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  1. G

    Soundproof Cage

    I have a couple tiels and when I want to spend one-on-one time with one and take it out of the room, they both start screaming for eachother. It is incredibly loud and highly distracting when they are trying to learn tricks and things. They aren't even good friends; they both have to live in...
  2. S


    i'm getting my birdies soon and i need a good carrier to bring them home in (and take them to vet visits later). I currently have one I used for my budgie, it's about 8 by 12 inches, 10 inches high. Would that be safe to put my tiels in just for the ride home from the shelter? And when I do...
  3. ktluvszoe

    favorite bird backpack ?

    Hi all, Looking for recommendations on birds backpacks. Ideally with no plastic/vinyl screens, just mesh. On amazon I am only finding backpacks that have some kind of plastic screen, which I worry about heating up and giving off gases or just overheating my bird, as I live in Miami where it is...
  4. WillowQ

    Bird basket

    I’ve been making bird baskets since I had my first Quaker. They evolved from carriers to just being a perch that could be easily carried and hold bird, toys, and a bit of food. Hang toys from handle, wrap the handle with tough twine, and put newspaper in the bottom. Voila! Bird basket...
  5. AkasyaEllric

    Slade's Checkup

    Took Slade for his checkup today, I was so nervous with the new carrier and new vet. Everything went great though! He ended up relaxing in the carrier on the way there and the vet we saw is AWESOME. She agreed that the yellow feathers on his head when I got him was probably from his poor diet...
  6. AkasyaEllric

    I'm so excited for tomorrow

    So I'm sure plenty of you saw me asking about the carriers last week. Well I got one of these in: And I HATED it. It might be ok for the smaller guys, but there is no way Slade wouldn't rip the thing aparty on the sides, and I couldn't find a single way to zip it fast enough that he wouldn't...
  7. AkasyaEllric

    Inexpensive Backpack Carrier?

    Anyone have any recommendations for any good backpack carriers that also can be used on your shoulder? Slade has a vet appointment in 2 weeks so I'm looking for something that may be more usable in the future for us going out and about next summer since he can't be trusted in a harness yet not...
  8. PrettyBirdy

    Best Travel Cage for Long Road Trip?

    Hi! So I'm going to be driving 14 hours up to Seattle in late June with two of my birds, Sam and Remmy(Frankie, 'my' goffins, is really my dads bird.) to officially move into a place there. I have had my birds quite awhile, and have gone on various lengths of car rides with them, the longest...
  9. Whoviana

    Best Travel Cage

    We need a new travel cage for Sunflower. My husband would like one that is a backpack so we can take her for walks. I was wondering what you guys recommend for a green cheek.
  10. AYA

    Carrier Upgrade!

    I've always been unhappy with the cage I used to transport Lawrence in-- it's pathetically small and Lawrence doesn't like it at all-- so I decided to upgrade to something a bit more swish :) This is the 19'' Suncast pet carrier, and it's fantastic! Lawrence is happy to spend time in it having...
  11. DidiBird

    Backpack Carriers! Have you seen/used them?

    Has anyone used a backpack carrier to take their bird on strolls or hikes? How do you like them? How did your bird(s) like it? Does it get hot in there or is it well ventilated? Pros and cons? I'm curious! I'd like to get one but not sure what the overall opinion is of them. They seem fun!