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  1. tukibaby

    Pineapple Hybrid?

    Does anyone know what a hybrid between a yellow sided green cheek conure and a pineapple green cheek conure would look like?
  2. McFly

    Black Spot on Conures Beak

    Hello there. We noticed this spot on my pineapple green cheek’s (Marty McFly) beak recently. It looks like a bruise that’s growing out, but it’s kinda lumpy. We are very worried. He acts fine otherwise. His beak and nails are growing at a normal rate. He’s about 2 years old, and I don’t think...
  3. Summzz

    Regurgitating on toys?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but I wanted to ask a question that has been puzzling me for a bit now. I have two conures, one Cinnamon Green Cheek (Claire, 10 year old Female) and one Sun Conure (Mango, 8 year old, presumed male). Now until about a year and a half ago we thought we had two males...
  4. Jetdrip459

    Sun conure training

    Hello everyone! I need some help, so I have a sun conure named dipper Iv had him about a year and 5 months. Iv done training with him and he’s very smart and is actually pretty quite Iv noticed for a sun conure. So here’s my issue, lately he’s picking up things that kinda annoy me and him. When...
  5. F

    Pellet Opinions?

    What brands do you feed your conures? I have been feeding my green cheek Zupreem (dye-free) pellets, but I’ve noticed that when he eats these his droppings have a sour smell, and his feathers seem to develop black spots (not entirely sure it’s due to the food or something else though). Either...
  6. A

    why has my 2yo conure lost main chest feathers?

    My green cheek conure on the right has lost adult feathers like the left conure has and only has down feathers remaining; I just noticed this and do not know if this is normal for this kind of bird? I dont remember this happening with the other bird.
  7. C

    Please Share Experience

    Hi everyone! I made another post similar to this, but on the conure page. In the next year or so I'm hoping to get my own personal bird, so I am in no rush to make a decision. After so much research I am torn between Green Cheek Conures and Peachfaced Lovebirds. On week days I'm typically...
  8. C

    Please Share Experiences

    Within the next year or so I'm looking to get my first personal bird within a year, so no rush. For a long time I was dead set on lovebirds, because they are so sweet and I love the sounds they make. But after spending a few hours on some different threads I'm really drawn towards conures. What...
  9. GerTucay

    green cheek conure noisy before bed

    Hey guys! New to this forum :) I just got my first green cheek conure almost 3 weeks ago! Her name is Stella and she's almost 3 months old. I noticed she gets pretty noisy once I cover her. She'll mutter, lightly chatter, but when there's a small disturbance or when someone makes one small...
  10. Amora&Kass


    So I’m not sure if I’m supposed to put this here, I’m new to this so I apologise haha. Anyways, I got a pineapple Conure for my birthday 5 days ago. Now, I don’t want to rush things because I need to gain my birds trust but I need some information on when it is a good time for me to start hand...
  11. Scarlet&Annie

    Tail feather came out, will she bleed?!

    Hello! My conure had a broken tail feather and I was trying to get the it off since they always end up breaking off shortly after anyways. Well, I ended up accidentally PULLING THE WHOLE FREAKING FEATHER RIGHT OUT! Will she bleed now? There was no blood on it when it came out? Will you...
  12. javeria

    Rehoming my 2 bonded 1 year old GCC's

    Hey everyone, I'm writing this post with great difficulty after making the heartbreaking decision to re home my two baby conures :sad11:. I have raised them from when they were weeks old, and the are incredibly attached to me as I am to them. Unfortunately, for the past year my husband and I...
  13. I

    Eclectus friends?

    Im thinking of getting a friend for my eclectus, specifically a moustache parakeet, gcc, or a quaker,?any ideas?
  14. S

    Need to rehome an aggressive jenday conure

    I need to find a good home for a jenday conure. She is about 5 years old. She has become very aggressive toward people and my other birds. She constantly chases my Sunday conure and goffins cockatoo. I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. I have thought about this for the better...
  15. PeterConur

    Urgent I think my bird dropped a blood feather?? Please help!!

    Hi all! New bird owner here, my baby conure dropped a feather while I was out today and it has a spot of blood at the top, it looks like he broke it off? I’ll post a picture. He isn’t able to fly as his wings were clipped a while ago, and his cage is safe enough for him not to have hurt himself...
  16. D

    bobbing or dancing

    how can i teach my conure to bob his head or dance
  17. Teagan Hall

    Pictures Conure Update!

    From coming from no contact with these to, to having them on my head and arm and even next to me is amazing! I got these beauties mid August and have just come leaps and bounds ever since the first month. I can't explain how much I love them and their little antics! Here's some pictures for...
  18. TurkeyTalker

    2 1/2 Year Old Bird Suddenly Very Bitey!

    Hello! I have a male GCC who’s 2 1/2 years old. For the past few months in general he has been acting different - he bites me often (and with a considerable amount of force given his size) and has become very moody as he’ll go from cuddling to lunging at me. In the past 6 weeks in particular he...
  19. Scarlet&Annie

    Drafty door, will covering the cage with blankets help?

    Hi! Unfortunately can't post a photo to better explain but the house I'm in gets very cold due to no central heating in the bedrooms so my Conure and her cage get moved to the living room where the heater is. The door is somewhat nearby and I don't have much elsewhere to put her right now...
  20. C

    Conure Help

    Hey there everyone. Im new to the forum so bare with me. Ive gotten a new Conure about a week ago and now this isnt my first conure but it is the first time the conure didn't become attached to me the first day. Lol I guess you can say I got lucky. His name is Phoenix. Now i know ive only had...