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cockatiel babies

  1. M

    Urgent Cockatiel Chicks help!

    Hi! I am a first time cockatiel chick parent, and so are my cockatiels. I did not want them to breed, but no matter how much I changed their routine to discourage egg-laying and mating, they still ended up with a clutch. (Will separate female and male after this.) Three eggs were laid, three...
  2. LoveToki

    Hello everyone! Im new and would love your help!

    Hi my name is Zee and I am in the process of getting a cockatiel. I went and saw some today..she said they are hand raised and tame and should be ready to go home in a week or so. She said the cinnamon pied could go home earlier.. I guess he/she is older. I have two questions.. the first, I saw...
  3. C

    Why does my cockatiel male keep trying to feed(?) a baby that's not his?

    Does the question make sense? I've adopted an adult male cockatiel (Miu), he's very sweet and tame. We've had him for a few years now. Recently my mom brought home a 3 week old cockatiel chick, Miu is very interested and always observes me feeding the baby. Whenever he gets close to the baby...
  4. C

    Accidentally forgot to check the chick crop before feeding, worried that I may have overfed. Advice?

    Hi, so I'm not a breeder, I used to foster baby birds for people who didn't know better than to purchase a <4 week old chick. All the chicks I helped with from 2 weeks to 9 weeks were always fine. I never panicked like this. My mom recently brought home a 3 week old cockatiel chick. Normal...
  5. Gabriela23

    Update and more questions

    Hey again, as i said in my previous post i have 2 new cockatiels around 4 weeks of age... they werent eating but with some help i got them to eat the older one weighs 78g and the younger weighs 71g... they should be eating 7cc each feeding but the younger one rejects the spoon and by serynge...
  6. Gabriela23

    My 26 day old tiels wont eat

    Hello, first post here :) I just got two cockatiels yesterday and one is 28days old and the other one is 25days old. When we got them they were active and very vocal, i tried to feed them formula with a disposable serynge yesterday night and the 28do ate around 1cc and the younger didnt eat...
  7. R

    How to tame cockatiel chicks with untamed parents?

    Hello everyone! I have two cockatiels, both of which I had bought as aviary birds from a pet store. The female laid eggs a few weeks ago and when i checked up on them this morning, I noticed a tiny chick beneath the male. I've never raised cockatiel chicks before, so I'm just looking for a bit...
  8. hetswe

    Cockatiel breeding - help !

    Hi everyone, I've had my two cockatiels for around two years now, Ronney (female, hand tame) and Pickles (male, not hand tame, but relatively comfortable around me). Now, about a month ago I put a nest box in their cage, and last week an egg appeared, and now there's three. Now I wouldn't...
  9. A

    4 week old cockatiel refusing formula

    In need of urgent help I have been handfeeding a baby cockatiel (pulled at 3 weeks of age) and she has been accepting the formula without any problems before. Lately she has started to refuse the formula and started to take interest in seeds. I'm aware that it's possibly self-weaning but it's...
  10. A

    Eggs? What do I do?

    So, my female is going to have eggs soon. They will be fertile, but I'm not sure what to do when they hatch. I want to let my male and female take care of them by themselves. But where should they do it ? Do they need to have a separate box or can they do it in the cage? Also I would like to...