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cage recommendations

  1. Ziekenzie

    Reputable Cage Vendors

    Hi guys. I’m hoping for suggestions for good online websites that sell high quality cages. I’m currently in the market for a bigger cage for my parrotlet pair. From the websites I have visited already, it seems like 64x21 would be the largest, practical, size. The problem is that I have seen...
  2. tinyparrot

    Cage help

    First time poster here. I tried to search for an answer but had no luck, sorry if I missed it! I'm looking for a cage for my budgie that has horizontal bars and I'm having a hard time finding one that isn't tiny and seems sturdy. Wondering if anyone here has recommendations.
  3. Jeagerbrot


    My sun conure is chewing through the paint coat on his A&E cage and I don't know what to do!! Should I buy a better quality cage like stainless steel or aluminum? I didn't even know a sized beak like his could chew through the paint. I also don't know if I should get in contact with a...
  4. ghostsnbirds

    Best cage for college dorm?

    I'm taking my ESA (a green cheek) with me to college and I was planning on a new cage to get for my dorm. I'm not allowed to bring furniture in that's larger than 3'x3'x3' which his current cage is larger than that. I'm planning on leaving his cage at home for when I travel down for the...
  5. R

    Conure Cage Upgrade?

    Ro is fully flighted now and knows how to fly so I was looking to upgrade her cage. However, even though she has the space to flap around now, she doesn't. Her cage is 14 inches deep, 31 inches long and 52 inches high. She seems very content in it and hasn't had any stress or behaviour problems...
  6. Rainbowings

    Is there best cage for lovebirds???

    I have a typical rectangle flight cage, marketed more for finches. It seems okay in size for them but with the new babies I was thinking about upgrading to something larger... Is there a best cage you've found & do lovebirds prefer height or width? I was thinking of something like this...
  7. PrettyBirdy

    Show Me Your Cages!!

    Hi Y'all!! I have a one year old Goffins named Frankie, and I am getting her a new cage! The one I have her in is a fine size, but that's really it, fine, not a lot of extra room, and I have always wanted something bigger for her. I just got a new job, that will have me out of the house more, so...
  8. S

    Cage help needed pliz

    Hi! I recently bought this cage to house a parrot (either a caique or a parrotlet) because it was pretty big, but now Im having second thoughts.... Here is a link to an amazon listing of the cage. What do you guys think? And if its not approppriate, what should I do? Thanks!
  9. SaffronConure

    Cage recommendations for a Green Cheek?

    Ok so I'll be getting a green cheek in about a month or two, but I'm having a difficult time deciding on a good cage, so is anyone using a specific cage they'd recommend?
  10. Sweet Louise

    picking a cage dilemna

    Louise needs a new cage. Not a 911 but I had originally bought a used cage and there is now some rust and peeling. I don't think having it re-powder coated is an option as the tray edges are bent and the playtop ladders would need major repair. I love the set up of the Medina by avian...
  11. M

    Would this cage be ok?

    I have a Ferret Nation, and am considering using it for 4-5 budgies. The size is great: 36 inches across, 24 inches deep and 25 inches high. The only problem is that the bar spacing for the cage is one inch. Would this be ok? I doubt that they'd be able to escape, but am not completely certain...
  12. J

    Cages/Aviaries for Lorikeets

    What is the ideal housing for a Lorikeet? I'm looking at a cage which is 140cm high, 60cm deep, 95cm wide. Will my Lori be happy in there? He'll get flying time inside every day.
  13. GabeCast

    How's my cage setup?

    Just wondering if I can get some feedback on my cage? Not so sure about the size, the lady at the store recommended this cage. I gave him a calcium chew block, a little bell toy-thing to play with and shredding wood. Anything setup wrong in the cage? Here's some pictures:
  14. Atomiklan

    Flight cage questions

    Ok so what is the precise definition of a "flight cage" please? I see that term thrown around a lot but not sure exactly what it means less the obvious break down of the two words. Is it referring to a specific type of cage? Or perhaps a specific geometry? Or perhaps a specific size that...
  15. redindiaink

    Cage for an Amazon

    Apologies in advance for the verbosity. Why is this so hard? Some of the recommended cage sizes I've come across while researching cages for a (double yellow headed) Amazon: 32x23, 36x24, 48x30, 36x30, 36x54 and one site that only gives bar width specs 3/4" - 1 3/8" for "larger birds" And if I...