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  1. Dachshund King

    New bird

    Hello all. I have a crimson bellied conure (Poppy) and a jenday conure (Amber). I was thinking of getting another bird but not quite sure which one. I am leaning towards a sun conure as I think a sun conure will be a good flock mate with my jenday. Any other suggestions that might get along with...
  2. Good_birdy

    Unprovoked Aggression Help

    I posted this in another avian forum and I would like to share this here to get as many ressources possible! Tookie hatched in july 2016, i have had her since she was 4 months old. I knew what I was getting into in terms of gcc being bitey and nippy. With persistance we overcame the...
  3. Whoviana

    Bird Vomiting! Help!

    Sunflower has vomited clear liquid twice today, and it seemed like she was really trying to get it out. She as stretching her neck, shaking her head, and hanging upside down. Other than that, she has been fine. She is eating, drinking, and playing normally. The vet is closed for the day. Is...
  4. Whoviana

    Preen, preen, preen

    Sunflower was preening today when she pulled out a tail feather (she's molting). This didn't stop her though. She continued to preen the feather for a while until she dropped it. I guess it was easier to preen it that way.
  5. Molo

    Rehome Black Capped Conure in Ohio

    It breaks our family's heart, but we think it's best we rehome our male Black Capped Conure. He was hatched May 2016 and we got him from a parrot store. He is very healthy and happy. I want to include his cage and his toys that he loves and would like a small rehome fee to make sure he goes...
  6. V

    Leaving conure for two weeks? I've been reading some forums

    I'm leaving on vacation for about two weeks in January, I have had my conure for almost a year and he is bonded to both my boyfriend and I, we live together. I got him from a friend who had him for about six months, she was good to him but didn't have time for him so he spent a lot of time in...
  7. Parakeet88

    Thoughts on Avicalm?

    My GCC has been really cranky lately and I can't figure out why. I'm used to his little occasional nips but lately he has been actively trying to bite me and this is a bird who used to love scratches and interaction. He's only about 11 months old and I've had him about 4 months. I know they tend...
  8. Whoviana


    We are shopping for a new house and some of them have fireplaces. Is it safe to have a fire with a bird? The smoke would go up the chimney and the fire would be blocked by the gate. I just wanted to make sure before we started a fire.
  9. Rivka

    What’s my sun conure doing

    hey so I recently took my sun conure to the bet bcs she’s been sneezing a lot and they gave me medication to give her and said it’s prob a upper respitory infection. Anyways she’s already off her medication and is supposed to be healed by now. I’m worried bcs she’s still sneezing lots but she’s...
  10. Emily9880

    Sun Conure Issues

    I have a 8 month old sun conure, he is not flighted, I’ve had him for 5 months (and I’m actually not sure if he is a he). He is the most wonderful, snuggly, sweet bird when I’m home. Unfourtunatly I have just gotten a job, and my mother and step father can’t stand his apparently constant...
  11. Whoviana

    New house

    We are moving from a one bedroon apartment into a two or three bedroom home hopefully by Christmas. We have an eight month old GCC named Sunflower. I was hoping for some tips about moving with a bird. Anything we should do or look out for?
  12. eugenia

    [New CGC owner] How to distinguish the sounds made by my conure?

    Hello guys, Im a new owner to a baby CGC (we call him pumpkin). I had recently bought my conure from the local seller and we are taking time to let pumpkin to adapt to his new environment. He is doing great, going with the daily routine of eating, playing and long hours of sleep. What...
  13. Whoviana

    Pictures Alfalfa Birdie

    Sunflower got some yogurt on her head. She is also molting. One of her head feathers got stuck, resulting in this adorableness: