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  1. Hollybee

    New Puzzle Toys

    Would definitely recommend dog and cat floor puzzle toys to mix up the feeding routine! My ekkies are very entertained!
  2. Xoetix

    How exactly do foraging toys work?

    I was looking at toys for Tteok, and noticed that anything listed as “foraging” was weirdly expensive. So I thought I’ll make some myself! Got rattan ball thingies, some finger traps, tissue paper (the kind usually stuffed in gift bags), and some twine. Sixty minutes, lots of cussing, and much...
  3. Phocyn

    Homemade kebabs advice?

    I want to make some homemade kebabs for the birds so I can put things like birdie bread, boiled egg, fruit, veggies, and other stuff on them but I don’t know what material is best? Wood just gives me the creeps cause mold and metal has a chance to rust. Maybe a hard plastic? Or something...
  4. Jyo crow

    Safe play garden idea?

    Hi, I want to make a mini indoor garden for my birds! I would use a wide, shallow pot and it would have plants and a bowel of water in the middle, so the birds would be free to splash, forage, and poop. Of course, I have concerns about safety. Dirt - I would get dirt from my garden and rinse...
  5. Zara

    How to make things at ¨zero¨ cost?

    I thought it would be a cool idea for us to have a thread where we can all post tips, ideas, inspiration and tutorials on how to make things for our birds (toys, foraging activities, accessories) at basically ¨zero¨ cost. Things like little DIY foragers, reusing broken toys, using items found...
  6. FeatheredM

    Do this with your coconut hut instead

    I just figured out coconut huts are bad for your bird, so instead of throwing it away I turned it into a foraging toy.
  7. J

    Looking for Natural toys

    Hey guys, Just wondering where I can find natural wood perches, toys, foraging toys. I live in Singapore, can't find much avian shops here, the local pet store only has plastic toys and wooden dowels (Im looking for something which isn't perfect in shape like dowels). Is there any e commerce...
  8. I

    cinnamon sticks

    Ceylon Cinnamon QuillsTrue Cinnamon Sri Lankan Cinnamon | Etsy do these look like good cinnamon sticks for my parakeets and cockatiels to chew on? it’s ceylon cinnamon sticks so i’m sure they are but i just wanted to make sure:)
  9. Skyandkiwi

    Handmade foraging toy you’re birds will love! (and destroy)

    Hello everyone! Ok so, I did steal this toy idea from some toys I’ve seen online and in-stores, but I decided to put my own twist on it. I’ll put the materials you’ll be needing below if you decide on constructing one. So, I basically made 3 boxes out of a template. I’ll choose my bird’s...
  10. elitys


    Hi everyone. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on acorns. From what I've seen, sources repeat that the "bark, leaves, and acorns" of oak trees are all poisonous, but there don't seem to be many studies backing that up. Others have mentioned that the tannins are what make the acorns...
  11. Ulis_Beast

    Video Lokis Luxuries

    IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE! :excited1: My first big overseas toy order that is. Step 1 desinfection; step 2 unboxing and cleaning; step 3 unveil at a safe distance from the bird; step 4 let it rip; Had I known this is going to be such a success (gross understatement) I would have ordered...
  12. Zara

    Pictures My SWS haul from Kazoo Bird and company

    Yes, that's right, it just got here and I'm soo excited! Spanish customs have held this package hostage all this time! :sad3: I'm actually not home, I picked up the package at the post office and went straight to my office after, but here are some pics of what I picked out, later I will show...
  13. Zara

    My DIY upcycle-then-recycle foraging toy

    So easy to make and costs just cents. Made using upcycled parts and can be recycled when you are bored of the colours or too lazy to clean it. Perfect for little birds, not suitable for larger birds. If you notice the plastic being chewed, dispose of the toy. Once the treats have been taken...
  14. Chris1234

    Pictures Anyone use foraging trays?

    Hi all! Anyone else use foraging trays for their birds? This is baby, our Meyers, and I couldn't get this stinker to forage at all. She also doesn't like most new toys I put in her cage, but for some reason she was open to a small dish (it's stainless steel, small, and I think it was meant...
  15. Zara

    Foraging; An easy How-to

    If you aren´t sure how to provide a foraging activity for you bird, have a read of this pdf. You may be surprised at just how easy it is and you don´t have to always spend a fortune on expensive toys...
  16. hrafn

    I accidentally just spent $400 on new toys at Petsmart lol

    Bipolar disorder is a horrible thing to deal with, but apparently it's GREAT for the fids because I just spent a whoooole lotta moola on new toys for them. :laughin: Granted I also got some stuff for my other nine animals, but the VAST majority is new birdie toys. It's going to be an adventure...
  17. hrafn

    Pictures Taco needed a bigger foraging box...

    This one's four feet long. Hopefully it'll last him a little while longer than usual. :D:D
  18. Hoshi

    Sunflower heads safe?

    During the summer, we grew some mini sunflowers (no bigger than 5 inch center). Would it be safe for me to hang a dried/drying sunflower head in my indian ringneck's cage for him to forage at the seeds? My only concern was the pollen, so I figured I'd ask the AA community:)
  19. hrafn

    Pictures New foraging boxes!

    Taco, Kamara and Aurélie got some new foraging boxes today! :D So far we've got lots of paper and cardboard to shred, wooden foot toys, coin sorters with nutriberries stuffed inside, and some paper cups with their favourite treats. They all seem a little bamboozled but intrigued. Taco's eyeing...
  20. kifird

    Looking for a tree for my budgie

    Hi, I was thinking of getting an indoor tree/plant that my budgie would be able to chew on and play in. Right now all she has is the money tree (which is small) and she has nearly destroyed it. I've been growing some millet seeds in my back yard but it'll take a while. Do you folks have any...