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conure advice

  1. Quail

    How do I hand train a conure that likes to bite?

    Hello! My black capped conure is my second bird ever. My first bird was hand fed, so he was very easy to handle right away. Dash, however, was in a questionable pet store before we decided to get him, and has damage in his tail feathers. He is surprisingly very quick to come up and greet me for...
  2. chondlr

    help! leaving Conure for extended time

    Hey all I have a crimson belly Conure who I’ve had since he was 3 months old, and he’s been with me for about a year and a half. In this time the most I’ve ever been away from him has been the occasional overnight stay during which my parents looked after him (they also have a bird so they put...
  3. J

    New conure

    I have a Conure named Louie. My friends father gave me him since he was dying from cancer. My cockatiel died suddenly in my hand after drinking water named Josef. Any ideas on conures and their likes
  4. mothhteeth

    Stunted 3 month old Green Cheek Conure

    this little baby is supposedly three months old, we got him from a really wack breeder on craigslist and we got him because when we saw him we were so concerned. (granted we shouldnt have bought him because it just rewards the breeder for bad practices)(we're planning on trying to report them...
  5. P

    Video Normal behavior or Unique behavior?!

    Hello! Today I found two unusual behaviors for my bird. The first is that when I touch his head and cheeks, he seems to like it, but acts to vomit. I don't know what that means, so I'm thinking about stopping to touch him. Secondly, today, my bird was holding one leg on the cage and his eyes...
  6. M

    Want to see conure seedmix.

    Hello I want to see conure seedmix picture.because here i dnt find right conure seedmix.anybody give picture here please. Thanks!
  7. M

    Is conure parrot?

    Hello I have an question.is conure parrot?or parakeets? Im confused. Any body help me please.thanks
  8. Conurelvr

    My boy Sun Conure passed away... need advice !!!

    we had two beautiful Sun conures born together lived together loved together for 10+ years almost 11 years. We just lost our beloved boy just over a week ago. Coconut was such a loveable clown acted like he thought any day he would finally grow up to be a real human boy...big hole in our hearts...
  9. B

    Conure being sick after flying

    I have a 2year old pineapple conure and recently I have noticed that after flying around the room due to being spooked she regurgitates a white solid. She only does this after flying and shows no other signs of illness. Should I take her to the vet to get checked out. I am quite worried but my...
  10. WolfiWorch

    Terrified sun conure

    I just adopted a new sun conure about a month ago, she’s about two years old, and she was a return and the store owner didn’t say anything other than that. He told me she’d be hard to get out of her cage but after she’d get out she loves to cuddle and step-up and whatever. When I brought her...
  11. C

    Bonded bitey baby?

    Hey guys! We're new proud rose crown conure parents! He's such a cute guy, was really well behaved in the pet store, sitting so well on my shoulder AND finger. Now at home he's a pretty rough biter? He's picked me to be his absolute favourite tree! Sitting on my shoulder calmy and grooming my...
  12. Alex Nico

    my conure seems to suck at preening

    Photos included. He didn't want to sit still for the pictures though. Hi! I've had my yellow-sided green cheek conure for over a year now, and he's always had these black spots on his feathers (mostly on his shoulders/wings). At first, I assumed it was an issue in his diet, so I did a lot of...
  13. M

    I need recommendation from Green cheek conure owners

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am a writer and a student but I will graduate in the next month, so I'm considering to get a Green cheek conure after quarantine. I need maximium 2 to 4 hours of silence so I can focus on my writing. Is a green cheek conure suitable for me? I just...
  14. mothhteeth

    How could I get my bird to stay away from somebody

    I don't know if this is the right thread to post this in but recently my bird (Pineapple GCC) has taken a liking to my father. He has a habit of feeding the bird treats like salted pasta, bread, cheese, chips and even chocolates. He doesn't want to cooperate on not allowing the bird that kind of...