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  1. S

    Aloha! Meet Salty Skittles.

    I am the proud mama of Salty Skittles the green cheek conure. Hatched 3/2/2020. He is a spunky little hungry dude who is always looking for the next treat. He’s already a great addition to our family! We love him so much.
  2. niamhk

    conures feeding each other

    i finally have taken my other green cheek out of quarantine! i introduced them yesterday and today he’s fallen in love with my other green cheek Emi! they are trying to feed each other already and i’m not sure what i should be doing about that. they like to groom each other a lot too. they seem...
  3. niamhk

    should i get my conure a friend?

    I have a green cheek conure called Emi! she’s lovely! she’s super playful and friendly. the only thing is is she’s very attached to me, which is fine i don’t mind most the time! at night times when i put her to bed she still is desperate to come out and play. even at 8:30pm after a day of...
  4. niamhk

    how long does it take a bird to recognise you?

    So my hair has been purple for a while now and my hair before was a light brown. Today i bleached my hair since i’m dying it a new. colour on monday. the only bird that recognises me and is ok with me is my conure Emi. Koji and Kiya my cockatiels both won’t go near me which is not normal for...
  5. M

    Want to details conure daily food list

    Hello Anybody help me. I want details conure evreday diet chart.can i feed daily conure vegitable,fruits, and wet grains?how many days can i provide vegitable and fruits and wet grains in a week??? Advanced Thanks!
  6. M

    Want to see conure seedmix.

    Hello I want to see conure seedmix picture.because here i dnt find right conure seedmix.anybody give picture here please. Thanks!
  7. M

    Can conure need high fatty seed mix?

    Hello Im purchase jenday conure,and pineapple conure.i provide them cockatiel seed mix.but i heard conure need high fatty seed mix(specially high percentenge sunflower) seed mix like african gray parrot. Now im very confuse what type seedmix actually need conure. Can anybody help me advice...
  8. M

    Is conure parrot?

    Hello I have an question.is conure parrot?or parakeets? Im confused. Any body help me please.thanks
  9. M

    I think my Green Cheek is playing me for a fool.... need advice

    hello everyone, long time stalker first time poster, so i have decided to seek the community's advice with how my green cheek has been behaving. let me weave you a little tale. I picked up my Pineapple Conure Quill Murray in December from a breeder who said he was born in sept so still just a...
  10. ChromeClad

    HELP Is Pinot a normal Green Cheek?

    Hey guys! So, Pinot is doing great in his new home with me, but I had a few questions in regards to green cheeks. Pinot is much larger than average, and his head shape seems different than most green cheeks (he weighs 98 grams but vet said he was healthy, keel was flush) His colouration seems...
  11. Lore

    Honeymoon period?

    Hello all! I was wondering how long the honeymoon period lasted for all of you and your conure. I saw a post on Facebook where someone was out of their honeymoon period after several months, and I'll admit it had me sweating a bit :scared2: Apollo and I have been together just over a month, and...
  12. Jhanna

    Conure chewing on my window screen

    Hello! I’ve had my conure, Pebbles, for about 6 months now and he is the love of my life. He is fully flighted and is also free to fly around my room (or whatever room I’m currently in) and is only in his cage at night. It has been working out perfectly until now. Unfortunately I noticed that he...
  13. Travis726

    Beak heal/regrow?

    Anyone have any idea if my new green cheeks beak will heal? I have no idea how it happened as he is from a rescue with little history. Any advice to help it along if so? He LOVES carrots (as you can see from the photo)
  14. B

    The playstand for my conures and pionus!

    Here is my playstand for my conures and pionus! My macaw has flying access to the stand, so I try to make sure there is something on it for her as well. My pionus and conures really enjoy their playstand as they spend the majority of their day time on it or on me. to prevent ‘bubble feet’ I...
  15. B

    New time member! I’d like to introduce my conures!

    please enjoy my conures, and if you have a hybrid, I’d love to hear the story of yours!
  16. Alex Nico

    my conure seems to suck at preening

    Photos included. He didn't want to sit still for the pictures though. Hi! I've had my yellow-sided green cheek conure for over a year now, and he's always had these black spots on his feathers (mostly on his shoulders/wings). At first, I assumed it was an issue in his diet, so I did a lot of...
  17. W

    One of my conures "toes"

    So my green cheek conure is still young. Last night I noticed something wrong with her left foot. One of the toes won't grab on to anything. It's just there. I'm going to guess she injured herself somehow but idk how. I attached some pictures. Does anyone know what's wrong?
  18. P

    Car sick conure (relocation planned, please help!)

    Good afternoon! I’m not sure if this is the incorrect place to post this and if it is I apologize and will move it as appropriate. I have a 1.5 year old green cheek conure who gets car sick within minutes of being in a moving car. When he was very young it was not an issue, but he was not in...
  19. M

    I need recommendation from Green cheek conure owners

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am a writer and a student but I will graduate in the next month, so I'm considering to get a Green cheek conure after quarantine. I need maximium 2 to 4 hours of silence so I can focus on my writing. Is a green cheek conure suitable for me? I just...
  20. CuteConure

    911 Help! My bird bit my other conure and he has dried blood and lost feathers!

    I was on my computer and after a few hours I went into my room and I saw blood on the seed catcher net. I looked around and saw my GCC with dried blood on his foot and lost feathers above his leg. I searched up some websites but none of them had my situation. One said take your bird to the again...