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  1. PippinLovebird

    Cockatiel Droppings?

    Hey! So I just got this male cockatiel yesterday. He is about 4-5 years old. I was curious, just to get some other people's opinions, do his droppings look normal to everyone? He did just come from a 2 and a half hour drive yesterday. Thanks!
  2. R

    Urgent Cockatiel - Mild Yellow Urine and Head tilting with abnormally sedentary behaviour

    So I thought my male cockatiel was having mild indigestion because of eating something.But the sickness worries me now because I'm noticing Headtilting and Yellow tint in the stool. I found that the second millet bowl had a lot of droppings. What should I do now? How can I help curing...
  3. C

    Pictures Is my lovebird sick? Droppings attached

    I have a lovie that is 4 years old and she’s been to the vet twice in a month and everything came out fine. However now her urates are a little discolored this started after giving her mixed apple cider vinegar in her water. Is this dangerous? Any advice?
  4. izzybpb

    Pictures Sick budgie

    Hi everyone. I am concerned about my 8 year old male budgie. Since this morning, he has been fluffed up and sleeping excessively (or at least trying to). He has also been quiet and strangely docile. I was able to pick him up without any resistance (usually he bites the hell out of my hand or...
  5. Chiara

    Pictures Lovebird urine is green

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’m not English so sorry if there are mistakes. I need help. I have two lovebirds, Jo and Noah. Jo’s urine is green since yesterday, I’m really worried. Noah’s droppings are okay. I’m on vacation and there isn’t an avian vet in this area. I don’t know what to do...
  6. PippinLovebird


    Hey! Im back again. XD So, My lovebird has been acting normal, tweeting, flying, he is active. But, his droppings had been different colors the past week. for ONE day they were like a orange-ish color? then they turned normal. But now they are a darker green. Can someone show, or explain to me...
  7. A

    Urgent Cockatiel change in droppings

    Okay so my cockatiel Pearl has started to have different colored dropping. It looks orange/brown and I want to know if it’s concerning enough to contact a Vet? I should also add she’s in the process of molting and honestly seems the same as she was before. She’s preening and eating seeds. I’ve...
  8. B

    Sleepy Bird and Droppings

    First of all SORRY FOR THE SPAM We haven't kept birds for a long while and when we did there wasn't anyone to do a whole lot of research so they unfortunately would pass before their time. So with the two birds we have now I may be a little paranoid but I want to make sure my babies are okay...
  9. Rio&Molly19

    large droppings

    my female Molly, has had some quite large droppings today. no odor or anything that seems out of the ordinary. she hasnt laid any eggs yet. is large droppings normal? or should it be something to be concerned about?
  10. F

    Need a poopologists opinion

    Hi everyone, I’ve posted a couple other questions about my nine month old green cheek conure and his worrying droppings, so here goes another: To give you some background Manny has always been a vivacious, silly, and ravenous bird. I’ve had him for almost two months. About a month ago I saw...
  11. M

    Pictures Macaw's droppings

    Hello everyone. I am worry about health of one from my parrots. She is Gold and Blue macaw 4 years old. I noticed that her behaviour became more quiet as usually. And also her droppings doesn't look normal to me. It has bright green color and urine is also green. So I am worry that it might be...
  12. MooShu

    New to owning a Parrot, seeking help- Sad Update Post #73

    Ok so first I have to introduce myself and my little friend. I'm Calin, from Romania. And recently, about 3 days ago I've bought an cockatiel, named MooShu. The first two days I've stayed in the same room as him, talking or playing relaxing music for Parrots found on youtube. After some hours...
  13. annasbirbs

    My cockatiel isn't drinking

    Hi everybody, I'm new here, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. My cockatiel is not drinking. She usually is fine, but now I think she's actually scared of drinking her water. I'm worried about her. There is no urate in her poop, and it's dark green and very sticky. I don't know what to do...
  14. A

    Pictures Droppings healthy?

    PICTURE OF BIRD DROPPINGS BEWARE! ---------------------------------------------------------------- So I had to raise a baby seagull (He is about a month and almost able to fly) and I'm worried about his droppings. Lately he has only been wanting to eat shrimps (he used to eat wet cat food and...
  15. Reggie

    Urgent Change In Diet - Change In Droppings?

    (Before anyone reads this I'm planning on taking them to the vet sometime in October, so I will be visiting an avian vet, I just need some experiences/advice on what people might think these issues are. :) ) I have a budgie named Manny who doesn't have tail feathers - after doing some research...