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Scaredy Teil


Checking out the neighborhood
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My cockateil, Lulu, is very particular about the way her cage is set up.
She used to belong to a friend of a friend, who rehomed her to my family a few years ago. Her previous owner said how she was so adventurous and also loved to eat her greens. But when I put some leafy greens in her cage for her to nibble, she won't go to that side of the cage. Likewise, if I try to add a new perch, or a toy for her she refuses to go anywhere near it.

I had a male tiel in high school who was the opposite, he loved to explore anything new I gave him.
And when I was little my mum had budgies and she said she's never come across a bird with Lulus behaviour.

She's been this way since she has lived with us, could the move from her first home to my home have been too much?

I have been thinking about getting her a friend, maybe if she had some company to explore anything new with she would be braver?

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!


Sitting on the front steps
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Have you given her time to get used to new perch or toys before you put it in her cage? Like maybe have it sit nearby within her eyesight for a few days before giving her it so it's not a sudden change?