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cockatiel babies

  1. lioen


    So i had some mating birds for a while now, and one egg just finally hatched!! im so excited, but the information online is a bit scattered. It says i should remove it for handfeeding 3 weeks from birth, but it doesn't specify what to put in the formula, what tools to use, etc. I'm new to this...
  2. T

    Cockatiel attacking me but not my mum

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some advice. My two cockatiels (3yrs old) currently have three eggs, both parents take turns incubating. The problem is that every morning when I go into the aviary to feed them, the male full on dive bombs me and bites hard enough to draw blood. We...
  3. C

    Severely overweight parent fed cockatiel chicks

    This is our first clutch. I finally braved the parents to pull the chicks for weights. The oldest chick is 13 days old and wieghs 85 grams! The youngest is 7 days old and weighs 28 grams! Parents get veggies, beans, eggs, some pine nuts and seed. It is bedtime, but tomorrow I will pull them for...
  4. J

    Is this considered a cinnamon color?

    I have 2 babies who are 5 weeks old. The parents are raising them but I hold them and show them affection. One is a normal grey but I’m curious as to the other baby. It is much lighter in color. Mom is a pearl and dad is a grey. I’ll share pics of the family so I can get some advice. I’m...
  5. H

    Video Panting Cockatiel chicks.

    Video of panting so my pairdecided to become parents. They laid eggs in my cupboard and now I am having 3 chicks, 2 weeks old and 10 days old. But I am seeing that they are panting continuously. My father cockatiel is not well so he is kept in a different cage so only mother cockatiel is feeding...
  6. B

    Urgent Cockatiel 2 Months old not eating and cannot fly properly

    Hello so my Cockatiel who is 2 months old has not been eating through handfeed or eating seeds and other bird food. It also used to fly before but it is too weak and ends up falling to the ground whenever it tries to fly. I am not sure if he is sick or not and what i should do to care for him.
  7. A

    Cocatiel hen attacking her babies

    Hi why would the mother attack her babies and will she do this again in the future. She was a first time parent her partner was outside the nest box when she attacked them. I'm just very sacred she does this again the babies was 3 days and Older. I tried to safe all 4 of them. But after a few...
  8. RebeccaZM

    Blood feather scare and recovery care

    So to make a long and stressful story short, my 7 month old cockatiel Obi-Wan will most likely be having 'surgery' in the coming days to remove his blood feathers (not permanently), all are broken, on both wings. We spent yesterday and last night at a family member's apartment because we had to...
  9. RebeccaZM

    Post Surgery Care tips

    So to make a long and stressful story short, my 7 month old cockatiel Obi-Wan will most likely be having 'surgery' in the coming days to remove his blood feathers (not permanently), all are broken, on both wings. We spent yesterday and last night at a family member's apartment because we had to...
  10. E

    Lost weight

    Hello! i have a cockatiel who is about 3 months, about 3 days ago i stopped giving her her formula. she was about 81 grams 3 days ago and i just weighed her and she’s 70g. i’m feeling worried about this, should i keep feeding her formula? she’s acting completely normal other than that and i know...
  11. J

    Urgent Sour crop/air filled

    I recently had to take care of unweaned baby cockatiel, about 21 days old. I fed it Harrison’s formula and made sure the temperature was correct and everything. The chick’s crop hasn’t fully emptied in about 15 hours, even though it’s droppings are normal. I just gave it three drops of acv in...
  12. I

    Is a hissing baby cockatiel normal?

    Hello everyone! I’m fairly new to the world of owning baby cockatiels. I’ve only ever owned adult conures. My husband just bought me a 15 day old cockatiel baby who has been hand fed since birth, and is now being hand fed by me. I absolutely adore him, but I noticed he’s very hissy and...
  13. Haroobom

    Urgent Underweight cockatiel handfeeding, crop problems.

    Just got a food gram scale delivered, the baby cockatiel (35-36 days old) I'm nursing back to health after the mom stopped feeding him is 51 grams, at 5 weeks he should be the double. I don't know if he lost that much weight under my care or the 12+ hours the mother did not even go into the nest...
  14. P

    Weaning and handfeeding

    So I bought these 2 babies (1- born sep 27 and 2- oct 1) and I had to take them home earlier than expected (on nov 7- so they were 6 weeks) and handfeed them myself as the breeder was travelling. I've never handfed or weaned babies before and so she taught me how to prep the food, how to do it...
  15. 8

    Student, two baby cockatiels, please help

    Hello! I am a minor at my high school, and during quarantine, online school has been more challenging than I have perceived. I have two cockatiels whom I bought recently, I used to have a cockatiel who was ten years old but who passed away also recently, around the time I got two new ones. Right...
  16. I

    baby cockatiel refuses to eat if not handfed (51-days-old)

    hey!! writing from my phone, so please excuse any mistakes,, i currently have two cockatiels, a lady and her 51-day-old baby. when the baby was much younger and they were temporarily not living with me (i was moving, so i left my babies at my dad's house to avoid issues both with the move itself...
  17. H

    My baby cockatiel is sick and needs a treatment (sad update #7)

    The image above shows that the bird has like a ballon under his neck and I don't know the reason behind that. He is not eating anymore and loosing weight. Please let me know if anybody knows the reason and how to treat this kind of issues
  18. B

    Anything specific i should know about taking care of a week old cockatiel?

    out of 5 eggs, only one hatched, and a week later both parents have abandoned their baby :( this morning i woke up and saw both birds outside of their nest box, and throughout the day i realized theyve stopped going in it, the little one was crying non stop and i got worried for it, i know how...
  19. M

    Urgent Cockatiel Chicks help!

    Hi! I am a first time cockatiel chick parent, and so are my cockatiels. I did not want them to breed, but no matter how much I changed their routine to discourage egg-laying and mating, they still ended up with a clutch. (Will separate female and male after this.) Three eggs were laid, three...
  20. LoveToki

    Hello everyone! Im new and would love your help!

    Hi my name is Zee and I am in the process of getting a cockatiel. I went and saw some today..she said they are hand raised and tame and should be ready to go home in a week or so. She said the cinnamon pied could go home earlier.. I guess he/she is older. I have two questions.. the first, I saw...