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  1. kifird

    Any budgie tree suggestions? (Foraging)

    Hi, I was thinking of getting an indoor tree/plant that my budgie would be able to chew on and play in. Right now all she has is the money tree (which is small) and she has nearly destroyed it. I've been growing some millet seeds in my back yard but it'll take a while. Do you folks have any...
  2. kifird

    A new toy for Nua! (DIY Foraging toy)

    So I did some research on how budgies like to forage, and apparently, they love to forage on the ground more than on trees and such. So I tested the waters by grabbing an empty container and filling it with pebbles, wood shavings, paper, and all the things that my little bird loves to chew up...
  3. LydiaB

    How to Introduce Eddie to Foraging?

    I've had Eddie (a quaker parrot) for almost a year now and I haven't really gotten him any foraging toys. I tried once but he didn't seem very interested. I've heard that basically all birds like foraging, once they figure it out. How should I introduce Eddie to foraging? I think he'd like it...
  4. issajoy

    Taking apart her foraging toys...

    Hi! I have a macaw, Ollie, who loves to figure out how things are put together... so she can disassemble them and chew on the metal parts (her favorite). She's figured out multiple foraging toys... and if i ziptie them to stay together, she figures how to undo that too! She can take apart...
  5. AkasyaEllric

    Simple Easter foraging fun

    I found these cute carrot eggs at Dollar Tree and did something simple and fun for the boys for today. I love how proud Slade looks of himself in the one pic.
  6. music2music

    Foraging Toys for Budgies

    I want to find new toys for my little budgie Twiggy. I want to find her a foraging toy, but I haven't seen many for small birds. I don't mind being recommended an online shop if it means getting a nice toy. :)
  7. kiwi203

    foraging troubles

    My GCC needs stimulation. She gets bored quickly. Trouble is, she's incredibly shy and timid and is terrified of any and all new toys. Any ideas for DIY foraging toys, or non-scary looking smaller ones that I can purchase? :cinnamongcc1:
  8. Parakeet88

    Where do you buy dried fruit/ veg and treats?

    It's a long story, you don't have to read the whole thing, the main question is at the bottom, thanks! So I started buying golden gourmet treats from my safe bird store. My conure loved the dried green beans and all of my birds love the granola from them. Lately I have been finding bugs I the...
  9. Parakeet88

    Need ideas for foraging treats

    A couple weeks ago I bought a GCC. I'm constantly looking for new foraging ideas and trying to mix up the treats I put in them. I work night shift so I really stuff his cage full of snacks and foraging toys to help keep him busy/ quiet while I'm sleeping. So far it's working out well but I know...
  10. FlockofFive

    Chop and pellets - what we feed our flock

    This is a video on how we feed our flock! I hope it helps somebody. Just a disclaimer that just because this is how we feed our flock doesn't mean that it is what you SHOULD feed them. Ingredients and routine preferences vary widely between parront to parront :)
  11. Nadia Bingo

    Pictures [Infographic] Comparison of Foraging Devices

    I wanted to give back to the avian community (I have been a long time lurker) so I created an infographic based on a 2013 foraging study. 11 different foraging devices are compared in the scientific study. I tried embedding the infographic but it was impossible to read (blurry and super long)...
  12. ghostpress

    Fruits > Veggies?

    So I've always fed my GCC fresh fruits and veggies, and she's had no problem cleaning out her bowl entirely. Recently, though, I increased the number of foraging toys in her cage and filled them with dried pineapples, apricots, and millet, and she stopped eating the veggies. She'll go after the...
  13. A

    DIY Aviary Help

    So I finally got the aviary sanded and up. It may be a bit too big: it will certainly require rearranging! Does anyone have suggestions for mounting branch perches (with the usual cage bolt assembly) to the sides and tops? The only thing I can think of is drill in a hole and screw them in...
  14. WendyN

    Foraging tantrum

    Joey gets fustrated if he can't figure out a foraging puzzle toy (like the treasure chest) or retrieve ALL of his treats from the bottoms up cups. He thrashes it and gives it a good beak whipping and scolding. I think maybe it is not his thing or he has expectations of a fast food drive through...
  15. C.Harris

    FREE Captive Foraging Resource

    Hi there, years ago some people associated with Harrison's Bird Foods produced a great (in my opinion) DVD video called Captive Foraging. Captive Foraging is a powerful form of enrichment and now Harrison's has discontinued the DVD and made it available - for free - on YouTube. I am not...