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conure advice

  1. D

    Chompy Conure

    Hello! I recently got a conure October 2nd of this year. She’s a 7 month old Turquoise Green cheek conure. She’s a cutie but to say she’s nippy is an understatement. I honestly at first thought she might’ve been chomping out of stress which couldve very well been since she was new to everything...
  2. Tina&Mill

    tons of Pin feathers? Is this normal?

    I was just spending time with Millie, and I noticed she has tons of pin feathers. Im confused, because you cant really see them unless you look closely. She allowed me to hold her, and I gently looked through her feathers and her back is COVERED in them. I would be happy to help her, but she...
  3. Tina&Mill

    Suggestions?:Millie refuses to go back to her cage at night/ Is terrorizing family members

    I have a fully flighted green cheek conure, Melisandre. She is a really good bird, except she uses her flight skills as an advantage to get away when its time to go to bed. Every time I try to get her to step up, she will fly away. I enjoy letting her have her flight feathers, because I believe...
  4. P

    Little noises

    Hi everyone! I have got a two months(breeder mentioned that's his age) old baby sun (or jenday) conure a week back. He is hand fed and i was instructed to give formula morning and evening. (Not sure of the gender but I use he). When I open the cage he jumps to my lap and makes small squeaking...
  5. P

    Conure Anatomy Question

    Hello everyone, I have a green cheek conure who is a little over a year old. I recently noticed he has two small bones either side of his cloaca (where he poops) they are fairly sharp to the touch but do not protrude the skin and it doesn't hurt him when I touch them. I have googled bird...
  6. Y

    Nipping Sun Conure

    Hi everyone! New conure owner here. I’ve had my baby since April and he’s going to be 5 months in about 2 weeks. I’ve noticed in the past week my baby is nipping us a lot when he spends time with us. He likes spending time with my brother and I and when he’s with us everything is up for grabs...
  7. I-am-Groot

    Conure with splayed legs

    Hello everyone! I’ve acquired a 4 almost 5 week old green check conure baby about a week ago. I’m a vet assistant and one of the doctors I work with is helping me out with him but I figured I’d post on here for some tips and tricks. I don’t have pics of his legs before we started taping them...
  8. B

    DIET HELP: first time GCC owner.

    Hi y’all! I’m going to (potentially) purchase an adult male green cheek conure today. I’ve been in touch with the breeder and he seems like a good fit. Of course, only an in person meeting will tell for sure. However, I’d like to be prepared should I decide to add him to the family. He’d on a...
  9. B

    Hello all! I’ve recently decided to get a green cheek conure. Looking for advice!

    Hey y’all, I’ve been doing tons of research lately and I’ve decided to get a green cheek conure. I’m in the process of contacting local breeders and getting information from them, but I thought I’d ask your thoughts on some basics. Favorite cage for a single conure? What are some things to look...
  10. Birdsbirbs

    Unsure if this is a normal beak appearance...

    Hey all, So Chewy paid a visit to the vet last month and all seemed well. I had them file his beak because there was a bit of a top layer that had developed on it. I know that flakey beaks are normal during moulting, however to vet said to keep an eye on it because overgrowth can be related to...
  11. A

    Interested in a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I have an eclectus parrot who is almost 2 yrs old. I was going to adopt a 19 yr old Eleonora Sulphur Crested cockatoo that I fell in love with and the day I went to go get him someone else took him that same day and I was so crushed. Now I am considering a 5 month old...
  12. C

    Conure baby advice

    Hi there i have a baby green cheek conure and he is about 2 month old and he just started to eat some food on his own , i give him some fruits like banana and apple and some pellets ( when i feed him pallets , he doesn’t chew them and poop them completely , how can i fix that ) and also he...
  13. Birdsbirbs

    2 year old green cheek severely acting up

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice regarding Chewy, my GCC. He just turned two in December, and like a month or so before it's like a switch flipped. He has been HORRIBLE. I've been doing everything I can to discourage bad behaviour and give him lots of distractions, but nothing seems to be...
  14. maekis

    Multiple Conure help

    I have a GCC at home and I've been thinking about getting another GCC as a companion. Today I went into my local pet shop and saw 2 GCCs which appeared to be bonded because they were in "separate" cages but sitting next to each other. I say "separate" because there's only a glass divider...
  15. P

    Conure new pairing suggestion

    Hello everyone. I have a gcc male and pineapple conure female. Both are pretty young, around 9 months. I have bought together from a breeder when they are 5 months old. Yesterday, my male gcc flew away somehow. I need suggestion on couple of questions 1. If I buy a new male conure, will it pair...
  16. C

    Conure advice

    Hi I have a three year old conure who’s laying her first ever clutch she has not left the box for two days and came out today looking like she’s been attacked is this normal or should I get her to the vet ASAP pic below
  17. Marisa K.

    4-month-old green cheeks starting to fight each other

    Hey guys, I adopted a pair of green cheek conures from a local breeder some 2 weeks ago. They are a boy (Mac) and a girl (Linux), both hatched mid April this year. They are from different parents. When they first came, they seem to get along really well. However, starting this week, I noticed...
  18. T

    Mixed species - Expert advice required!

    Hi folks. Am posting from the UK and hoping for some impartial advice. Around a year ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome..it keeps me pretty housebound when I have flares and being a nature lover, I was missing feeding the local ducks, swans and moorhens near where I live. I...
  19. peachypjm

    A&E Flight Cages

    Hi! for my birthday I'm going to be getting mercury a new flight cage, and I fell in love with A&E's flight cages when I saw one at my local bird store. However, I checked the forums and saw the general guide and reviews for cages and saw some things about A&E. I'm a little hesitant to get him...
  20. peachypjm

    What's the ratio for vinegar and water?

    Cage clean day today again! gonna try using vinegar, whats the exact ratio and is there any kind of vinegar I can't use? also, is mercury safe in the same room as me while I use it? :)