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  1. T

    Urgent Conure eye Injury Help

    Hi there, My 14 year old green cheek conure, Toot, flew into the side of the table a week ago and badly injured his eye. I took him to the vet, they dye tested his eye, and told me that it was just badly bruised and essentially a black eye. I was given pain medication to help for a few days...
  2. S

    Will I lose my bond with my Conure if I get another parrot?

    Hi all, I have a 6 month male GCC who I have had for 4 months now and love dearly. We have an AMAZING bond and spend a ton of time together. He goes almost everywhere with me (including work). We have considered getting another bird as my husband would like a bird to work with and bond with...
  3. J

    Bird cage stand replacement

    Would anyone be able to help me in finding a replacement stand for my bird's cage? I have the 32 x 21 Elegant A&E Flight Cage and it's a great cage, but the stand has randomly fallen apart in the past week. The welding the holds to bars that the cage sits on has come undone and I don't know that...
  4. polaryse

    GCC sleeping tips?

    My 4 yo Green Cheek has been with me for a bit over a month now, and I hear him awake often (his cage is in my bedroom), climbing across the bars. I cover his cage and turn off all the lights, but I hear him moving around. It's not like he's screaming, but I know he doesn't sleep the full night...
  5. xbabybree

    Help! I accidentally put cassia cinnamon in my conures food

    Hi all. I was meal prepping my gcc's chop for the month, and I accidentally put 1/2 tsp of cassia cinnamon. I did the math and it's about .2 mg of coumarin per days worth of food which i know she won't even eat remotely close to this much. Is this too toxic or am I good to use it still? I would...
  6. D

    New to here

    Hi everyone. I have a Green Cheek Conure. (idk why they are upside down)
  7. polaryse

    My conure prefers men over women

    I recently got a 4 year old green cheek conure. His past owners were women and I'm not sure if he was ever around men. That's why I'm a bit suspicious he had a bad experience or something. My brother and dad can hold him and pet them all they want, and he won't even give them a nibble. Then...
  8. K

    Sun Conure behaviour is getting out of hand

    I have had my sun conure just shy of two years. She turned 2 at the end of June or this year. I used to bring her to work with me at a pet store all the time and she LOVED it. The store I’m at is warehouse-like with a few isles that she would free fly up and down. This also was GREAT for my...
  9. beingmahdi

    Sun conure finger problem

    Hi I have noticed that my 2.5-month old Sun Conure bird has curved fingers. and it cannot properly grip the perches or my finger. Is there a likelihood of those fingers being repaired? I would like to seek advice from experts regarding this matter. Thanks in advance
  10. S

    Urgent My parrot (green cheek conure) fell and was holding his leg

    It happened yestreday, he got scared of something and fell and faw cluthing one of his legs. He stopped after like a minute and got back to using it as before. It was concerning enough but even more because it happened before. He fell, clutched his leg and was all good few seconds later. He...
  11. G

    Is my conure making my budgie hormonal?

    Hi everyone, my female budgie (Ocean) and my female pineapple conure (Zendaya) are extremely close. So close that I believe that Zendaya is making Ocean hormonal. Ocean constantly lays eggs but immediately abandons them and will go right back to feeding Zendaya. I’m just trying to figure out if...
  12. V

    General Care

    I have done as much research as I can do but I still have questions. For months I debated on getting a parrot. I settled for a conure and he is about 6 months old. I do have a pet Pigeon so I know many things about birds from owning him. He’s quite the butt and makes you earn any socialization...
  13. xbabybree

    Toy Suggestions for my GC Conure

    I'm a very new conure owner, and I desperately need some help! My Pineapple GCC, Applejack, seems to not be interested in any of her toys. I know she is still warming up to our home and her cage. She does play with a few types of toys, but I am looking for suggestions on what other toy types...
  14. J

    Overgrown Nails

    My GCC's nails are pretty overgrown. I've noticed when she walks (especially on flat surfaces) she's pretty much walking on her nails. I haven't been able to find a groomer/vet in the area that's willing to clip her nails (her regular vet is 2 hours away), and clipping her nails at home is a...
  15. Baileybea

    Momo beak peeling update - green cheek Conure flaky beak

    Hey! So I think I know what happened? Momo recently started waking up and chewing on her cage in the morning. She usually chirps for me to get her as soon as she wake up but started doing the chewing thing about a week or so ago. So I’m thinking maybe she went a bit to hard or something and it...
  16. Baileybea

    Green Cheek Conure - Beak Suddenly Peeling a Lot??? Wasn’t like this yesterday

    Hi again, I just noticed the bottom of Momo’s beak suddenly looks like it’s really flaky/peeling a lot. I think she might be molting right now so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it but the change seems so sudden and I’m really worried now? Does this look normal to you guys? 1st...
  17. J

    How to clean wooden toys?

    Does anyone have tips for cleaning wooden toys/perches/ladders that have been pooped on? I try to keep everything arranged so things won't get pooped on, but there seems to be no avoiding it entirely haha. I assume water/soap wouldn't be the way to go as that could cause mold? Maybe I'll just...
  18. M

    CITES Export Permit - Do not know origin of pet

    I adopted my pet conure, "Buddy" in 2014 by a couple who just had a baby and needed to find a good home for their pet, this was on Craigslist The conure has a blue captive bred ID ring with letters "FFC OR" which is on the left leg. I looked this ring number up on "Leg Band Registry" website...
  19. Summzz

    Concerned about over regurgitation and possible causes.

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to find some answer on how to help my 12 year old Sun Conure, Mango. He has always over-regurgitate, in my opinion anyways, since he was about 9 which is when my other Conure Claire started laying eggs ( she was also about 9 so it was a surprise to us). It would be on and...
  20. R


    Wondering if anyone can help me. My amazing little conure passed away very suddenly on Sunday and I have so many unanswered questions that I’m hoping someone here might be able to answer for me. about 2 days before he passed, he wasn’t himself, he was very quiet (which was unusual for him!) he...