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  1. peachypjm

    What's everyone's favorite fresh foods they feed everyday?

    just wanted to look at what you guys all feed for fresh food daily, I'm always looking for new things to try.
  2. peachypjm

    zucchini !

    Hi all ! I'm gonna start feeding mercury zucchini, I was just wondering if you guys feed it raw or if you guys cook it? And can I feed him this every day with his other veggies or should this be a once a week thing? Thank you !
  3. redrose27

    Small Blender for Lafeber Senior Nutriberries (Pelleted food)

    Hi there! Recently I started converting my sister (budgie) to a pelleted diet specifically Lafeber Senior Nutriberries the ones that come in the orange colored bag with the African grey on the front picture. Lately things have been decent. Sometimes she eats a tiny piece of pellet but mostly she...
  4. N

    Help/guidance needed with feeding my newly adopted foursome of budgies

    I'm new to budgies and this group and already am so grateful this exists and that you all share so much of your knowledge and experience! I adopted 4 adult budgies and am not breeding them fyi. They've been on an all seed diet and confined to a pretty small cage as far as I know. So I bought a...
  5. C

    Zebra finches black pepper

    I have two zebra finches who go out of their way to eat black pepper, even trying to navigate the dark kitchen to find it. Is this okay for them to eat and why might they want it so bad?
  6. J

    bird refuses new food..help!!

    my gcc has been on a diet of zupreem natural pellets and chop basically since i got her (about 5 months). she really likes the pellets and tolerates the chop (more so if i add egg food or a small dollop of unsweeted apple sauce). the problem is i found out that pellets that have the main...
  7. CarinaMD

    Names and recipes

    Hi guys! My Jagger passed away unexpectedly awhile back, so now im going to ne getting this handsome baby soon. Im looking for name ideas plus ideas on making a mash for him in the morning. Also wondering how much to per portion so i can just take out of the freezer, thaw overnight and serve, as...
  8. conureluv

    Good pellets for gcc?

    I have my green cheek conure on ZuPreem Natural Nut Blend and many people on the avenue have recommended something else. (It's smelly, [insert brand here] is better, my conure has [insert brand], I recommend it) I want something that's not really pricey, unlike Harrisons, but good enough...
  9. BirbDex

    Budgies and diets?

    Hi, so I have a lot on my mind currently but I don't want to come off as causing trouble as soon as I arrive so I'm not going to disclose any names what I am going to say is I was advised to put my budgie on a diet from a so-called professional bird trainer. Being someone who takes advice but...
  10. Pastel

    Vegetables, homemade seed mix and eggs for my budgie?

    Hi! I’m getting my first budgie tomorrow. I’ve been getting prepared for about three weeks. There is only one thing i’m not sure i got right: healthy eating. After alot of research, I made my own mix using organic seeds. I’m looking for feedback and making sure so i will share my recipe: 50%...
  11. redrose27

    H E L P Im this close to lossing it I need better seed PLEASE

    My sister (bird) kony shes a parakeet/budgie she has gout, arthritus in one knee due to gout, a fatty tumor which has gone down but im not sure if its totally gone yet and shes 12 years old. I have been trying to get her into vegies like the vet said so far she eats carrots. I tried spinash and...
  12. Angela_2

    Balsam apple?

    I live near to a valley in a hometown area. Yesterday my dad brought us to a semi-desert place that has many different species of birds from large birds of pray like black kite to small shining sunbird . The place has many trees that i saw for the first time include balsam apple tree. My dad...
  13. N

    All Living Things Premium Pellets

    So, my conure eats a mix of fresh food and zupreme fruit pellets, but around last week, my conure did not like his new salad and had no pellets left, so I went to the store and of course.. his normal pellets were gone so I got him all living things premium pellets, a pretty big bag with a decent...
  14. SilverSoo

    Finally eating pellets

    My only post here was me being a new mother for a 4 weeks old cockatiel, and today at, their 8 weeks, Jaime it's finally eating his first solid food on his own :3 Though Jaime gotta still learn to not bat its wings while near the food. I have a concern, his feather on his chest are all stain...
  15. budgiebeau

    New Food

    Hi everyone! I just got my Budgie a new type of food and she is not interested in it whatsoever. I know it can take a while to adjust them to new food, but I was wondering if there were any ways to make it more interesting to her so she will want to eat it. I tried offering it as a treat so it...
  16. L

    Help! - Rainbow lorikeet food

    Hi, I have a male rainbow lorikeet I just recently started taking care of, I was feeding him apples and other fruits and didn’t know he needed nectar and pollen till recently, today I received his orlux Lori feed which contains both nectar and pollen, I wanted to ask as well as this feed along...
  17. M

    Are fox nuts safe for parrots?

    Just a question my mom had cause she was eating fox nuts and wondered if we could give it to Cookie, our cockatiel.
  18. budgiebeau

    Good Treats for Budgies?

    Hi all! I have recently been told that the bird food brand Kaytee has been linked to causing strokes in birds, I haven't really been able to find anything about it but I am still a little afraid of feeding her this brand, so I have recently switched to the Harrison's Feed brand for her main...
  19. rebecca252

    Budgies being food aggressive?

    Hi! I’m the owner of three budgies who live in a large flight cage together (we previously had four, but unfortunately one passed away), and they usually get along pretty well, but they get aggressive with one another when food is involved , I.e when I hold millet, they often squabble and even...
  20. aquagreen

    Indoor herb garden?

    Hi everyone. This will start off sounding like a health post, apologies--I promise it is about food. So, I've always been very careful with my bird's diet...but I messed up by accidentally giving her too many Nutriberries. I know better than to feed seed but I didn't realize I was overdoing it...