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  1. J

    Friendly but doesn't accept treats

    Our Sun Conure is a little over a year old now. He was hand raised and as a result is very friendly with my fiance and I. He loves to sit on shoulders and climbs all over us and enjoys cuddles (we jokingly call him our Velcro bird cause when he's out of the cage he wants to be with us). He's a...
  2. parry_blue

    Conures Gender

    Hello, my friend recently got a green cheeked conure but she doesnt know the gender. Any tips on how to find out? Thanks.
  3. D

    About pellet conversion

    Hi! My sun conure who is almost 1 year old now is having some diet issues to say. I've made him a birdie bread using pellets, but he still won't seem to eat the pellets. I don't feed him the bread every day though, (should I?) Should I move on and try another pellet? Or what else could I do...
  4. D


    My sun conure is scared of things like our broom, and when we sneeze he flies, and more like this. He is even scared of things like simply sitting on my bed or going on a new stand. We also cant get him to learn to bathe in a water bowl or container, we have to go in the shower with a shirt on...
  5. ZY28

    Camping, mosquito and bird

    Hi, It's summer!!! My family and I have been planning on going camping and I would need to bring my green cheek conure with me (I do not have a place for him to stay). I am primarily worried about mosquito spray... Our whole family has allergic reaction to mosquito bites so if we are not in our...
  6. Aurentha

    Pictures Cages for Green Cheek Pair?

    I recently got a pair of green cheek conure males and I had a cage set up already that someone purchased for me, I had just assumed the bar spacing would be okay which was my mistake. After getting the birds I've seen them shove their heads through the bars and chirp at me when they want out. I...
  7. S

    My conure is sick

    Help! I have a 13 week old conure (Treetrunks) who I’ve taking care of since it was 7 weeks old. I rescued him from a run down closing pet store. His vet has speculated he had a bacterial infection and started him on antibiotics, but his recent blood work suspected it was actually viral… he’s...
  8. B

    My GCC is afraid of hands

    Hi everyone, I’ve had Joey, my green cheek Conure for 5 months now and I got him when he was 10 week old. We let him roam around the house (supervised) and he is in his cage only when we are not home or when it’s his bedtime. He has always been very friendly with everyone and definitely not...
  9. PhilTheBir

    Conure Behavior Change

    I've had my pearly conure (Just under 1.5 years old) for about 8 months now, when I got him his wings were clipped, Recently (A month or two ago) he molted and got his flight feathers back. Lately he has completely stopped playing with any of his toys, all he does is just scream until I let him...
  10. devin711

    New Baby Conure Advice

    I adopted a green cheek conure 2 days ago, he’s 11 weeks old and hand raised/tamed. So far he’s comfortable with hands but definitely a little nervous in his new environment and cage. He already knows step up but tends to not listen well when inside his cage (I’ve been avoiding taking him out a...
  11. birdbeaks

    baby green cheek finally home!!

    hey everyone! as most of you know, i’ve been posting on this forum for awhile now about my new baby green cheek. well, i finally got him!! he’s home with me now. his name is baz and he is seriously such a sweet baby. i got him about three days ago now and he’s already stepping up! he’s so...
  12. flyzipper

    Marvin is 6 today!

    Thanks for starting me on this wonderful journey Marvin -- I'm so lucky to have you as part of my family. (excuse the unkempt tail -- she wasn't expecting a photo) Fine print: if this photo gets 20 likes for Marvin, I'll post an old photo of my sister's B&G macaw and myself... which is...
  13. P

    Baby conure

    I’ll be getting a 7 week old green cheek conure. I know the age is not idea but it seems they want it gone and fast. I know I have to syringe feed for a week or two. Any other helpful advice. The conure I currently have was 8 weeks when I got him, and he is health and fine. Any tips would be...
  14. T

    Essential Oil diffuser outdoors

    Hello again! I've been doing research lately on essential oil diffusers since I'm trying to find a way to repel mosquitoes in the evenings when sitting outside on the porch. I read that citronella oil can help repel mosquitoes, and I'd prefer that over having to apply OFF spray to my skin...
  15. N

    Pictures Dark spots on feathers

    Hello, Ive had my green cheek conure for about 6 years now. He is usually well grooms him self, has a mild problem with biting his tail, but its gotten better over the last year. My concern is he developed a dark spot on his right wing and im worried that it might be like a fungus and it might...
  16. M

    What is the minimum cage size for a Green Cheek Conure?

    HI, I want to know what is the minimum cage size I can use for Green cheek conure?? Please let me know, Thanks
  17. N

    Baby green cheek with badly splayed legs

    Hi! I’m new here so I’m sorry if I don’t format properly. I just took in a baby green cheek with two badly splayed legs. I was told this bird was about five weeks but appears much younger. I am handfeeding this baby now. I didn’t want him to be put down. my vet made some hobbles for him and I...
  18. Photon

    Playing rough and nipping

    I need some help with my pineapple GC. We have had him for about 6 months and rescued him (from our backyard, no knowledge of previous owner or age/gender to be certain). From what the vet says and based on what he looked and acted like when we found him, he was most likely 5 months - 1 year...
  19. Goose22

    Discouraging my bird from laying eggs

    Hello everyone, thank you for reading. Its been 3 nights now that my pineapple conure (1.5years old) has been sleeping at the bottom of her house. In the picture attached, she usually sleeps in the upper right of the cage next to her heater. But recently, she has been sleeping on the lower left...
  20. T

    Droppings question

    Hello everyone, Posting to talk about bird poop :p My GCC has a check up at the vet in about a week. He's been having some tiny bubbles in his droppings (it's subtle enough that I have to get really close and practically squint to see them). I think if I wasn't an anxious person by nature I...