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  1. startuna

    New cockatiel

    I recently (about 5 days ago) bought a new tiel, his name is Kenny and he’s about 1 year old. Unfortunately I had to get him from petco (there are no cockatiel breeders near me) so I have a lot of taming to do. I have him in a cage right now that’s kind of too small (don’t worry I have a new...
  2. Selin

    HELP!!! Bird sneezing after medication??

    PLZ HELP!! I have been giving my tiel an oral medication for 1 week because he had blood in his droppings, which is now gone! HOWEVER, a few days ago, my tiel started violently sneezing at night, every hour I'd say and it has been going on since. He seems to be fine during the day, he dances...
  3. A

    My Baby Cockatiel Fell From His Perch

    I have a 3 weeks old baby cockatiel, he already got most of his feathers, he's very active and playful. Recently I bought a new perch for him to stand on because I want to train him to get used to perching, so I often put him on his perch frequently, he can stay up there very well these days...
  4. H

    Help: Poop Analysis

    I currently have a pair of cockatiels (their little daughter passed away last week). Although they are not showing any signs of distress or suffering, I am a little worried about their health after what happened to their daughter (star gazing, and possibly some other complications). So, anything...
  5. sophiey

    Thoughts on getting a second bird

    Hi all! I am sorry for the long post. I have an almost 2 year old tame male cockatiel. He is an absolute love bug, wants to be with me at all times, and demands a good scritch/cuddle session multiple times a day. I have had him for just about a year now. As this year comes to an end, I am...
  6. S

    Urgent Rescue cockatiel

    Good evening! It’s quite late right now for me, Ive never used this website before but I already love it! This is urgent I really need everyone’s help! Today I went to pick up a female cockatiel from the same breeder I got my first cockatiel Coconut from, she seemed okay in the picture but when...
  7. B


    Hello, I have had my tiel for a few months now and he is starting to bond with me. However, I have a slight issue with him being completely inactive when he's put away in his cage. He stays on the same perch for most of the day and only moves to be let out of his cage or to eat. He just sits...
  8. B

    Encourage Cockatiel to Explore Outside His Cage??

    Hi, How do I encourage my tiel to explore out of his cage? He only wants to come out when I'm near and when I have treats. He eats and then goes right back in his cage. Sometimes he perches on my arm and i step away from his cage but then he freezes and immediately flies back. If I don't have...
  9. Sponje

    New bird not eating (Help Asap)

    Hi all, after my last bird flew away (Theres a post about it) I decided to get another one... I just couldn't bear having no cockatiel to wake up to everyday, so we got Bobby! Thing is... Since we got him (Just yesterday) he hasn't ate, he has pooped a few times, his tail feathers are a bit...
  10. Grigals


    Hello to all my non Australians, it is currently 3am. Our power went out and turned back on causing the 2 cockatiels to have a night fright. I'm sitting with them calming them down and I notice that violet is bleeding. Its been a good 20 minutes now and no more blood. I think she has...
  11. Poochibird

    Cockatiel changed - is he just growing?

    Hello all! so my little guy is now 16 weeks old the past two days his behaviour has changed suddenly; he’s stopped talking (he would talk ALOT) and he’s started biting and chewing things more, including my fingers and everything in his cage. He used to never bite me and is a very cuddly...
  12. Poochibird

    Good Cockatiel pellets in NZ?

    Hey all! I am getting a cockatiel very soon but I’m struggling to find good quality pellets in my country. They only have Vetafarm and Harrison’s. I would get Harrison’s but it’s $110 for only 2kg,how long would this last for a 3 month old cockatiel? Seeing if it’s worth the price. does...
  13. alexandrag


    Hello there :) what pellets would you recommend for a cockatiel with FLD (fatty liver disease) ?
  14. M


    So for the past 5 months my cockatiel has been scratching around his head and sneezing uncontrollably...I’ve taken him to the vet 3 times which has been very expensive. currently he’s on medication but it doesn’t seem to work. does anyone know what I can do
  15. L

    Urgent 9 month old Cockatiel straining to poop

    Please help! I am unsure if am emergency vet trip is needed. My cockatiel seems to be straining to poop and urates look off. Vent looks swollen and winks after pooping. On a diet of pellets, avian cakes, dried Karen veggies ans fresh veggies. I have pictures attached of poo and vent area. Acting...
  16. alyssanor

    hello , how can i make my cockatiels feel as comfortable as possible.

    hello , i just got 2 cockatiels , a male and female. they are hissing and biting. they also pluck their feathers out and shake and puff up. i do not want them to feel uncomfortable or unsafe and scared. is there anything i can do to make them feel like they belong and have them feel safe around me?
  17. alyssanor

    can i rename a 2 year old

    can i rename a 2 year old cockatiel. i am getting him from a home who no longer wants him but im to sure about the name mickey!
  18. Lothetiel

    Injured wing?

    So my cockatiel got spooked and took off and hit a chair. Didn’t seem hard but when I picked him up I noticed his wing was tense. He was moving it like it was bothering him and when I tried to inspect he started screaming and biting so I left him alone. He’s constantly preening it and still...
  19. Ashtyn Mccoy

    cockatiel doesn’t understand toys?

    so my cockatiel, jupiter, is 1 year and 5 months old already and still doesn’t understand the concept of toys. how can i introduce them to her and what type of toys would be good for a bird with no experience?