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  1. K

    Urgent Is her vent normal? Help!

    Is her vent/pooping normal?? Sorry for the graphic video. She has had problems before, her vet is away for his wedding. I can’t get in touch with him for 10 days. She’s been having inconsistent droppings I need to know if this can wait for her vet or not, it’s extremely difficult to find someone...
  2. rayoliver

    Help with parrot droppings

    Hello everyone! I recently got a baby quaker parrot (2 months old) the person I got it from was feeding him just seeds and Maseca (a corn flour treated with hydrated lime). Having read a lot about a healthy parrot diet I knew I had to change his diet and start implementing veggies and pellets. I...
  3. ZY28

    Bird poop changes colour and shape after eating chop!

    Hi, So I have been transitioning my 5 month green cheek conure to chop. He has finally started eating it! Sadly, I notice his droppings has become a thin red/brown ish colour with a lot of liquid! I do not know if this is normal. He gets chop in the morning and pellet that he has been weaned on...
  4. P

    Dark dropping from food?

    Hi I fed my budgie some black/dark purple lettuce and now there is some black poop. It looked really dark so I wasn’t sure if it was from that lettuce or not. She is still active and playing around which is a good sign. When I smudged the dropping it turned brown when it dried. Is that a good...
  5. B

    Lovebird green colour urine

    Hi, I have a lovebird that has an abnormal dropping especially at night. He has been sick before and his vet has put him on antibiotic and anti fungal treatments. After taking the anti fungal treatment his dropping changed to have a perfectly normal faces (green) and urates (white) but green...
  6. P

    Budgies dropping

    Hey I have a quick question I’m not sure what to do. So my budgie’s droppings have looked a bit weird for a while. They are coming out green color like normal but there seems like the urates coming out are making some kind of covering or casing around some of the poop and it makes it look like a...
  7. Pastel

    Update on my new budgie Pastel!

    Hello everyone, As some might know I brought home a baby budgie yesterday. The day that went pretty well, she (or he) even ate millet out of my hand, moved around and chirped a little! However, right before it was time for her/him to sleep I noticed she/he had a red spot under her/his wings...
  8. CGrillo

    Weird droppings again

    Last time I talked about Luke’s droppings on here he got off of his antibiotic treatment and that I no longer go to the vet I brought him to for his infection. His poops went back to normal and were normal for weeks. He has been on his probiotic and everything was good and I didn’t change...
  9. CGrillo

    Molting Cause Watery Droppings?

    I’ve spoken about Luke recovering from an infection in previous threads. He’s been off antibiotics since Monday and we are between vets at the moment. I don’t want to drive myself crazy because most of his his poops seem to look good but there will be these few random watery droppings either...
  10. CGrillo

    Wet Droppings Need Advice!!

    Hello I’m new to these forums. So my budgie Luke Is 3 years old has been experiencing wet droppings occasionally for a couple months and then 2 weeks ago it was pretty much every dropping that was wet so I called so many vets and most of the avian vets in my area are on leave due to COVID but I...
  11. PippinLovebird

    Cockatiel Droppings?

    Hey! So I just got this male cockatiel yesterday. He is about 4-5 years old. I was curious, just to get some other people's opinions, do his droppings look normal to everyone? He did just come from a 2 and a half hour drive yesterday. Thanks!
  12. R

    Urgent Cockatiel - Mild Yellow Urine and Head tilting with abnormally sedentary behaviour

    So I thought my male cockatiel was having mild indigestion because of eating something.But the sickness worries me now because I'm noticing Headtilting and Yellow tint in the stool. I found that the second millet bowl had a lot of droppings. What should I do now? How can I help curing...
  13. Csolis22

    Pictures Is my lovebird sick? Droppings attached

    I have a lovie that is 4 years old and she’s been to the vet twice in a month and everything came out fine. However now her urates are a little discolored this started after giving her mixed apple cider vinegar in her water. Is this dangerous? Any advice?
  14. izzybpb

    Pictures Sick budgie

    Hi everyone. I am concerned about my 8 year old male budgie. Since this morning, he has been fluffed up and sleeping excessively (or at least trying to). He has also been quiet and strangely docile. I was able to pick him up without any resistance (usually he bites the hell out of my hand or...
  15. Chiara

    Pictures Lovebird urine is green

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’m not English so sorry if there are mistakes. I need help. I have two lovebirds, Jo and Noah. Jo’s urine is green since yesterday, I’m really worried. Noah’s droppings are okay. I’m on vacation and there isn’t an avian vet in this area. I don’t know what to do...
  16. PippinLovebird


    Hey! Im back again. XD So, My lovebird has been acting normal, tweeting, flying, he is active. But, his droppings had been different colors the past week. for ONE day they were like a orange-ish color? then they turned normal. But now they are a darker green. Can someone show, or explain to me...
  17. A

    Urgent Cockatiel change in droppings

    Okay so my cockatiel Pearl has started to have different colored dropping. It looks orange/brown and I want to know if it’s concerning enough to contact a Vet? I should also add she’s in the process of molting and honestly seems the same as she was before. She’s preening and eating seeds. I’ve...
  18. B

    Sleepy Bird and Droppings

    First of all SORRY FOR THE SPAM We haven't kept birds for a long while and when we did there wasn't anyone to do a whole lot of research so they unfortunately would pass before their time. So with the two birds we have now I may be a little paranoid but I want to make sure my babies are okay...
  19. Rio&Molly19

    large droppings

    my female Molly, has had some quite large droppings today. no odor or anything that seems out of the ordinary. she hasnt laid any eggs yet. is large droppings normal? or should it be something to be concerned about?
  20. F

    Need a poopologists opinion

    Hi everyone, I’ve posted a couple other questions about my nine month old green cheek conure and his worrying droppings, so here goes another: To give you some background Manny has always been a vivacious, silly, and ravenous bird. I’ve had him for almost two months. About a month ago I saw...