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  1. ConureMum

    Video HELP!! Is This Chick Shivering?

    I'm being told that my chick is shivering, but the gauge says it's at a good temperature, the chick is not wet/moist, and it's in a small closet so there shouldn't be a draft... What's this shaky movement about?
  2. ConureMum

    Brooding Conure Chick - Seeking Help & Tips?

    I managed to hatch a Green-Cheeked Conures chick that was abandoned by the mother. I've been doing a lot of research about baby care since the mom laid her eggs, but I wasn't all that prepared to raise it myself (w/ no help from mother bird), so I'm hoping to get tips about raising it. It...
  3. J

    Urgent Urgent!! Help!! Crop hasn’t empty

    Hello, I have a 10 day old chick that has been doing well over the last week, slowly gaining weight, while Ive been hand-feeding it myself after it was abandoned by its parents. Its the first time Im doing this but have followed all the rules online on how to hand rear the a chick from young...
  4. I

    HELP baby cockatiel may have leg problem

    My cockatiel has layed 4 eggs, 1 of them has died for an unknown reason after about 2 weeks, after 2 more days I found the weakest one with empty crop for prolonged time while the biggest 2 with full crop so I have decided to take him out as it seems that she isn't going to feed him like the...
  5. MarieBux

    Chick development

    Hello me again My cockatiel has an 11 day old chick and I'm worried about its development and would like your opinion.... I gave attached a picture to this post of the chick, like I said it's 11 days old and is still not using his feet beside to wriggle round in circles. As you can see in...
  6. Chusi<3

    Urgent 1 month old GCC questions

    hey all, long time lurker, first time poster. I recently bought an unweaned baby green cheek at 21 days old- something i would never do again. the baby is now a month old ❤ and adorable as can be. i recently took baby to a specialized avian vet two days ago (cost quite a pretty penny) to make...
  7. Diveks

    Handrearing mynahs?

    Hey everyone, so in a bit, i will be taking in a baby myna, i've had a handful of experience hand rearing baby parrots but this is new for me. what should i do differently with a softbill chick? i do have adult mynahs in the aviary but i didn't raise them from baby chicks (i don't breed them...
  8. parrotman

    Mother sitting over newborn chick

    I Must ask this, Is it normal for the mother to sit on the bird? I'm asking since this bird is a newborn bird he just came out of the egg
  9. C

    Urgent Stunted young lorikeet? PBFD?

    About a week ago, I had a friend who works at a vet clinic bring me a young rainbow lorikeet chick that had been brought in off the street and was due to be euthanised since none of the staff had the ability to care for it. I was expecting the worst but he’s actually very energetic and playful...
  10. AmberC


    Hi I am hand rearing a baby rainbow lorikeet called Laura who fell out of her nest. (DNA testing proves she's female) We found her when she was 3-4 weeks old now she's 7-8 weeks old. she's recently started flying for the first time!
  11. Swirlysnow

    Help with cockatiel chick

    I was hoping for somebody's input on what to do with my "sick" cockatiel chick. We weren't able to visit a vet due to the virus, and any help would be greatly appreciated. The chick is one of 3 in a clutch that hatched around 3 weeks ago, and he's the youngest at around 10 days old. As a 3-4 day...
  12. Jazzyooo

    Cockatiel weaned too early..?

    Hi everyone! Today something odd happened,my 4 week old cockatiel voluntarily ate a big chunk of banana! I’ve weaned my fair share of cockatiels to know that they normally start from 6-8 weeks. I ignored the incident and continued with formula as usual. Now I’m kind of confused. Should I...
  13. S

    Impacted cockatiel chick (sad update #12)

    Hello, My cockatiel recently laid two eggs, but stopped taking care for them two days after they hatched. I started handfeeding them, but a day after that the male cockatiel started flying to me every time i fed them. He wanted to participate so I let him as I was holding the chick. He did a...
  14. Raptor40

    How to tame cockatiel chicks with untamed parents?

    Hello everyone! I have two cockatiels, both of which I had bought as aviary birds from a pet store. The female laid eggs a few weeks ago and when i checked up on them this morning, I noticed a tiny chick beneath the male. I've never raised cockatiel chicks before, so I'm just looking for a bit...
  15. Zara

    Mousebird care and species information

    Here are links to recovered information posted by Susanne Russo; Mousebird species size and weight: https://web.archive.org/web/20160519222735/http://www.mousebirds.com/species-size-and-weight.html Visual difference between species...
  16. Zara

    ❤️ My happy place ❤️

    I just want to share with you guys my favourite place to visit. I have mentioned it in a few places on the forum but I thought I could make a thread :) So a kind of local park to me is my favourite place to visit because it is a special park. It is almost a hybrid sanctuary. The park is quite...
  17. Zara

    Video Lots of cheeping in the park today

    I have spent the afternoon at my local park (my favourite place) with my parents who are here on holiday, there was plenty of cheeping, it´s such a sweet sound! I saw a good 50+ tiny weeny little chicks. I have made a couple of clips to share the cuteness! And today I only told off two...
  18. Zara

    Pictures EEeeep! It´s starting!

    She´s started her moult!!! I was cleaning up around the cages and found two rump feathers at the back in between Jaime / Aldora and Adélies cage. They are not from the parents, and they are floofy as heck! They can only belong to little princess Adélie! So exciting! She is going to be a...
  19. Zara

    Video The princess eating her breakfast

    I made this video 4 days ago and forgot to post it :facepalm: She loves her formula so much, but if I try to touch her she gets dramtic about it. She wants to eat from the syringe all on her own. She is 18 weeks old and has formula twice a day. (Yes I have stuffed toys, I addressed it in...
  20. N

    Urgent Overfed Cockatiel Chick Crop??

    I'm new to hand raising and feeding cockatiel chicks and it's crop is full but it's feeding time. What do I do?