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feather loss

  1. H

    New Cockatoo mom problems

    New here so I'm sorry if this was asked. It's been a long time since I've been on online threads as well. Got a cockatoo a few months back... not even a year old and a lovely male triton. He's been fine all the way up till this week. This week, hes been crying, getting moody, flinging more...
  2. outmaww

    Pictures panicking...

    Went on a three-day trip recently where I couldn't take my tiel. I left her with a friend, who came and visited to take care of all my pets (dog, tiel, and fish). She spent about an hour a day interacting with my bird, made sure her water was changed, fed her. She followed my instructions and...
  3. S

    feather loss

    my kakariki has been loosing quite a bit of his small feathers from his body. this has happened before and he went back to normal however, i’m still concerned. is it normal for kakarikis to moult? he plucked one of his back tails but the small feathers fall naturally when he flies. do the...
  4. A

    Cockatiel losing A LOT of feathers

    Hi! Im getting really worried because my approximately 12 years old cockatiel, Stanley, is losing a lot of feathers. They’re everywhere, and all different sizes. I’ve seen crest feathers and his orange cheek feathers a couple times. It’s been at least a couple weeks now. He is acting pretty...
  5. Lothetiel

    Dropped feathers

    Hey, so I just came home and got my cockatiel out and when he was flying around I noticed he dropped a ton of feathers all at once. I’ll add a photo. He seems to be fine and I didn’t see any bald spots but I was just wondering what this is? It seems a little early to be molting and I haven’t...
  6. J

    Urgent My 11 year old lovebird is losing feathers around one eye/itching it

    My 11 year old lovebird is losing feathers around one eye/itching it. I just noticed over the course of the last 5 days his feathers around ONE eye have gone missing and he occasionally itches his eye. He is not acting sick at all he is still flying around being a cute birdy but I am worries...
  7. Gokha

    Please share your experience

    Hello everyone. I wish my first thread would be a happier one, but it’s not. I own a beautiful yellow cockatiel -Walad and Indian ringneck- Zazu. so three days ago I started noticing some bald spots on Zazu’s head above the nostrils. I thought it was because of hanging on the cage bars and...
  8. CuteConure

    911 Help! My bird bit my other conure and he has dried blood and lost feathers!

    I was on my computer and after a few hours I went into my room and I saw blood on the seed catcher net. I looked around and saw my GCC with dried blood on his foot and lost feathers above his leg. I searched up some websites but none of them had my situation. One said take your bird to the again...
  9. E

    Urgent Panicked - Sudden extreme feather loss

    My hubby just sent me a pic of our House Sparrow, and now we are both freaking out. There is a large bald patch on the top of his head that just appeared. It wasnt there yesterday. What do we do??? Help!!
  10. W

    Scared about new parakeet's health!

    Hello! I'm new to these forums, and I made an account because I'm worried about my new parakeet. I have two budgies: Sock and Glove. I have had Glove for almost 2 months and we have a great bond. She's healthy, adorable, a bit cranky sometimes, but she's very loving. I got Sock a few days ago...
  11. music2music

    Possibly sick?

    My parakeet has been having poop stuck to his vent for almost a week. It started off as diharrea, which was a one night only thing. He started to lose more feathers since yesterday (2/7) and I have to bribe him with millet now to get on my hand, which never happened when I initially got him. My...
  12. Pamela C

    Peachface Lovebird Losing/Picking feathers around neck only?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and was hoping to gain some insight on what others may think is going on with my 2 year old lovebird named Chicken. He has been to the vets 4 times since January for itching. It started out with him seemingly agitated and itching all over in January. He...