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conure advice

  1. leeflaa

    Trimming my conure's beak?

    Hi all! First time post. So I have a conure, Jack, who broke about 50% of his top beak and as such we take him to his vet monthly for bottom beak trims. For some time I've been thinking about doing the trims myself and recently have really wanted to do that more. Primarily this is because every...
  2. TulsiVana


    Hi everyone! I’m wondering about molting- Tulsi turned a year old Dec. 20th. When we got her in September, she had tons of pin feathers and was losing a lot of those light gray, soft fluffy fetchers but that’s all subsided; until now. Shes starting to lose those soft, fluffy under feathers (?idk...
  3. S

    I need help choosing a new conure (crimson bellied conure owner's give me your advice)

    Last year I was going to get a new bird but because of some personal issue, I had to give up the crimson I was just about to buy. Now that that personal issue have cleared up and I have most of the stuff needed for the conure (cage, toys, bowls), I started looking for some hand reared conures...
  4. mango&dex

    Urgent Parrot toe injured

    Yesterday I was trimming my conures wings which our vet recommended us doing. As I was doing so his foot got in the way and it cut above his nail. I was immediately panicking and called my vet while using some baby powder which was the only thing I had on hand to stop the bleeding. He didn’t...
  5. BabyBirdMa

    Did my Conure regurgitate or throw up?

    I am having a hard time telling but I am concerned. My brown-throat Conure bobbed her head a few times before spitting up a clear fluid. Is she okay? What does this mean? The vet was unhelpful, offered no advice and has us on a waitlist.
  6. beingmahdi

    Sun Conure Vocal Problem

    Hi, I've noticed that my 3 plus month old sun conure's vocal is much different than other sun conure's. The sound is like lower pitch. but other 2month old sun conure baby's sound is like the adult conure. mine is 3 month plus and sound not similar like that. don't know is it normal or not...
  7. K

    Sun Conure behaviour is getting out of hand

    I have had my sun conure just shy of two years. She turned 2 at the end of June or this year. I used to bring her to work with me at a pet store all the time and she LOVED it. The store I’m at is warehouse-like with a few isles that she would free fly up and down. This also was GREAT for my...
  8. beingmahdi

    Sun conure finger problem

    Hi I have noticed that my 2.5-month old Sun Conure bird has curved fingers. and it cannot properly grip the perches or my finger. Is there a likelihood of those fingers being repaired? I would like to seek advice from experts regarding this matter. Thanks in advance
  9. C

    senegal bité conures toe

    hello everyone what do you guys think of this? do you guys think is infected??? a few days ago i think on the 3th my senegal parrot flew on the cage of my couture and bit both of his feet but i only saw the left foot and didn’t seem to bad , after a day or two i saw he didn’t wanna stand on his...
  10. S

    I don't know which baby bird to choose.

    I've been looking for a baby conure to purchases and found two options which I like but don't know which one to chooses. One is a single factor violet green cheek the other is a crimson bellied. The single factor violet green cheek is a DNA sexed male, 15 weeks old but nippy (which I know is...
  11. S

    Change in my conure behaviour

    Hi I'm Sasikumar. I'm a new pineapple conure owner and he is around 5 weeks old and on handfeeding. I have a previous experience of owning budgies. My conure (Coco) was initially a bit noisy. Whenever I used to get him out to hand feed, he will be very noisy. Yesterday while he was trying to get...
  12. C

    What’s it like for a conure to be rehomed?

    My question is for those who have adopted adult conures from happy homes: what is rehoming like for them? Do they grieve terribly for their previous owners? Or are they more ‘happy go lucky’? Am I applying human emotions onto this situation? *this is my first post, I hope I’ve done it right* I...
  13. Birdsbirbs

    Conure behaviour out of control. HELP!

    Hey guys, so recently my conure has had the worst behaviour he has ever had. I think it started about two weeks ago, but it could have been sooner. He's about 2 1/2 years old, suspected male. Out of the blue, he started eating everything. He's never done this before. He's eaten 3 cords, a...
  14. B

    Need Help! with Baby Conure

    So this is the first time this happened to me and it's definitely gonna be the last. So my Sun Conure lay her regular winter batch of eggs because after she's done with sitting and brooding on the eggs she'll normally give up and abandon them and go back to being her spoilt self until winter...
  15. S

    GCC Napping a lot but no other signs of illness?

    So I wanted to come here and get everyone else's opinions. I've had a few birds, but none have lasted long due to unfortunate reasons, so I'm still very new and over cautious. My Green Cheeked Conure shows no other signs of illness, he plays occasionally, eats just fine, drinks just fine but he...
  16. Tapew0rrm

    A long thread of needed advice to save on multiple threads

    Going off advice I was given when I was freaking out on my first post, I've been doing my best to simply let Aro relax and get used to everything, no pressure to learn anything new or do anything he doesn't want to do, the only "new" thing we're trying is gradually moving onto pellets...
  17. Tapew0rrm

    I feel like i dont understand him at all :(

    Hi! So, I've had my black capped conure for around 4 weeks now. And I'm aware that it takes way longer to bond with and be friends with a bird, but I feel like me and him just..don't understand each other? Or where to go? He's 6 years old, and I knew getting an older bird would be a bit...
  18. D

    Chompy Conure

    Hello! I recently got a conure October 2nd of this year. She’s a 7 month old Turquoise Green cheek conure. She’s a cutie but to say she’s nippy is an understatement. I honestly at first thought she might’ve been chomping out of stress which couldve very well been since she was new to everything...
  19. Tina&Mill

    tons of Pin feathers? Is this normal?

    I was just spending time with Millie, and I noticed she has tons of pin feathers. Im confused, because you cant really see them unless you look closely. She allowed me to hold her, and I gently looked through her feathers and her back is COVERED in them. I would be happy to help her, but she...
  20. Tina&Mill

    Suggestions?:Millie refuses to go back to her cage at night/ Is terrorizing family members

    I have a fully flighted green cheek conure, Melisandre. She is a really good bird, except she uses her flight skills as an advantage to get away when its time to go to bed. Every time I try to get her to step up, she will fly away. I enjoy letting her have her flight feathers, because I believe...