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  1. D

    Bulk Chop day for my babies

    Fresh batch all prepped and vacuum sealed! Ready to be enjoyed by one and ignored by two
  2. aidan16

    Welcome Na'ringa home!!! :'D <3 (Plus... nutrition slander??)

    My baby is finally home!! After a week of anxious (I mean ANXIOUS) waiting and preparation, I got to take Na'ringa home yesterday evening!! I've gotten a gram scale and am monitoring her weight, have her pellets (mixed with her previous food) and chop diet, and I have her wellness exam scheduled...
  3. CodaCola

    Do your birds prefer fine or chunky chop?

    My dad has two birds! Unfortunately their diet isn't the greatest but when available they will take veggies! I haven't tried giving them small pieces of veg but I know that they'll eat it either whole or chopped in chunks! I plan on getting a bird soon and once I do I want to start making some...
  4. bird_mama

    2nd time making chop!!!

    Hey!! I just made chop for the second time! I’m so proud of this and Romeo loves it, so I had to share!:heart: (My ingredients are frozen & microwaved or blanched in water from my electric kettle, since my entire stove broke; smh ) Recipe: •Purple, white, green & orange cauliflower...
  5. Ziekenzie

    Chop Guidlines?

    Hello everyone! I will hopefully getting my parrotlet on Sunday and am starting to get read to prepare chop. I know that there are already a whole bunch of recipes out there, but, as I’m hoping to just make small batches, I would love some general guidelines on what and how much of it should be...
  6. Codyyjohns

    Getting my Cockatiel To Eat Chop

    Hi everyone, My cockatiel Petey is 7 years old. I’ve decided to change his diet up, as for most of his life he has only agreed to eat Roudybush mixed with some Nutriberries. I’ve decided to add Dr. Harvey’s colossal cockatiel mix for seed and grain intake and also am preparing fresh chop...
  7. Joe Henderson

    Happy feathers paradise fresh chop

    Delivered to your door? Has anyone came across this or tried this it’s not freeze dried they said fresh
  8. ZY28

    Dried red dates (jujubes) and chili safe???

    Hello! I am going to make chop for my bird tomorrow and I was wondering if dried red dates and chili are safe to add to the chop? If yes and I add them raw and dried or do I have to soak/ cook them? I'll attach a pic of both products! Thank you guys!
  9. ZY28

    Bird poop changes colour and shape after eating chop!

    Hi, So I have been transitioning my 5 month green cheek conure to chop. He has finally started eating it! Sadly, I notice his droppings has become a thin red/brown ish colour with a lot of liquid! I do not know if this is normal. He gets chop in the morning and pellet that he has been weaned on...
  10. Chestery

    Anti-Inflammatory Chop mix recipe anyone? Plz Help!

    Hey Guys, New here, have no idea what area to post this in, so please feel free to share or put it in the right place. I have a 7y.o Male Black headed Caique, only child. He has just been diagnosed with Avian Bonavirus after we saw PDD signs on his Ct scan and investigated further ($4000+...
  11. L

    New to chop

    Hello, I wanted to make a chop for my birds and had a couple of questions I thought you might be able to answer. My chop is being made of the list below which Im making raw to then freeze: - Brocolli - cauliflower - carrots - red radishes with greens - red bell peppers - Old fashioned rolled...
  12. Oscarbird

    Advice on chop

    I'm thinking of getting a food processor to help chop my bird food. It's just really hard cutting veggies and fruit everyday by hand, and a food processor would save me a LOT of time! I've really wanted to make chop for my bird as well, so I can be sure that he's getting the nutrients he needs...
  13. F

    How to manage mess from chop/vegetables better?

    Hi! Fluffy is my first bird and I read up a lot on it, but one question I cannot find the answer to is how to keep the mess manageable. To give some context I live in a small apartment (So no power washers etc) and I don’t want to keep fluffy caged up all day so she only goes into her cage at...
  14. elitys

    My Chop Recipes

    I wanted to make a thread just for posting my chop recipes for reference purposes and in the interest of not overloading the Food Court. Here are the past two I've made threads about: Made Chop Today! Time for Another Round of Chop! And here's today's! I hope you enjoy! :) Ingredients...
  15. anurim

    First chop-all ingredients safe?

    I’ve prepared Finn’s first chop, he’ll try it out tomorrow, but until then I want to make sure it’s all safe :) I’ve searched every ingredient, but I guess I’m trying to do everything right haha. Raw-spinach, red pepper; cooked-sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, green beans, green peas, quinoa...
  16. parrotman

    Rocky only wants to eat veggies

    Alright, so i noticed rocky wasn't eating his seed mix anymore so I gave him some red pepers and he instantly ate the 2 pieces,and would only eat his chop, i dont know how i can get him to eat his seeds again
  17. Zara

    Breakfast time

    Carrot Broccoli Cauliflower Yellow pepper Pumpkin Peas Baby gem lettuce Pasta Quinoa Dandelion Buckwheat Poppy seeds Sesame seeds I've been feeding Sydney and Adélie together for the last week, they're my worst eater so I thought this might encourage them.... Plus it saves on washing up ;)...
  18. Zara

    Pictures How I feed my little birds veggies with no waste

    *waste caused by bird doesn't count ;) Hopefully this is helpful to someone :) Each of my birds gets about a teaspoon of salad a day (like a real metal teaspoon, not the measurement) so it can be difficult to make such a small amount of food without wasting some of it. Before, I would use a...
  19. AkasyaEllric

    Avian Organics Day of Hits

    Finally got around to making the Banana bird bread I got from the RLS sale from @Danita. Everyone loves it! Slade has ALWAYS snubbed Harrison's Birdie Bread, he's the only one, but he went to town on this! I also tried the Freeze Dried Mango Veggie Chop and everyone loves it! It's not common for...
  20. sammamitch

    Hello everybirdy!

    My name is Sam and I adopted an adorable green cheek conure, Kiki, a few weeks back. I came here in search of food recommendations for her, and tips to get her to stop chewing on my face lol. I'm excited to be a part of the community!