house and attacked my green cheek conure. I heard my bird struggling and went to look upstairs (where I keep him), and see the cat biting a huge chunk of feathers off my bird’s back. I yelled and the cat ran off, I picked up my bird and cuddled him for...
  13. _aryxn_

    Urgent Broken or Injured Wing?!?

    I have a green cheek conure and shes a sweetheart and she is very bonded to me even though I have only had her for 10 days. She is clipped, but she still manages to always fly very well and always flies onto me. One day, I noticed she isnt as active, or flighty and is more fluffed up throughout...
  14. PrettyBirdy


    Hello everyone. I am posting on behalf of a friend of mine who lives in Maine. She found a pigeon in her driveway with an injured eye, who seems unwilling or able to fly. It is very cold out, so I told her to go outside with a towel and then place him into a dog crate with towels and water...
  15. Ashenghoull

    Urgent Injured foot?

    Rain is a 3-4 year old conure. I just realized that he is not putting pressure on his foot and when I looked closer there was dark reddish spots all over his foot. Like I said, he is not wanting to put any pressure on it and it holding up. He seems to be also struggling to climb with it. He...
  16. J

    Urgent conure ripped off nail

    hi <_> my q y/o gcc ripped his whole toe nail off while i was at work. in the span of 3 hours he managed to lose his nail (on his favourite bell), bleed everywhere and stay quiet while my mum was around. he’s been acting tired all night and i didn’t notice till i had been home for an hour and...
  17. Rain Bow

    Help! Seasoned Parronts - First Aid Kit

    Hi! I'm trying to put together a first aid kit for my Buddy. After a spooked crash right after 2 major holidays it occurred to me that every birdy family should have one. Why didn't we have one???? Every time I've placep an internet order since then, I try to purchase something for it...
  18. shayla

    My cockatiel is sick/injured?

    Hi, its been a while. So this post is about my female cockatiel, Chicken, because i have noticed some concerning things about her health just recently. First of all, i think there's a hole in her head. No, its not her ears, it's under her crest feathers on top of her scalp. It kinda looks more...
  19. A

    Cockatiel Injured Please Help

    My cockatiel, Lauren hurt her feet yesterday. My little brother apparently closed a door on her without realizing she was perched on top. Thankfully he didn’t close it all the way. But she sustained some injuries. She was fine yesterday, apart from some scratches on her toes. I put some...